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Just do not work: 10 life hacking in the cleaning, which is time to forget


Housewives often share little tricks, but are they all justified? We will tell you if soda is friends with vinegar, if you should throw a melamine sponge into the toilet and soak your clothes in salt.

Nobody wants to overwork when it comes to cleaning. Have you ever tried a brilliant life hack and stay at the “trough” full of dirty laundry? Today we tell what the so-called "little tricks" do not work at all or simply do not have practical meaning. After all, most often the simplest solution is the surest one. People do not waste their energy on the development of specialized tools!

Life hacking number 1: mix soda and vinegar to get a universal cleaner

Individually, they really can do a lot. But their union does not enhance cleansing properties. People rejoice in bubbles and gurgles - a chemical reaction, but the output is not a miracle cure, but ordinary water with salt. Abrasive properties of bubbles can help you remove any contamination. But ultimately this mixture is absolutely meaningless. You just wash off the dirt with water.

Life hacking number 2: soak clothes in salt water to keep its original color

We know that you do not want your favorite scarlet T-shirt to turn pink in time, but forget about the salt. In this case, it does not work. It is better to concentrate your efforts on tricks not in washing, but in shopping: if the fabric fades, it is of poor quality.

Life hacking number 3: remove ink stains from hairspray

At a time when hairspray contained alcohol, this trick would work. But now you can hardly find such a styling tool - the trick is outdated. However, if there is alcohol at home - apply it to the stain, it perfectly removes the ink.

Layfkhak No. 4: throw melamine sponge into the toilet to remove pollution

Melamine sponges do not work that way (although they do many other good things). Due to the special structure, they remove dirt and absorb it - but from hard surfaces and with the help of friction.

Layfkhak No. 5: add rinse for a mouth to a washer to wash it

Although mouth rinse washes away the plaque from your teeth, by analogy in a washing machine it will not work - there is a much larger volume of water. For this you need bleach. Start a self-cleaning cycle or add bleach to the powder compartment and switch to the normal wash cycle. These manipulations are desirable to do once a month.

Layfkhak No. 6: put wax on the oven for the cars, so that later it was easier to wash it

Wax for cars in the kitchen is not the place! Especially next to objects in contact with food. He has a very caustic composition. You can simply get poisoned.

Life hacking number 7: wash the toilet soda

Coke works worse than a special tool. So why flush it down the toilet? If you count, the packaging of 12 cans of soda at a price roughly equal to the packaging of toilet cleaner, depending on the prices in your area. Accordingly, the means you use more than 12 times - and where is the benefit?

Life hacking number 8: put a lemon slice in the dishwasher

Maybe a slice of lemon and add a fresh smell to the dishes, but not precisely disinfect. The acid in the lemon is not enough to affect the flow of water in the dishwasher. Just use a rinse.

Reception number 9: remove the burned cornstarch

Carp are burned clothing fibers. Corn starch is not a time machine and cannot be restored. But you can try to rub the cleanser into the stain and immediately wash it after it is burned. Or, if you urgently need to wear a thing, rub vinegar into a cloth and blot it with a cloth.

Layfkhak No. 10: put wipes for the dryer in the duct so that it smells delicious in the house

We do not deny that such napkins smell great, but be careful. They can block the flow of air into the ventilation. There are much safer ways to freshen the air: in fact, air fresheners.