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18 practical ideas of decor with which the kitchen will want to spend more time


If the food is cooked with love, then peace and harmony in the house.

And nothing is more conducive to a good mood of the hostess, as a comfortable kitchen.

We have collected 18 creative and practical ideas for decor, with which the kitchen will spend time more pleasantly.

1. Organizer

Organizer of the pipes.

The original copper tube organizer will become a stylish decoration of a free wall and is perfect for storing skimmers, paddles, measuring glasses, cutting boards, aprons and tacks.

2. Rack for kitchen utensils

Bright organizer for kitchen utensils.

Unnecessary door, painted in an original way, can be turned into a wonderful organizer for storing various kitchen utensils, from skimmers to pots and pans.

3. Bright dishes

Colorful plates.

Boring white plates can be transformed with a simple and at the same time original painting. To implement this idea, you need only a few jars with a special paint, a wide brush and a good mood.

4. Decor of the refrigerator

Bright decor of the old refrigerator.

Creative painting of the old fridge will turn this nondescript element into a bright interior detail.

5. Apron design

Slate apron.

To change the bored kitchen apron will help a jar of slate paint. This finishing option looks very impressive and can be used as a board for recipes and important notes.

6. Note paper

A roll of note paper.

On one of the empty kitchen walls, you can hang a roll of note paper. It is best to secure it with two hooks and a rough economic rope.

7. Cup hanger

Wooden mug hanger.

From several wooden boards and hooks you can get a charming cup hanger, which will be a wonderful decoration of the kitchen.

8. Pegboards

Pegboard in the interior of the kitchen.

Owners of small kitchens should think about replacing part of the usual wall cabinets with stylish and ergonomic light wood pegboards with shelves and hook holes, on which it is convenient to store a variety of things.

9. Decor of tanks

Containers for spices in typographic style.

With the help of white ink and typographical inscriptions, it is possible to transform containers for spices and any other bulk products.

10. Cutting board

Original cutting board.

A creative cutting board with holes for two miniature flower pots made from carefully brushed and polished wooden bar will be an unusual detail of the city kitchen.

11. Stand for knives

Unusual stand for knives.

Waste hardcover books can be used to create an original stand for knives. Such a stand will become not only a functional component of the catering unit, but also its unusual decoration.

12. Organizer for cutlery

Homemade organizer for cutlery.

Practical and stylish organizer for cutlery from several tin cans and a small piece of wood, which even a teenager can do.

13. Locker decor

Wall cabinet decoration.

Accurate painting and a few figured moldings will help to reanimate old worn cabinets, turning them into unique furniture in the style of shebbi-chic.

14. Tray

Stylish wooden tray.

A stylish wooden tray decorated with a slate sticker can be used as a stand for containers with sugar, spices, cups or a vase with sweets.

15. Containers for vegetables

Wooden boxes for storing vegetables.

An original example of using ordinary wooden boxes as a storage system for vegetables and fruits.

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16. Shelf for cups

Original shelf for cups.

A creative shelf in the shape of a house is perfect for storing cups and will be a wonderful decoration of one of the kitchen walls.

17. Kitchen island

Homemade kitchen island.

Painted wooden pallets are perfect for creating a trendy and unusual kitchen island that will become a stylish and functional detail of a modern kitchen.

18. Slate sticker

Slate sticker in the interior of the kitchen.

Hide the existing flaws of the finish or vice versa to highlight some elements of the situation will help a large slate sticker.

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