Useful ideas

From silk-screen printing to vinyl: Photowall-paper in an interior which have nothing in common with remnants of the 80-90th


Most people immediately associate with the word “photo wallpaper” associated with the 80-90s of the last century, when practically everyone in the apartment on the walls of the living room, bedroom or corridor could see an image of birches running away of the paths, waterfalls and mountain vertices. From the modern world of fashionable novelties, technologies and trends, once banal wallpaper turned into a real work of art, thanks to which you can easily transform any room.

Today, manufacturers offer a huge range of photo wallpapers for any color and taste. From bright prints on paper to silk-screen printing and vinyl. Also gaining popularity are "wallpapers" (photoprints) on glass surfaces or tiles. For those who adhere to more traditional styles, textile and laminated photo wallpapers, which still remain at their peak of popularity, will be liked.

1. Children's room

Sea theme will appeal to every kid.

Decorate the wall of the children's room with photowall-paper depicting your own children.

2. Illusion of deception, or volumetric wallpaper

Volumetric wallpapers with a spreading tree will give a feeling of spring mood.

Log wall

Floral motifs.

3. We decorate the walls of the bedroom

Photowall-paper in graceful oriental style.

Wall mural paradise garden. Such a luxurious design is able to make a bedroom truly cozy.

4. Living room

Photowall-paper in black-and-white color scale will be suitable for those who prefer classic or minimalism.

Imitation canvas. These wallpapers give a special charm to the living room.

5. Turn on the imagination and choose the street-city theme

Volumetric wallpaper with architecture will give the feeling of moving through time.

Cityscape. These wallpapers create the illusion of a street atmosphere, as if walking through the streets of European cities.

6. We resort to the most courageous, but at the same time light and gentle images.

Light and air dandelions.

Do you miss the snowy tops of the mountains? Then these wallpapers are definitely mast hev.

7. Bold decision

For those who are not afraid to be in the center of attention, wallpapers with imitation of paintings will be suitable.

8. Animal motives

Photo wallpaper with animal prints.

9. Under the "old"

A very bold decision for those who want to emphasize their interior and reigning comfort in it.

10. In the best traditions of minimalism.

Imitation of smoke. These wallpapers will make the room brighter and more spacious.

11. Kitchen decor

Pomegranate breeze.

On the horizon line. Photowall-paper with heavenly and sea subjects will fill kitchen with ease and lightness.

12. Photoprints in the bathroom

The sky does not happen much.

Waterfall on the walls of the bathroom will give a sense of peace and relaxation.

13. Cabinets

Photowall-paper with the image of a megapolis on the cabinet doors will create the illusion of a night city outside the window.

Take care of your memories. Decorate the closet with murals with your own images.