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Life hacking for small premises: 20 examples of interior design on fresh trends


Ideally, the apartment should have a living room, kitchen, bedroom, corridor. But what if the real living space does not match the dreams? No need to despair.

The main thing in small apartments or studio apartments is rational zoning. How to design the interior in accordance with the latest trends, prompted by these 20 life hacking.

1. Interesting bedroom design

Interesting design of the bedroom with a non-standard configuration and unusual details of the decor that adorn the room.

2. A wardrobe is a great addition to the interior.

A wardrobe can be an excellent addition to the interior of the living room, especially since it is now in trend.

3. Accent shelf

Shelf, located in the area to watch TV, is an important element in the interior.

4. Decorative elements in the living room interior

There are a number of unspoken rules for arranging a small living room, ranging from the choice of colors to the placement of decorative elements.

5. Rack for educational institutions in the living room

Rack for schools and libraries will be a great solution for any room.

6. Wall shelves

Wall shelves allow you to save space in any small room.

7. Metal rack

Shelves assembled from metal constructions are usually installed in the kitchen or in the pantry.

8. Cabinet for the hallway.

The closet cabinet should harmoniously correspond to the general stylistic direction of the apartment.

9. Wall shelves in the area for watching TV

Next to the plasma panel can be placed wall shelves with a lot of decorative elements.

10. Zoning space

Compared with other methods of splitting free space, zoning a room with curtains has several advantages.

11. Alternative to stationary partition

The classic solution for zoning space with light curtains.

12. Division of space into functional zones.

A living room in which traditional methods were used to divide the common space of the room into functional zones.

13. Dressing table

The dressing table should correspond to the general color scale that will allow not to create a dissonance in an interior of a living room.

14. Visual increase in space

The traditional interior of the bright kitchen few people indifferent.

15. Dressing table with large mirror

Wooden dressing table with a large mirror in the aristocratic style.

16. Spacious living room

Spacious living room with modern upholstered furniture and lots of wooden parts and elements.

17. Wall shelf for TV

The wall shelf for a plasma screen is an ideal solution for those who love conciseness and restraint in the interior.

18. Corner TV shelf

Corner shelf for plasma screen is suitable for a small children's room.

19. Built-in niche bed

Delightful bedroom interior with a small built-in bed behind the curtains.

20. Small studio apartment