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Hearth: 17 designer items to create comfort in the house


It is quite simple to make your home special; it is enough to purchase an accessory, or an element of decor that meets the inner state, mood, or even the profession of the owner.

And these 17 designer pieces are the best way to demonstrate your individuality in the interior.

1. Table lamp

Table lamp-flashlight, which will help out great during a sudden power outage.

2. Covers for dishes

Knitted covers for cups and teapot, which will keep the drinks warm for a long time and will not burn.

3. Unique vase

Vase in the form of a human head with holes for flowers.

4. Flower pots

Pots for indoor plants with funny indicators that will remind you of watering.

5. Appetizing chandelier

Lovely chandeliers in the form of cherries, which will remind of summer all year round.

6. Clothes Hooks

Metal hooks in the form of shuriken for ninja fans.

7. Cat beds

Shelves equipped with cat beds.

8. Bright pouf

Ottoman, which consists of soft sticks, which are folded into different pictures.

9. Big pillows

The original set of pillows in the form of pancakes, which can be twisted and folded as you like.

10. Knitted rug

The original rug, stylized under the wood cut, which can be made by hand.

11. Clothes pegs

Fantastic clothespins, decorated with figures of circus artists.

12. Bed

Unusual bed "Totoro".

13. Chair

Original chair with handles, which is impossible not to sit down.

14. Rocking chair

Double rocking chair for romantic get-togethers.

15. Cocoon chair

A comfortable chair with a built-in sleeping bag that will warm even on the coldest day.

16. Table clock

Clock in the form of books for people who love everything original and unusual.

17. Room slippers

USB slippers with heating for cold winter evenings.