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Comforting the entrance area: how to choose the right shoe holder in the hallway?


Holder or galoshnitsa for shoes in the hallway is a very important attribute - the first impression of the guests about your house depends on its choice.

It is necessary to pay attention to its size, because this determines not only the saved place, but also the time spent on cleaning.

Some models of galoshnits will become an original element of a decor of a hall

Thanks to a galoshnitse it is possible to provide purity and an order in the house

Stylish interior of a small hallway

Galoshnitsy - the most sought-after piece of furniture for the hallway

Shoe store helps to preserve the appearance and coverage of the floor and shoes, prolonging its service life. In modern manufacturers, the choice every year becomes more diverse, more functional and includes various:

  • shelves;
  • cabinets;
  • coasters.

Small teddy seat with padded seat

The galoshnitsa which is built in steps of a ladder of the private house

They are suitable for both close hallways and more spacious rooms. Cleanliness in the corridor is very important for every hostess, but carefully a comfortable, beautiful shoe washer in the hallway is no less significant. To make the right choice, you need to consider each option as detailed as possible.

Types of galoshnits in the hallway

  1. The closet often becomes the choice for those who have a fairly spacious corridor, as well as a lot of free space, but at the same time it is the most functional and roomy option. The dimensions of the shelves are regulated depending on individual requirements, but the most practical height is no more than one meter. A lot more shoes are placed in taller shoes, and it is also possible to provide each family member with separate shelves. The disadvantage of such galoshnitsa is the difficulty of access to the upper shelves.

    Closet-shoes - a great option for spacious hallways

    Original galoshnitsa in the interior of a modern hallway

    Stylish interior of a compact hallway

  2. The bench is made on one or several seats, fits well into large hallways, and also serves as a decorative element. For complete convenience, can be supplemented by armrests.
  3. The curbstone is the most popular and demanded attribute for the hallway since Soviet times. If before the pedestals were rather bulky and inconspicuous, then modern analogues correspond to any tastes of consumers. Every year they become smaller in size and at the same time begin to lose their functionality, but despite the shortcomings, they are well suited if one person lives in the apartment, or they are satisfied with those who do not regularly replenish their shoes collection. For a more spacious hallway, you can choose a cabinet having a seat.

    Black galoshnitsa in the interior of the hall, decorated in the style of modern classics

  4. Shelfresembling a shoe store, fits perfectly into both small and spacious hallways, but it looks especially good in individual walk-in closets. Suitable for large families or fashionistas with limitless supplies. It accommodates various types of shoes, and also does not spoil the appearance of high boots.
  5. The stand has the most diverse appearance and functionality. It can be made in both strict classical colors and in various design variations, which is why it fits well into any interior of the room. Manufactured on wheels or fixed, metal or wooden base. The open design simplifies cleaning, allows you to air shoes, evaporates excess moisture and odors. The stand can be called the most practical and optimal choice for various hall sizes, since its dimensions are regulated according to individual desires.

    Stand design in the form of stand

Spacious entrance hall in loft style

Despite all the pros and cons, the choice is only for the consumer, because the appearance of your hallway depends on this, according to which the guests have the first impression of the house.

How to choose a galoshnitsa

To buy a galoshnitsa for shoes in the hallway, you need to consider several very important factors:

  • the size of your room;
  • the number of residents;
  • the presence of pets, as well as their characteristic habits;
  • how often guests visit you and in what quantity;
  • the presence of solid shelves;
  • The height and size of your shoes.

Bright decorative elements will help to make the interior more contrast

Backhoe shelves with backlight

Before going to the store you should also decide on the size and color, so as not to be mistaken, but you can choose the appearance on the spot. So you can emphasize the interior of your room and do not guess, this or that model will fit into a free corner.

  • For dark rooms, light shades become the best solution in color, which visually expands it, adds light, and also makes it brighter.
  • For large families, be sure to consider the size and capacity of galoshnits so that it does not happen that it takes up a lot of space, and in terms of functionality it is completely useless.
  • A narrow shoe for shoes in the hallway is a great option for a long narrow hallway. The higher you have it, the more shoes you can fit into it, but it is necessary to fasten a galoshnica to the wall so that the severity of the shoes does not overturn it.
  • In a small hallway, you can put a cabinet or a bookcase with wheels, which allows you to move it with ease, as well as free up space for passage.

The interior of the hallway in the style of minimalism

The harmonious interior of the hallway in a classic style

The shoe for shoes in the hallway is inexpensive, so anyone can buy it, but the one described above is not all that needs to be considered.


When buying, you should always pay attention to the material from which the galoshnitsa is made, because its appearance, practicality, cleanliness, as well as its service life depend on it.

  • DSP - inexpensive lightweight material, which is contraindicated for moisture, otherwise it will lose its presentable appearance.

Chipboard - the most common material for the manufacture of furniture in the hallway

  • Natural wood is well suited for a spacious room. The galoshnitsa of such material, although it will last a long time, will take a lot of space. Perfectly fit into the style of any interior. You should also avoid contact with moisture.
  • Plastic It is another inexpensive material, and at the same time it is not afraid of moisture at all, washes without any particular difficulties, but it has a significant minus - fragility.
  • Glass although it is the most original and beautiful option, but it is completely impractical: you need to wash it regularly, otherwise the appearance will be badly damaged. Thin glass is very fragile, and thick - quite massive.

The original design of the metal shoemaker

Obuvnitsa in the form of a wooden bench and stand shoes

  • Metal - very practical material, but requires regular painting and coating with special means of corrosion.
  • Wicker galoshnitsa will be the original element of the decor. In addition, it is well breathable, which has a positive effect on the storage of shoes.

Wicker baskets as a place to store shoes

A wide choice of various materials and types allows consumers to find exactly what fits most into the hallway, and also emphasizes the style of its interior, because the room becomes more comfortable from a properly chosen galoshnitsa.

Shoe shoes in the hallway: advantages

The entrance hall in white color looks very spacious.

Galosnice is a certain type of furniture that allows you to keep your shoes compact. It gives a number of advantages:

  • space saving - with a vertical arrangement of shoes, the galoshnitsa has a small depth and compact dimensions;
  • creates a more aesthetic look that emphasizes your room;
  • affordable cost and large range, allowing you to purchase both inexpensive materials and more effective options;
  • simple operation;
  • protection - your shoes avoid contact with moisture, dust, do not deform and maintain their appearance.

Small sandbox with metal shelves on brickwork

Shoe cabinet with chrome shelves

But even this is far from all the advantages that a properly chosen galoshnit possesses.

Buying a gallo

You can buy a galoshnitsa ready-made or do it yourself

It is rather simple to buy a galoshnitsa for footwear in a narrow hall - it is worth remembering all the above facts. In order not to get lost at the sight of a huge assortment, it is worthwhile to pick up some characteristics even before going to the store. The shoe for shoes in the hallway is inexpensive, but much depends on its size, material and additional accessories.

If you can not find something suitable in the store, then it can always be made from scrap materials. Such a galore is not only more unique, but also brings even more comfort to the room. It is quite simple to make it, the main thing is to use all your imagination, and there will always be materials, because you can include:

  • plastic bottles;
  • carton boxes;
  • plywood;
  • skin;
  • pipes;
  • the boards.

Drawing of galoshnits in the form of shelves

Drawing of the galoshnitsy-curbstones

Many of them may seem impractical, but they are quite affordable, while others make galoshnitsa more weightless, original.