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Actual and non-standard design ideas for a wall apron that will transform the entire kitchen


When it happens that you want to change something in the kitchen, and there is no money for a new headset, you can turn your eyes to the kitchen apron. This element of the interior performs not only practical, but also an aesthetic function.

This review contains 17 topical kitchen apron design ideas that perfectly diversify the interior and lift your spirits.

1. Patchwork apron

Apron from a different tile.

An apron of variegated ceramic tiles with bright patterns and drawings will enliven the interior and become the highlight of any space.

2. Slate

Slate sticker in the kitchen apron area.

A slate board or sticker in the apron area is a stylish and modern solution that will allow you to change the interior of your kitchen every day, decorating the space with drawings or encouraging inscriptions.

3. Boards

Finishing kitchen apron boards.

Another interesting idea for decorating the kitchen apron area is wood paneling. This design fits perfectly into the interior of the kitchen, decorated in the Scandinavian, country or rustic style.

4. Putty

Use putty.

Brown ceramic tiles, carelessly wiped with a putty, will help create the illusion of stonework in the kitchen apron area.

5. Small tiles

Decor apron ceramic mosaic.

Using fragments of old ceramic tableware in a complex with decorative plaster is an original way to create your own exclusive design of a kitchen apron.

7. Traffic jams

Apron of wine corks.

Wine corks - a very original and affordable material to create a stylish kitchen apron, which will undoubtedly become the merit of a modern interior.

8. Small pebbles

Kitchen apron, decorated with small pebbles.

Kitchen apron, decorated with small river pebbles looks very original and atmospheric. Such a decorative reception will bring a note of freshness to the kitchen interior and create an atmosphere of unity with nature.

9. Mirror tile

Mirror tile in the apron area.

Another effective technique is the use of mirror tiles for facing the kitchen apron. The use of this technique will give the room a gloss and fill the kitchen with magical highlights.

10. Glass

Glass apron.

The kitchen apron made of glass is one of the most current trends in the field of design. Behind the glass you can place any image, thus adding volume and versatility to it.

11. Brick

Brick in the interior of the kitchen.

Brickwork or its imitation in the area of ​​the kitchen apron looks very nontrivial and fresh. This solution will harmoniously fit into the kitchen, decorated in industrial, rustic or country style.

12. Oilcloth

Kitchen apron, decorated with oilcloth.

Oilcloth, neatly glued in the area of ​​the kitchen apron - a penny way that can transform the interior of the kitchen.

13. Shiny tiles

Finishing the apron with shiny tiles.

A kitchen apron, lined with narrow shiny tiles, will accentuate and complement the interior of any modern kitchen.

14. World Map

World map in the interior of the kitchen.

The original map of the kitchen apron will help the world map. The only point to take care of is a good water repellent coating.

15. Foam panels

Foam panels painted with spray paint.

Foam panels painted in a stylish metallic shade are the original and budget solution for finishing a kitchen apron.

16. Buttons

Apron decor with buttons.

The decor of the kitchen apron with a variety of buttons is a great way to express your creative nature. To implement such an idea, you will need a lot of metal, wooden, plastic buttons and plaster.

17. Natural wood

Apron of rough wood.

A kitchen apron decorated with untreated light wood planks will be a wonderful complement to the cozy rustic kitchen.

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