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Wall decoration in the bathroom: 10 popular materials, their pros and cons


By tradition, the walls in the bathroom are decorated with ceramic tiles.

The option is quite practical, but not the only one.

We found out what else you can revet the walls in the bathroom, and examined 10 materials - budget, and not very.

1. Paint

Painting the walls in the bathroom is the most inexpensive of all types of cladding, and allows you to change the interior of the bathroom at least every season. To do this, it is better to choose moisture-resistant types of paints - acrylic water-dispersion and latex.

To pluses This type of finish can be attributed to durability, ease of operation, accessibility, simple disassembly. Minus that the walls in the room should be perfect - even and prepared, if they have defects, they will immediately be visible. Therefore, it is advisable not to be lazy and prepare the surface before painting.

The use of paint in the interior is a fashion trend of the last 10 years. All thanks to the budget and a rich selection of textures, shades and effects. What kind of colors today can not be found in the building supermarket. There are even options with imitation of natural stone and wood. They look more than impressive!

1. Paint in the interior of the bathroom.

2. Ceramic tiles

Classics of the genre - ceramic tiles on the walls of the bathroom. Among pros Such a material - durability, resistance to temperature and moisture, ease of care. TO cons they rank difficult dismantling and installation (without the help of professionals, this is not enough), as well as cash costs. But no matter what, tile remains one of the most popular types of bathroom trim. Now very stylish and beautiful collections are produced, so you can choose the material for any budget, interior and taste.

The universal shades of tile are white, gray, beige, but if they seem too boring, then you should try to combine tiles of different colors. Not bad options look when all the walls are decorated in one neutral shade, but there is an accent, for example, a mosaic or a strip of bright tiles on some of the walls.

2. Ceramic tile in the interior of the bathroom.

3. Mirror tile

Mirror finish looks good in the interior of a small room, it visually expands the boundaries of space, makes the room more bright and spacious. Concerning prosthen the tile of such a plan is rather durable, it is perfectly combined with other materials, it visually positively influences the space. TO cons It involves complex installation (it must be done carefully, without striking or dropping tiles), and permanent special care. In addition, the mirror tile does not like moisture, so it should be used only where there is good ventilation. In a room with high humidity, the material will quickly lose its attractive appearance and will be covered with dark spots.

Of course, the mirror decor is used accentuated, in the form of inserts on one or several walls. It is important not to overdo it, otherwise it will be unpleasant to be in the room. Total should be in moderation.

3. Mirror tiles in the bathroom interior.

4. Plastic panels

Plastic panels will be appropriate in rooms where there are any defects on the walls that you want to quickly hide and not spend money on global repairs. pros this finish: low cost, quick and easy installation, practicality, ease of care. TO cons include the fragility and scarcity of choice, you need to work hard to find a panel with a beautiful design.

4. Plastic panels in the interior of the bathroom.

5. Wallpaper

The wallpaper in the bathroom is at least unusual and original. Not everyone takes this step; many people think that it is not practical at all. In fact, now there is a large variety of moisture-resistant wallpaper, on the package with them usually is a wavy sign, which indicates the use of material in the bathroom. TO pluses can be attributed to the availability, a large variety of colors and design solutions, ease of installation and dismantling, not complicated care. Minus only one - it often happens that moisture gets into the joints, which over time spoils the overall picture, the wallpaper lags behind the walls. True, the situation is not difficult to fix with moisture-resistant glue.

5. Wallpaper in the interior of the bathroom.

6. Mosaic

Colorful and attractive in the interior of the bathroom looks like a mosaic of small tiles. It cool transforms small spaces. Beauty and ease of operation - two large plus mosaics, it is also durable, not afraid of changes in temperature and moisture. But speaking of cons not to mention the complexity of installation. The walls in the room should be perfectly smooth, and the laying is very neat, it should be done only by experts, otherwise there is a risk to spoil the whole picture. In addition, the mosaic is not cheap, but the visual effect is worth it.

6. Mosaic in the interior of the bathroom.

7. Porcelain stoneware

Porcelain stoneware is a modern, practical and stylish material that fits very well into the framework of any style. It costs more than ordinary ceramic tiles, but is cheaper than natural stone finishes. This is a kind of golden mean, when you want the interior to look decent, but the budget is not too big. pros: ceramic granite has an antibacterial surface, on which harmful microorganisms are not divorced, it has a wide range of designer, is not difficult to install and maintain. Cons it does not have one, as such, the only thing is that its price is slightly higher than that of ordinary ceramic tiles.

7. Porcelain tile in the interior of the bathroom.

8. Microcement

Another material that belongs to the category of new - microcement. Among his advantages: resistance to moisture and high temperatures, external attractiveness, varied palette, seamless version of the application on the walls. TO disadvantages include: rarity and exclusivity, not everyone can work with such material, and finding it in the Russian market is not so easy.

8. Microcement in the interior of the bathroom.

9. Marble

Expensive and very beautiful material, which is not suitable for every bathroom. It is desirable to decorate spacious rooms with them, and equip them with sufficient lighting to make the marble look really good in the interior. Advantage material in its attractive appearance, it instantly transforms space, fills it with a special atmosphere.

But at the same time, the marble is very capricious, and deficiencies he has more. For example, he does not like temperature fluctuations and high humidity, with time he may turn yellow or become stained, start to collapse. In addition, it requires special care, it is quite expensive and fastidious to install. But it does not stop the connoisseurs of the beautiful, because marble will melt the heart of every perfectionist.

9. Marble in the interior of the bathroom.

10. Granite

Granite is a reliable and durable type of finishing for the bathroom. It is not difficult to mount and care for him, and the color palette allows you to combine different shades of this stone in one interior. It is natural, stylish and has an excellent texture. To his disadvantagesPerhaps, it is safe to refer the price, it is high compared to other materials, for example, with tiles or porcelain stoneware.

10. Granite in the interior of the bathroom.