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11 tips to help cope with small repairs of various things


Any owner (and hostess) knows that the house needs constant care.

That wallpaper will come off, then the plinth will go away. These little things gradually accumulate, turning the once cozy nest in the likeness of a hostel.

To prevent this from happening, we have collected 11 valuable tips that will help to cope with minor repairs of various things.

1. Align the surface of the carpet

Ice to level the carpet.

Few know that the range of use of ice is not limited to cooling drinks. Frozen water cubes can also be used to smooth carpet fibers. So, if you decide to rearrange a heavy sofa and find that the carpet under it is wrinkled, take out the ice and lay it on the carpet, wait until it melts, and then “brush” it with a brush.

2. Quiet doors

So that the doors don't slam

If it seems to you that your interior doors are too noisy, stick a pair of furniture stickers to the door stop. They can be purchased at a hardware store for a penny, but the effect of their use will be enormous.

3. Smooth seams

Smooth silicone seams.

The masking tape is often used during painting in order to protect the surfaces that should remain clean. However, not everyone knows that the same trick can be applied when working with silicone. We guarantee that when using this trick, the seams will be perfectly flat and very neat.

4. Minor mosquito repair

Repair mosquito nets.

Mosquito nets do not differ in durability, they dry up, and soon small holes appear on them. To prevent insects from entering your home through the holes in the mosquito, repair it with a clear lacquer.

5. Wooden guides

Lubricant for wooden guides.

If the sliding cabinets with wooden rails began to act up, you need to provide them with lubrication. For these purposes, you can use regular candle wax or soap.

6. Clearances between baseboards

Gaps and gaps between the baseboards.

Skirting will look much neater if there is no gap between them and the wall. It is very easy to seal them with a silicone sealant of the same color as the plinth.

7. Broken light bulb

Screw the broken bulb.

Unscrew the broken light bulb and do not cut your hands, help ordinary potato. Cut the root crop in half, make sure the light is off, put the potato on the cartridge and carefully unscrew.

8. Rust

Rust on ceramics and steel.

Rust in the bathroom - a problem that sooner or later, everyone faces. However, to combat this unpleasant phenomenon does not require special tools. According to our information, the solution from a tablespoon of soda and water will help to clean the stainless steel mixer, and with the help of hydrogen peroxide it will be possible to restore the original appearance of the ceramic tile.

9. Cleaning contacts

Cleaning oxidized contacts.

If after replacing the batteries, the device still does not want to work, you should check the contacts. Most likely you will find corrosion on them. Getting rid of is quite simple by rubbing the area with an eraser or sandpaper.

10. Scratches on a leather sofa

Remove scratches from the leather sofa.

Shallow scratches on a leather sofa will no longer upset you, because the editorial board offers you an effective solution to this problem. For this you will need a towel moistened with warm water. Attach it to the damaged area and hold it a bit to soften the skin. After 15 minutes, put a warm iron on the towel, wait until the towel, and after it the cover of the sofa warmed up. If necessary, perform the procedure several times.

11. Scrolling screw

"Walking" screw.

If the screw does not set in any way, fill the hole with steel fiber from the sponge for washing dishes or insert a match. We hurry to warn you that in such a situation in no case should not use glue, otherwise then you will not be able to unscrew the screw.