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10 smart ways to get the most out of a small bathroom


Storage systems in the bathroom are designed to ensure order, as well as to make the interior more accurate in visual terms. And even if it seems that the room is quite small, there will always be places for additional shelves, niches and hooks.

We figured out how to achieve the perfect order in the bathroom and find a place for convenient storage systems.

Open shelves above the toilet

Open shelves above the toilet.

Engage every piece of the bathroom wisely, then it will become much more convenient and more interesting. For example, pay attention to the place above the toilet, it is often undeservedly ignored, empty, and in fact it could be useful. To do this, it is enough to make several open shelves. Put on them a diffuser with a pleasant aroma, a spare bottle with soap, cotton pads in a transparent flask and other hygiene items.

Niche with shelves in the wall

Niche with shelves in the wall.

A very neat and stylish option is to make a niche in one of the walls or occupy an existing one. You can also create a so-called "artificial wall", behind which pipes or some unevenness can be successfully hidden. Usually it is made of drywall and the shelves in it can be of any configuration. Internal shelves are convenient because they do not interfere with moving around the room, they do not visually block up the space.

Hooks and hanging furniture

Hooks and hanging furniture.

It happens that there is so little free space in the bathroom that you can put up a cabinet or some other outdoor storage system. Then the walls will come to the rescue, place a few hanging cabinets, open shelves, hooks on them. On the latter, you can store a textile bag with dirty laundry, if you can not put a full laundry basket.

Place under the sink

Storage systems under the sink.

Our under the smallest sink there is a place for a small neat niche or pedestal. The first will create a sense of space, but the second will fit much more accessories that need to be hidden out of sight (for example, put detergents there. By the way, if the choice fell on an open niche with shelves, then it is ideal for storing clean towels.

Wicker baskets

Wicker baskets for storage in the bathroom.

Use wicker baskets in the bathroom interior, especially if its interior is made in a rustic or Scandinavian style. This is a very practical and stylish solution, this basket is not afraid of moisture, it will fit a lot of little things and it will look cute.

Decorative solutions

Interesting decor in the bathroom.

While working on the modernization of the bathroom do not forget about beauty. Yes, practicality in a small bathroom is brought to the fore, but nobody has also canceled decorating techniques. The interior should not be boring and monotonous, otherwise in such an interior it will not be possible to relax until the end, which is extremely important. After all, a bath is not only a place where we put our body in order, here we can forget about work and problems, take a hot bath and achieve relaxation. So think about how you can decorate the space, including the storage systems themselves.

If it is a niche, let them be decorated with beautiful tiles. If these are hooks, then they will be in the same style, perhaps, of the original form.

Mini shelf above the sink

Mini shelf above the sink.

When there is a desire to make rational use of space, think over small shelves for storing various trifles. A place for such a mini-storage system can be found even above the sink. It is convenient to put a glass of water, a holder with brushes, liquid soap, toothpaste.

Clear glass

Glass shelves in the bathroom.

Use clear glass for hanging shelves. Someone will say that this is not practical, but in fact this technique will visually change the space for the better, for example, will make it more airy and light, will relieve from a feeling of clutter. The only thing, try not to put on such shelves items that can damage the glass, give preference to plastic tubes.

Additional open storage spaces

Additional open storage spaces.

Engage fantasy, see what kind of horizontal surface can be turned into an additional storage system. It may even be a disguised toilet bowl, hidden in a plasterboard construction and tiled. This is not the only option, perhaps you will find your own place in your bathroom.

Special Bathroom Storage Systems

Do not ignore storage systems designed specifically for the bathroom. They really can make life easier and make the interior orderly. For example, use compact shelves, it is convenient to store everything in them, starting with towels and ending with household chemicals. In addition, shelves for the bathroom have an attractive design and do not take up much space in the room. A good alternative to the same cabinet or cabinet.

Shelf for storage in the bathroom.