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Things of everyday use that need to be urgently thrown out and replaced with new ones.


Attention readers a small review, which were collected almost two dozen things of everyday use from which to get rid of, as soon as possible and replace them with completely new ones.

We look and find out what these things are, and immediately think whether they are in your house.

1. Comb

Term use comb.

Comb refers to daily use items. It is deposited particles of sebum, styling products, as well as dust. Therefore, in order to avoid problems with hair and scalp, the comb should be thoroughly washed, at least once a week and replaced with a new one every year. Combs with natural nap is desirable to change every 7-10 months.

2. Perfume and eau de toilette

Expiry date perfume and toilet water.

Contrary to the information on the packaging of your favorite perfume, do not use it for more than two years. During this time, the oils available in its composition lose their properties, and with them the flavor changes.

3. Dummy

The term use of the dummy.

Latex, from which dummies are most often manufactured, will quickly crack and microbes that are invisible to the eye accumulate in microcracks, which can harm the child’s non-adherent body. To avoid serious problems, pacifiers should be replaced every 2-5 weeks, no matter how often they are used.

4. Car seat

The service life of the child car seat.

The main function of the child car seat - the protection and comfort of the child on the road. However, the plastic and foam from which they make this item lose their shape and property in 5-6 years, and therefore cannot provide the child with full protection. So, caring parents should not buy a car seat from their hands, and also keep it longer than it should be.

The term of wearing a running shoe.

People who are actively and regularly involved in sports should change sneakers every year. During this time, the material of which the sole of the sneakers is made loses its shape and damping properties, which is fraught with additional stress on the joints.

6. Bra

The life of the bra.

Every 1-2 years it is worth conducting an audit in a locker with bras, mercilessly throwing out models that have become cramped, too loose, or simply have lost their shape. Also, it is worth replacing the bra in case you lost weight, recovered or the thing causes discomfort.

7. Fire extinguisher

Shelf life of a fire extinguisher.

Some people believe that a fire extinguisher is a thing for life and should be changed only if the previous one is used. However, it is not. The service life of a fire extinguisher is 15 years, and if damage or cracks are visible on its surface or on the hose, it is better to replace it immediately.

8. Insect repellents

The term use of insect repellents.

Insect repellent should not be used for more than 2 years. During this time, they completely lose their protective properties and become simply useless.

9. surge protector

The lifetime of the surge protector.

Few know, but surge protectors and voltage regulators have a shelf life. For about 2 years, they let through a possible number of Joules and fail. This is especially dangerous because the operation of surge protectors that have expired can end in fire.

10. Disinfectants

Shelf life of disinfectants.

Do not use disinfectants for more than 3 months. During this time, they lose their antibacterial properties and their effectiveness gradually diminishes.

11. Pillow

The life of the pillows.

Regardless of what material your pillow is made of, you should not use it for longer than 3 years. During this time, its filler will lose its original shape, which is fraught with problems with the spine, and will become a comfortable home for germs and dust mites.

12. Slippers

Duration of wearing slippers.

The soft material used to make slippers is an ideal medium for fungi and germs. In order to avoid problems, such shoes should be washed frequently and thoroughly, and changed every 6 months to new ones.

13. Sponge for washing dishes

The service life of the sponge for washing dishes.

Wet and porous dishwashing sponge is an ideal medium for germs and mold. Such washcloths are recommended to be soaked in boiling water every week and changed to new ones at least once every two weeks.

14. Bast for body

The lifetime of the washcloth.

You should not save on a washcloth that is in contact with your body every day. Best of all, such an item is made of durable material and easily tolerates cleaning at high temperatures. Also, do not forget to change the loofah every 6 months.

15. Towels

The term of use of bath towels.

Do you still use towels from the times of the USSR? Rather, get rid of them and replace them with new ones, because after 1-3 years their material turns into a real breeding ground for germs, fungi and bacteria, which even regular washing will not help to cope with them.

16. Toothbrush

The term of use of a toothbrush.

Do not use a toothbrush for more than three months. During this time, its bristles are deformed, and a mass of microbes and bacteria accumulates on their surface. In addition, doctors recommend changing a toothbrush after any respiratory diseases as there is a risk of getting sick again.

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17. Spices and spices

Shelf life of spices and spices.

Do not forget to update the contents of your jars with spices and spices from time to time. Ground seasoning, after about 6 months, lose their flavor and taste. Whole spices can be stored in closed containers for about 1-3 years.

18. Sunscreens

The shelf life of funds for tanning.

Printed vials with sunscreen should not be stored longer than one season. During this time, the substances in their composition, lose their protective properties and do not provide reliable protection to the skin.

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