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Simple and at the same time brilliant ideas that will help to hide unsightly details


It often happens that when considering interiors made by professional designers, we have a logical question: where can you hide the extra things.

In this review we have collected 17 simple and at the same time brilliant ideas that will help to hide unsightly details.

1. Braid pipes

Hide the pipe.

The coil of ordinary twine will help to hide the sewer or old gas pipe. Wrap the pipe tightly with it and fasten it. The composition can also be diluted with artificial plants.

2. Masking

Masking the switch.

If for some reason you got an apartment with a switch in an unusual place, which is an eruption of the eyes and does not fit into the interior at all, try to disguise it skillfully. To do this, place around it 5-6 small pictures in contrasting frames.

3. Upgrade the mattress

Upgrade the mattress.

The old mattress completely lost its appearance, but the purchase of a new one does not fit into the family budget? Refreshing the mattress will help it hauling new fabric. You can also buy a special mattress topper, which will not only return a decent look to the mattress, but also make it more comfortable.

4. Bath screen

Bath decor.

The tile imitating a natural stone will help to decorate and improve the edge of a vinyl bath. Gently glue it on the outside of the side of the bath and enjoy the amazing result and complete transformation of the bathroom.

5. Household appliances

Update household appliances.

If you have an old built-in appliances in the kitchen, which is somewhat out of the general picture, update it with the help of special metallic paint. Paint her old facades and they will get a new stylish look.

6. Computer wires

Hide computer wires.

A pile of computer wires and components that are a familiar part of the desktop can be easily hidden in a very simple way. To do this, you need an extension cord that should be attached to one of the walls of the table.

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7. Charging station

Charging station for gadgets.

Instead of scattering your gadgets all over the apartment and randomly charging them in any outlet, organize one drawer for this purpose.

8. Colon

Elegant column instead of the chimney.

In many private homes the chimney passes through the second floor and is its unsightly part. However, using plastic panels, bright paint or suitable wallpaper will turn the chimney into an elegant column, which will become an elegant interior detail.

9. Electric shield

Hide the electrical shield.

For many people, the electrical panel is located in the corridor and its appearance can greatly spoil the interior of the hallway. A small original cabinet with a chalk board and a key holder on the door will help to hide the shield.

10. Router

Cache for the router.

The hard cover of the old book can be used to hide a router that does not fit into the interior of the room.

11. Paper towel holder

Hide a roll of paper towels.

A roll of paper towels attached to the wall can hardly be called interior decoration. Cover it will help a few decorative moldings. By the way, their top can also be used as a small shelf.

12. Battery

Hide the battery.

In addition to the usual screens on the battery, you can hide the heating radiator in a bespoke locker.

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13. Cords

Cords as decoration.

If the cords can not be hidden, they can be turned into a kind of decoration. To do this, just
attach the cable to the wall in an original way.

14. Ventilation grille

Disguise the ventilation grill.

Hide the ventilation grille will help carved rubber mat. Just give it a noble look with spray paint and attach it to the ventilation grill.

15. Printer

Hide the printer.

One of the drawers of the dresser can be turned into a convenient box for the printer. True, for convenience, you will have to re-equip the door somewhat, attaching a folding mechanism to it.

16. Outlets

Masking sockets.

Behind the drawer you can easily hide one of the outlets. This trick will allow you to harmoniously fit the outlet into the interior and take care of the safety of their children.

17. Decorating switches

Decor switches.

Original frames are another easy way to disguise unsightly switches and sockets.