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13 unexpected, but very useful ways to use mouthwash in the home


Mouthwash "lives" on the consumer market for a relatively long time.

Nevertheless, few people know that this useful for the oral cavity fluid can be used not only for its intended purpose, but also for a number of other cases.

In this review, 13 unusual ways of its application, which many, for sure, did not even suspect.

1. Disinfecting a washing machine and eliminating unpleasant scent from clothes

And the clothes will always be fresh.

In theory, the method is effective. But, if someone decides to try it out in practice, you can give only one piece of advice - use a rinse without a dye.

2. Dandruff Treatment

Anti-dandruff conditioner.

After washing the hair with shampoo and balsam, the scalp should be rinsed with a composition prepared from water and rinse aid, taken in equal amounts. Besides the fact that the dandruff from such a procedure will become less, the greasiness of the hair after several such procedures will significantly decrease.

3. Fight against nail fungus


Another option to combat nail fungus. Mix vinegar and mouth wash in a 1: 1 ratio. In the prepared solution, moisten the cotton wool and apply it on the nail, literally for 3-4 minutes. The procedure must be repeated daily for several weeks.

4. Replacing the deodorant

If there is no deodorant at home.

Ended deodorant, and refresh your armpits urgently needed? It does not matter - mouthwash perfectly replaces it. It effectively fights germs and cleanses the skin, preventing unpleasant odors. Just wet the cotton pad in the composition and wipe the armpits. But - do not use it, if the skin is damaged, and still the rinse will not save you from trouble, if you have to do hard physical work - here it will be useless.

5. Piercing treatment

13 unexpected ways to use mouthwash

In order not to infect the infection, piercing wounds must be treated with an antiseptic. And if the last house was not found - you can use mouthwash and cotton wool for these purposes.

6. Eliminate the smell of fish and garlic

So that the hands do not smell of fish or garlic.

To remove the smell of garlic or fish from the skin of the hands is problematic, but not in those cases when there is a mouthwash with a bright menthol aroma at home. You just need to wipe their hands and the unpleasant aroma is gone!

7. Toothbrush Disinfection

And for a toothbrush fit.

A toothbrush is an ideal breeding ground for bacteria. And to prevent this from happening - leave the brush overnight in the solution.

8. Eliminating unpleasant odors from the bin

Just a few drops and no stench!

To some extent, in the light stage of "stinkiness", a cotton wool soaked in a solution and thrown into the bin will eliminate the unpleasant amber. But still the regular emptying of the garbage can and the same bathing are much more effective in combating odors.

9. Faster bruising

Unknown sides of the most ordinary mouthwash.

It is rumored that if you make lotions with mouthwash several times a day in the problem area, the bruises will be much faster. As far as this method is really effective - it is silent, but there will definitely be no harm from testing.

10. Refresh the toilet

Bright solution, but very expensive.

Pour a small amount of rinse into the toilet, watering all the walls a little and leave it that way without flushing. After 30-60 minutes, you can clean the toilet with a brush or another familiar way.

11. Disinfecting corns and scratches

And instead of iodine is good!

If there was no suitable antiseptic near, then in the absence of the best for disinfecting wounds and abrasions, the rinse aid is quite suitable. Its action is due to the presence of alcohol in the composition - it will pinch, but the infection does not threaten.

12. Removal of itching from insect bites

If you bit a mosquito, you can use a conditioner.

A very necessary thing during the invasion of mosquitoes and other biting insects. To relieve itching from the problem area of ​​the skin, you just need to wipe it with a cotton swab dipped in mouthwash, or make a compress for a couple of minutes.

13. Extend the life of plants

A couple of drops - and the flowers will stand for a long time.

To live flowers in a vase longer pleasing to the eye, in a container with water you need to add a couple of large spoons of ordinary rinse aid. Similarly, it is possible to process indoor plants to protect them from fungus and mold. To do this, mix three parts of water and one part of the rinse, pour the prepared composition into a spray bottle and spray the plants.