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How to store fruits and berries in the refrigerator


In the old days, housewives had to refine themselves to extend the shelf life of berries and fruits, so they were either dried or immersed in running water. To the great happiness of modern women, technology does not stand still and they no longer need to store tasty fruits with such difficulties. For these purposes, every home has a refrigerator.

With it, you can store not only hard fruits for a long time, but also tender and very juicy berries. True, in this case, you need to know little tricks that will help you enjoy pears, apples, bananas and strawberries as long as possible.

How much watermelon can be stored in the refrigerator when cut?

Cut watermelon can be stored in the refrigerator for no more than 3 days
  • Most often we buy watermelons that we cannot eat later and we have to put them in storage in the refrigerator. Surely everyone who did this noticed that low temperature readings have a rather negative effect on this big berry. It becomes less tasty and fragrant and that the most untidy starts to flow very strongly.
  • Therefore, it would be better if you still buy watermelons that your family can manage at one time. But still, if it already happened that you had to put a cut watermelon in the refrigerator, then be sure to cover it with a cling film and try to eat it within 48 hours.
  • After this time, it will begin to lose not only the taste, but also the nutrients that are in it. Watermelon, which has lain in the refrigerator for more than 3 days, in general, it is better not to eat. By this time, fermentation will begin in its pulp, which may adversely affect the functioning of the gastrointestinal tract.

How much can you keep sliced ​​melon in the fridge?

Rules for storing melons in the refrigerator

The cut melon as well as the watermelon cannot lie in the refrigerator. Store it there can be no more than one and a half days. If it lays longer in it, pathogenic bacteria will begin to multiply on its pulp, causing fermentation and rotting of berries and fruits.

Tropical fruits can not be kept in the refrigerator
  • Do not think that a refrigerator can extend the shelf life of absolutely all fruits. Some of them very poorly tolerate low temperatures, and it is from its effects that they begin to deteriorate and rot. Absolutely not put in the fridge absolutely all tropical fruits and persimmons. For them, room temperature is more acceptable.
  • If you wrap these fruits in several layers of paper and put them on a shelf in the pantry, they can remain tasty and healthy for at least 7 days. Of course, this does not mean that all these fruits, in general, you can not put a refrigerator. If you put them there solely to cool (literally for an hour or two), then this will not affect their taste or appearance.
  • Yes, and if you do decide to keep tropical fruits in the refrigerator, then lay in it unripe vile. They will be allocated a little less ethylene, which means they will be able to remain normal for 5 to 8 days.

Is it possible to store bananas in the refrigerator and where is it better to store them so as not to blacken?

Bananas are undesirable to store the refrigerator
  • The optimal temperature for storing bananas is + 12, so if you put them in the fridge, then they will definitely not like it. Even on the shelf for storing vegetables, temperature indicators will be lower than they need, and this means that the fruits will very quickly cool and start losing all their taste qualities.
  • But most of all the low temperature affects the appearance of a banana. Its skin is first covered with black dots, and then, in general, completely blackens. Because of this, if you want these fruits to have both a beautiful appearance and great taste, then find a place for them in the kitchen cabinet or in the pantry.
  • Just lay them on a large dish, wrap cling film and put in a place where the minimum light falls. If you store bananas in this way, they will be suitable for consumption from 10 to 14 days.

Is it possible and how to store peaches in the refrigerator?

Peach Storage Tips
  • The most ideal temperature for storing peaches is zero degrees, so you can easily extend their shelf life with a refrigerator. But if you want them here as long as possible to remain tasty and fragrant, then be sure to consider the features of this fruit. Since it has a rather delicate skin and juicy flesh, it cannot be piled up.
  • So you can pin down the lower fruits, and they are very quick to infect whole peaches with pathogenic microflora. If possible, lay them in one, maximum two rows and be sure to shift each layer with paper or cotton cloth. It also takes into account the fact that this fruit overrides very quickly, so it is absolutely impossible for it to lie with fruits that produce ethylene in large quantities (these are apples and pears).
  • If you put them very close to each other, the peaches will ripen literally in a day and then even a low temperature will not help you to keep them even for the shortest possible time.

How to keep lemons in the refrigerator and how much?

Lemon storage rules
  • Just want to say that lemons in the refrigerator is undesirable. Low temperatures have a detrimental effect on them, and they very quickly begin to deteriorate and rot. But still, in this case there are small tricks that will help you keep this fruit in the refrigerator for 4 to 8 weeks.
  • So, if you stop the effects of oxygen on the peel of a lemon, you can minimize the effect of cold on a lemon. Try to simply treat its surface with vegetable oil, and then wrapped it in ordinary paper. So you will not only limit the effects of oxygen, but also protect the fetus from condensation, which inevitably appears on all products in the refrigerator.
  • Another proven option is to store lemons in a jar of water. But keep in mind that they remain fresh, the water in the container should be changed at least 2 times a day and be sure to keep it in the green zone of the refrigerator.

How to store cranberries in the refrigerator and how much

Fresh storage of cranberries
  • Cranberries are quite tender berries, therefore, they need to be stored at low temperatures. If you live in an apartment, then a refrigerator is an ideal storage place. You can keep it here both fresh and frozen. If you like to eat these berries without additional processing, then simply clean them of vegetable garbage, put them in small containers with sealed lids and put them on a shelf for storing vegetables.
  • Here, the berries will remain edible from 1 to 2 months. If you want to extend their shelf life by another month and a half, then place them in glass jars, pour boiled water (completely cooled) beforehand and place them in the zero zone of the refrigerator. Well, those who want to cook dishes from cranberries until the new harvest, can freeze the berries.
Storing apples in the refrigerator
  • Apples are among those fruits that, even after they are ripped off, continue to intensively release ethylene, which contributes to the rapid ripening of absolutely all fruits. Therefore, if you want to lay fruits for long-term storage, then you need to properly prepare for this. For this apple it is necessary to keep for 2 days at a temperature of from 25 to 30 degrees.
  • Under the influence of high temperature, almost all ethylene will be released from them and this will halt the ripening process. After this, the apples will have to be cooled, and then decomposed into food bags with holes for ventilation. In this form, they will remain tasty and juicy from 1 to 2 months.
  • And remember that storing apples of different varieties together is undesirable. Since some varieties ripen faster than others, this can lead to the fact that some apples will lose their taste, while others will still remain greenish.

How to keep raspberries in the refrigerator and how much?

Raspberry Storage Tips

Store raspberries in the refrigerator can be from 7 to 10 days. But to remain fresh and tasty, it will be only in the event that you store untreated, and most importantly, intact berries. It is best to expand them into small hermetically closed containers and place them in the zero zone.

If you want to enjoy the taste of these berries for a longer period, then freeze them or mash them with sugar. But keep in mind that in this case it is extremely important to use only the highest quality berries. If you overlook and at least one spoiled one gets to the raspberry, then during long-term storage the taste of all the other fruits will spoil quite strongly.

How to store blueberries in the refrigerator and how much?

Storing blueberries in cans

Fresh blueberries without any additional processing can easily stand in the refrigerator for 5-7 days. At the same time, it will not lose its beautiful taste or useful properties. If you want this berry to lie in the refrigerator for at least 2 weeks, then put it in a specially processed container. Take a bottle with a wide neck or half-liter jars and thoroughly ignite them in the oven.

When they stand out, carefully put blueberries in them (no need to tamp it), close the container with sterile covers and place on the bottom shelf of the refrigerator. If you want blueberries to be stored for 5-7 months, then just freeze it. To do this, first put it in a thin layer on a tray, and then put it in the freezer. When the berries freeze, fold them into a plastic bag, tie it tightly and place it around the rest of the frozen fruits.

Can I store grapes in the fridge and how much?

Rules for storing grapes

Grapes, like almost all berries and fruits, do not tolerate high enough temperature, so you should put them in the fridge right after you enter the house. If you plan to eat it within one or two days, you can simply put it in a clean bowl and put it in the green zone of the refrigerator.

If you keep it for a month or two, then make room for it on the shelf for vegetables. Put it there in one layer, and on top cover with a paper napkin. If possible, then place it as close as possible to the back of the refrigerator. Since here the temperature is more suitable for grapes, then it can stay tasty and fresh for up to 4 months.

Can I store the mango in the fridge and how much?

Mango storage methods at home

Since the optimum temperature for storing the mango is +10, it is undesirable to store it in the refrigerator. The cold will quickly make it less tasty and sour. Therefore, it will be better if you store this fruit at room temperature.

But if you still want to prepare a mango for the future, then cut it into a small dice and freeze as well as the other berries and fruits. This method of storage will extend the shelf life of the fruit by almost half a year.

How to store cherries in the refrigerator and how much?

Fresh Cherry

Fresh cherries stored in the refrigerator without compromising its taste can be no more than a day. After that, processes inevitably begin to occur in it, which lead to the fact that fermentation begins in the pulp. In order for it to remain tasty and useful all this time, it should be carefully, literally in one layer, spread out on a tray or on a large bowl and put in the green zone of the refrigerator.

If you bought a lot of cherries, then you have only one way out - freezing. It is better to freeze it in portions, having previously washed and dried. Frozen cherries can easily lie for at least 6 months.

How to store blackberries in the refrigerator and how much?

Blackberry Storage Tips

Blackberries are very tender berries, so even with a strong desire to keep them for a long time you can not. In the fridge, an unwashed blackberry can last no more than 4 days; therefore, if you want to eat this product throughout the winter, you will have to freeze it.

In this case, the berries will first need to sort, rinse, dry, and only after that batch freeze. If there is no space in the freezer, then just rub the blackberry with sugar, put it in sterile jars and store them on the bottom shelf of the refrigerator.

Red and black currants can be frozen

Freshly harvested and, most importantly, unwashed currant berries, can be stored in the refrigerator for 10 to 14 days. And if you put them in a glass container and cover it with a paper napkin on top, you can store fragrant berries for almost a month. The truth for this you have to take a napkin from a can once a day and let the fruit breathe a little.

For longer storage, only freezing is suitable. If you first freeze the currant in a single layer and only then fold it into a plastic bag or a plastic container, then you get whole berries that do not stick together, which can be used to make sauces, compotes, jams and delicious pie filling.

Can I store kiwi in the fridge and how much?

Putting green fruit in the refrigerator is best
  • Such fruit as kiwi in our country does not grow. As a rule, he travels to us from Asian countries, so most of the time he goes to the store shelves is greenish. If you plan to store Kiwi for some time, then choose for this purpose the elastic immature fruits. After bringing them home, carefully wrap them in plastic wrap (preferably separately) and fold them into a box for storing vegetables.
  • If you want to speed up the process of kiwi ripening, then take a hermetically sealed bag and put an apple or banana into it along with kiwi. In an enclosed space, ethylene gas quickly accumulates and the kiwi will reach the desired condition in literally one day.
  • But consider, whatever storage method you choose, keeping kiwi in the refrigerator for more than 14 days is undesirable. After this time, the cold temperature will still take its toll and the fruits will first become very watery and then begin to rot.

How to store strawberries in the refrigerator and how much?

Storing strawberries in the fridge

Strawberry has one not so good property, without a refrigerator it spoils very quickly and starts to rot. Therefore, if you want to extend the shelf life of this berry, then keep it on a shelf for storing vegetables and fruits. Lay it there should not be washed and opportunities in one layer, if you see that you get 2 or 3 layers of strawberries, then each row shift with paper napkins.

They will protect the strawberries from moisture and from ethylene, which is released from the rest of the fruit. In this form, strawberries can lie for 3 to 7 days. For longer storage of fragrant fruit, only freezing is suitable. Before you freeze the berries, you need to wash them, dry them a little, and then arrange them in one row in the freezer. After that, you just have to wait until the cold does its job and put the strawberries in plastic containers.

How to store plums in the refrigerator and how much?

Plum storage rules

Plums, provided they are undisturbed and intact, can be stored in the refrigerator for 10 to 15 days. All you need to do for this is to simply lay them out in neat rows. You can place them on any dish convenient for you or use a tray from under chicken eggs for storing fruits. Just take the plums and one by one put in special grooves.

Since plums are not very fond of low temperature readings, they should be stored in the green zone of the refrigerator. Also, if you wish, you can freeze the plum fruit. In this case, you can eat them not for two weeks, but six months. After defrosting, the plums practically do not change their taste and, most interestingly, perfectly keep their original shape.

How to store pears in the refrigerator and how much?

Storage of pears in the refrigerator

Pears, especially winter varieties, are fairly well stored in the refrigerator. But to keep them in it is best on the shelf exclusively with fruits and berries. If onions, garlic or beets are located very close to them, they will quickly be fed by foreign smells and their taste will become not very pleasant.

Если вы хотите, чтобы эти плоды пролежали в холодильнике более 2 месяцев, тогда заверните каждую грушку по отдельности в бумагу, а затем буквально по килограмму расфасуйте их в полиэтиленовые пакеты. Сделайте в них отверстия для вентиляции и положите в зеленую зону холодильника.

Как хранить крыжовник в холодильнике и сколько?

Хранение крыжовника

Крыжовник, как и остальные ягоды хранить очень трудно. If you want him to keep at least two weeks of all his excellent taste, then you will have to sort it out as carefully as possible, and then carefully fold it into a cardboard box.

If you do not have it, then feel free to use a plastic container, just after putting the gooseberry in it, be sure to show a paper napkin on top of it, which will absorb excess moisture.

In addition, this berry can be safely frozen. In this case, you can afford to immediately pack the gooseberries for portions and freeze it in this form. Since these berries have a rather thick rind, they do not stick together even under the influence of low temperatures.

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