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18 amazing ideas that will turn the balcony into a heavenly place


A balcony is not just a place where useful and not-so-great things are stored, food supplies and an old bicycle. A balcony can be a stunning comfort and relaxation area if you equip it and equip it accordingly. How exactly - look in this review.

It is possible that several of the proposed options are suitable for your balcony.

1. Bedroom

Summer bedroom on the loggia.

A narrow loggia with a homemade pallet bed, folding table, green carpet and thick curtains to protect from the sun will be an excellent place to sleep and relax in the warm season.

2. Country style

Balcony in country style.

A modest loggia in beige tones, with a brick wall, a wooden bench, a pedestal, open shelves and an abundance of charming trinkets that make this space warm and homely.

3. Elegant design

Elegant loggia in gray tones.

The laconic and elegant interior of the loggia, decorated in neutral muted colors, with beautiful black armchairs, a coffee table and an abundance of bright green details that make the space fresh and dynamic.

4. Refined style

Bright loggia with a luxurious sofa.

A wonderful light loggia with a luxurious white sofa, a stylish black coffee table, a black and white poster and a soft panel on the wall will become a favorite place for solitary relaxation and tea parties at any time of the year.

5. Minimalism

Compact furniture in the interior of the loggia.

A charming narrow loggia with original wall decorations, a tiny armchair, a round coffee table and a few black and white pictures on the wall - an ideal place for breakfast alone.

6. Modern style

Loggia in modern style.

A stunning loggia in modern style with light striped walls, a dark comfortable sofa, a compact table-shelf and a unique decor that makes this space dynamic and stylish.

7. Maritime style

Loggia with hammock.

A bright loggia with a blue and white hammock, linen curtains and a lush palm tree in a pot is an ideal place for complete relaxation and relaxation from everyday fuss.

8. Contrasts

Contrast balcony with wooden trim.

A charming small balcony with wooden paneling, one light wall and a cozy chair - what you need for a comfortable stay.

9. Non-standard solution

Loggia with a bar.

Bright design of a non-standard loggia with imitation brickwork, a semicircular bar, two bright chairs and an open bar on the wall.

10. Cabinet

Cabinet on the loggia.

A workplace with a simple wooden table, a red chair and an original shelf for flowers arranged on a narrow loggia with snow-white walls and bright ceramic tiles on the floor.

11. Scandinavian style

Loggia in the Scandinavian style.

A narrow loggia decorated in a Scandinavian style with a seating area and a dining area with a creative coffee table made of log and a wonderful wicker chair.

12. Provence

Balcony in the style of Provence.

Charming balcony, decorated in white and blue colors with a soft blue mattress, wonderful paintings on the walls and an abundance of unique decor items that make the interior light and comfortable.

13. Industrial style

Loggia in the industrial style.

Spectacular design of a small loggia with gray-white walls, bright creative chairs, a turquoise table and an abundance of unique details in industrial style that make this space interesting and dynamic.

14. Maritime style

Balcony in a nautical style.

A wonderful nautical-style balcony with a soft corner bench and a white chest of drawers will be a wonderful refuge where you can hide from everyday routine and city fuss.

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15. Bright details

Modern office on the balcony.

A small office with an angular table-shelf, a wooden chair and a modern bookcase, furnished on a narrow loggia with original finishes and many bright details that make the interior dynamic and cheerful.

16. Exquisite style

Balcony with wrought-iron furniture.

The atmospheric balcony, decorated in pleasant coffee shades, with panoramic windows, exquisite wrought-iron chairs and a high table is an ideal place for family meals and the contemplation of the surroundings in the warm season.

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17. Oriental style

Loggia in oriental style.

A cozy loggia with a realistic image of the Taj Mahal on one of the walls, small sofas, a simple low table and an abundance of carpets that make this small space unusually comfortable and atmospheric.

18. Simplicity and charm

Simple balcony with wicker furniture.

A great example of the arrangement of the most common balcony, plastic-lined, with the help of a stylish braided headset.

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