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17 common mistakes that every second makes while cooking


Cooking is a daily and troublesome process. Some housewives try to do something of this sort to make their household happy, others simply confine themselves to sets of standard dishes.

But it often happens that those and other dishes do not come out as they thought. We have collected 17 typical cooking mistakes that every second makes.

1. Change ingredients

Replacing ingredients with similar ones.

Each product has its own unique taste and chemical properties. Therefore, before changing one or another ingredient in the recipe, on a different, even very similar, think carefully about how its taste will change during cooking, and also read about compatibility with other products. Otherwise, you will get a bad taste and the dish will be spoiled.

2. Cold pan

Unheated pan.

If during frying, the food sticks to the pan or remains moist for a long time, most likely you are making one of the most common mistakes - cook in an unheated pan. Before you start cooking, put the pan on a high heat and wait a few minutes. To check the temperature, you can drop a few drops of water on its surface; if they hiss and evaporate, the pan is hot enough. After that, pour the oil, wait until bubbles appear and then lay out the ingredients.

3. The abundance of fluid

Excess fluid in the pan.

Many people pour too much water or wine into the pan, confusing the process of extinguishing with boiling. As a result, the dish is not as expected. Remember, when it comes to quenching, the liquid should cover no more than half the ingredients.

4. Reading the recipe on the go

Reading the recipe during cooking.

If you are starting to cook a new unknown dish, first read the recipe to the end, making sure that you have all the necessary ingredients and resources for cooking. Otherwise, in the process of cooking, you may find that there is a shortage of something or you suddenly realize that you simply cannot finish the cooking due to the absence of one or another device.

Use only one chopping board.

Gross error - to have and use only one chopping board for working with meat, fish, bread and vegetables. Even worse, if this wooden door. The fact is that after cutting raw meat or fish on the surface of the board remains the smell, as well as bacteria that can lead to indigestion. The best option is three cutting boards: for meat, fish and a board for vegetables and fruits.

6. Store open coffee packaging

Store coffee in an open package.

Coffee should not be stored in an open package on one of the kitchen shelves. First, without a sealed package, this product very quickly loses its taste and aroma, and secondly, coffee, like a sponge, absorbs all the aromas, which are mass in the kitchen. Best of all, after opening the pack, pour the coffee into a sealed bag or a glass jar with a tight lid.

7. Excess flour and starch

Too much flour and starch.

The composition of many sauces includes flour or starch. However, be careful with these ingredients. Excess flour and starch will make your sauce too thick and can lead to lumps that completely ruin the taste.

8. Wrong knife

Use one knife for different products.

Having only one knife in the kitchen is a gross mistake. It is hardly possible to cut the meat with a knife with notches, and fresh bread crumbles and falls apart under a sharp cutting knife. Each knife has its own purpose, and if you know about it, your ingredients will always be perfectly cut and neat.

9. Small pan

Dense arrangement of ingredients in a small pan.

Another mistake is to try to brown the meat in a small frying pan. A large amount of meat will give a lot of liquid, which will not evaporate from a small frying pan and the product will just be stewed, which means that the crust will not work.

10. Do not try the dish

Do not try the dish while cooking.

Even experienced chefs do not neglect the tasting in the cooking process. And you need to try the dish at different stages of its preparation. After all, the only way to determine the excess or lack of spices and quickly correct the situation. Believe me, fix the taste of the finished dish is much more difficult.

11. Cooking Frozen Food

Fry frozen foods.

It is impossible to fry frozen foods, unless we are talking about semi-finished products. Most likely, in the end, you get a burnt outside and raw inside dish. Also, do not in a hurry to defrost meat or fish in the microwave. Accelerating the defrosting process, you steal their taste from the ingredients. It is better to postpone cooking and leave the meat on the bottom shelf of the refrigerator overnight.

12. Bust with spices

Use a huge amount of spices.

Inexperienced cooks try to use almost all the spices present in the household and make a big mistake while cooking. A large amount of spices will kill the entire taste of the ingredients. In addition, not all spices interact well with each other, and their illiterate combination can make the dish simply not edible.

13. Scratched pan

Use a scratched pan.

Unfortunately, modern pans with teflon coating are not as durable as their cast-iron predecessors. When the Teflon coating is scratched and cracked, the pan automatically becomes unusable. Further use of such a frying pan is dangerous to health as high temperatures heat the metal and activate the process of evaporation of toxic substances.

14. Dry meat

Salt the meat during cooking.

Surprised that the meat is hard and dry? Most likely, the reason is that you salt it in the cooking process. Remember that the pieces of meat are tender and juicy, especially when it comes to large pieces, salt it after turning off the hob. Five to ten minutes in a frying pan under the lid and the meat will absorb the necessary amount of salt, while remaining tender, juicy and fragrant.

15. Fried potatoes

Potatoes stuck to the pan.

Whenever you take to fry potatoes in a pan, does it stick to the pan and stick together? To avoid this, one little trick will help. Cut the potatoes into slices, rinse them in cold water and dry on a paper towel.

16. Meat in the oven

Tough and tasteless meat in the oven.

Do not like to cook meat in the oven because it turns out tough and tasteless? Such a nuisance happens because of cold water, which you water the pieces in the process of baking. Try using hot water or broth for this, so the pieces will be tender and juicy.

17. Burst sausages

Burst and overcooked sausages.

It is only slightly overdo the sausages on the fire, as they immediately burst and turn inside out. To avoid this will help a small thread in the center. You can also pierce a raw sausage with a fork. So, in the process of cooking the appearance of sausages will not change.

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