Useful ideas

Charming examples of budget furniture and pallet furniture


Very much in our world can be corrected with the help of inspiration and diligence.

So designers have once again proved that a wooden pallet is a rough and unremarkable thing to the extreme, it can be comfortable and even beautiful.

1. Sofa

A small sofa made of pallets.

Charming small sofa from the pallet and soft sitting.

2. Panel

Panel of boards.

Boards from old pallets can be used to create a creative panel with open shelves.

3. Organizer

Wall organizer from pallets.

Easy to make and easy to use wall organizer for storing documents, books, newspapers and magazines.

4. Bedside table

Nightstand from the pallet.

Compact bedside table, which can be made from the pallet.

5. Chair

A chair made from pallets.

Simple chair of pallets.

6. Bed

Large bed from the pallet.

A large bed with lighting from pallets and a high-quality mattress will perfectly fit into the interior of a modern apartment.

7. Corner sofa

Corner sofa of pallets.

The budget idea of ​​creating an unusual and comfortable corner sofa from pallets and soft linings.

8. Dining table

Pallet table.

A tall table made of white painted pallets and a glass top.

9. Shoes stand

Stand for shoes from the pallet.

Wonderful stand from the tray for storing shoes.

10. Vertical garden

Vertical garden of pallets.

A wonderful vertical garden of pallets will be a spectacular decoration of any wall.

11. Panel under the TV

Panel under the TV from pallets.

The original panel from the pallet under the plasma panel.

12. Hanger

Hanger from pallets.

Ordinary pallet can be turned into a stylish hanger for storing outerwear, bags and umbrellas.

13. Swing

Swing from pallets.

Amazing swing from pallets.

14. Garden furniture

Table, chairs and a sofa from pallets.

A small table, comfortable chairs and a small sofa made of pallets are perfect for cheerful gatherings in the garden.

15. Stairs

Stair from the pallet.

Creative ladder from a pallet.

16. Shelves

Shelves from the pallet.

Charming open shelves from the pallet to store a variety of small things.

17. Table

Pallet table.

A large table of pallets - a budget idea for the kitchen.

18. Armchair

Pallet seat.

Small nice chair with special openings for storing books and magazines in the armrests.

19. Desktop

Desktop of pallets.

Stylish and compact desktop of pallets.

20. Set

Coffee table and sofas from pallets.

Luxurious suite, which will be a real highlight of the living room.