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15 funny devices for the kitchen, which you can safely give for the New Year


December is a month of pleasant troubles and annual shopping for gifts. If someone has not yet decided on a present to his mother, girlfriend or friend who loves snacks and is ready to live in the kitchen, there is a hint. Arm yourself with this list of cool little things for the kitchen and go in search of them. Relatives will definitely be satisfied!

You did not even know how many cool, useful and just funny devices came up with for the kitchen.

For example:

1. Finger spoons

So delicious.

When after the holidays there is simply no strength to hold a spoon. Or a gift for those who know the terrible truth: eating ice cream with your hands is much tastier.

2. Heated knife for perfect sandwiches

Best sandwiches every morning.

Because it tastes better than the usual sandwich only with warm melted butter sandwich.

3. Smart egg tray Egg Minder

Well, when there is someone to remind.

This tray is so smart that it will send its owner a notification on the smartphone that it would be necessary to buy eggs after work.

4. Tea strainer "Shark fin"

The main thing is not to brew karkade.

For those who can not imagine life and breakfast without portions of horror movies.

5. Cutter for garlic

No more garlic hands.

Minimum contact with the skin: you just need to “take a ride” a couple of times over the garlic cloves and they will turn into fragrant crumb. And do not have half an hour to wash their hands.

6. Carrot Sharpener

Now you can really sharpen carrots.

Decorate the salad with carrot chips? Why not! So even children can be taught to eat vegetables.

7. "Tongs" to remove the strawberry stem

And how did we live without it?

Without a doubt, the most necessary thing in the kitchen. But seriously, all lovers of strawberries and long nails will appreciate the benefits of this thing.

8. "Handle" for pancakes and cookies

We guess what word everyone will try to bake ...

Who are interested in ordinary round pancakes, when can you paint whole pictures with dough? And also all sorts of words to write ...

9. Form for ice cream "sandwich"

Having tried time, it is impossible to come off.

Ice cream + cookies = perfect match. What you need for a cozy winter weekend.

10. Corn cleaner

Fresh corn, not even from the jar.

Spent one time - and all the grains in the container. No hassle.

11. Scissors for salad and spicy herbs

Chik-chik and ready.

Smooth, beautiful and sooo fast - gourmets will appreciate.

12.And pizza scissors

"Well, for justice."

Now you do not have to argue who has a bigger piece. Only equality, no "by eye".

13. Edible glasses

After devastation eat.

Glasses-zheleshki, which you can and eat.

14. Magic pepper pot

"Avada Kevadra, tasteless food!".

A little bit of magic for your dish.

15. Coffee mug-iron

The perfect gift for an office employee.

In the morning rush you no longer have to choose whether to go to work ironed or vigorous. Mug, necessary for everyone. Especially on the 2nd of January.