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Old furniture: great ideas for renovation and restoration of furniture at no extra cost


Do you want to create a unique interior at no extra cost?

This will help you old furniture, photo alteration of which you can find with us. There are many ways to transform old, familiar objects for you.

The choice of method depends on the purpose of the furniture and the type of coating, as well as its condition at the time of repair.

After restoration, your bedside table will perfectly fit the tone of the walls and will perfectly fit into the bedroom interior.

The transformation of the old non-working fireplace unusual element of decor

Step-by-step photo-master-class of making furniture with your own hands from old interior items you can find on our website. The furniture renovation process includes two main steps:

  • repairs;
  • decoration

Let us consider in more detail what is worth sharpening your attention.

Table repair

Tables are distinguished by functionality for writing, dining, kitchen and magazine. Depending on their purpose, their structure and, consequently, the process of restoration also differs. As a rule, dining tables consist of 4 legs, a bow and a table top. They can be solid or folding. When altering such furniture should pay special attention to the state of all elements, as well as their attachment. The legs should be the same, without damage. If necessary, they can be replaced.

The table top, in turn, is the main part of the table. Its surface should be smooth, without grooves, crevices and corrosion. If necessary, to achieve the desired effect, you can use putty on wood. With its help, you can easily and quickly eliminate all the flaws of the surface. If necessary, it can be used in the repair of legs. The same scheme is used in the repair of coffee tables.

Kitchen tables have their own characteristics. Before proceeding with the repair, it is necessary to conduct a full inspection of this piece of furniture. An important role is played by the strength of the tabletop. It must withstand heavy loads and physical stress. In this regard, the basis on which it is installed, must also be strong.

An example of the use of putty on wood, which will help to correct all the irregularities of the old tabletop

Note! Kitchen tables are not only a place to work, but also used to store kitchen utensils. To do this, they are built drawers, shelves and doors. They should pay special attention.

If the table is equipped with shelves, then you should pay attention to their fasteners. If necessary, special wood or plastic caps can be purchased at a furniture store, and a thin, durable metal corner can also be used as a shelf holder. Pay attention to the state of canopies, with which the door is mounted. It is best to replace them with new ones, as with frequent use this part lends itself to the greatest wear.

Special polishing agents that can be found in any building or furniture store give freshness to natural wood.

If the table is equipped with drawers, then check how firmly their walls and bottom are connected. To facilitate their use, you can replace the fittings with which the drawers are pulled out. You can buy it in a furniture store. There you can also buy various types of convenient pens.

Tip! When replacing canopies, choose those that are designed for furniture. They will provide more convenient and reliable operation of the doors.

When repairing a desk you should pay attention to all of the above. After seeing a detailed master class on the alteration of old furniture with your own hands, you can repeat it yourself.

An example of a restored bedside table. Now it is a bright element of the interior and functional piece of furniture in the bedroom.

Repair cabinets and cabinets

Each house has furniture that is intended for storage. As a rule, these are different types and sizes of cabinets and cabinets. They can be different in height, depth, roominess. In addition, each of them can be a real decoration of your apartment. To do this, look at how to restore the old furniture with your own hands on.

A rather extravagant and extraordinary interior element - a bedside table from an old suitcase

First of all, it is worthwhile to inspect all the fixings of the shelves and, if necessary, replace them with new ones. You can also replace the mounting boxes for more functional and modern.

An example of the transformation of the old dresser in a stylish vintage stool for shoes with a comfortable seat in the hallway

Depending on the size, door attachment methods may vary. In cabinets and small cabinets canopies are used. They wear out quickly, so when making repairs, they are best replaced with new ones.

If you remodel a large wardrobe and it has movable doors, then with time its fittings may be subject to wear. In the furniture store you can find special rollers-fasteners for sliding doors of the cabinet.

How effectively in this case looks restored old furniture, look further at the photo.

Repair of chairs

Without chairs it is hard to imagine any dwelling. Today it is so common subject that few people pay attention to it. This can happen in two cases - either with proper design of the chair as an interior item, or with its breakdown. We will consider how to come to the first from the second option.

A variant of the restoration of old chairs covers in vintage style

The chair consists of three main elements:

  • legs;
  • seats;
  • backrest.

All of them can fail sooner or later. If the legs become the cause of the breakage, they must be firmly fixed, because otherwise the use of the chair becomes dangerous. If the seat is broken, it can be replaced by cutting a suitable piece of plywood or fiberboard. The same can be done with the back. Also, if desired, the chair can be made soft. To do this, on the seat and back you must attach a soft upholstery based on foam rubber.

Old furniture: photos of design options using painting

As you know, any piece of furniture should be not only functional, but also attractive. Therefore, when old furniture is updated, the photo of which you can see below, it is necessary to divide the work into several stages. The first stage is surface preparation.

It is necessary to clean the furniture from traces of old paint, varnish, and also from dirt. After this, it is necessary to putty gaps, if any, and then apply a primer. Then you can apply the base. To do this, select the paint of the appropriate color.

New life of a frame of an old bed from a natural tree - painting in gentle turquoise

Tip! It is best to use a water-based acrylic paint. It does not contain toxic substances, does not emit a pungent odor and dries quickly. At the same time the surface gets a glossy attractive look. But if you have a good aerosol spray, then he will do.


Restoration of old furniture, the photo of which is presented below, includes decor. You can use different techniques and combine them. The most common is decoupage. For this you need the following:

  • required image applied on paper;
  • PVA glue;
  • glue brush;
  • varnish, preferably water-based acrylic;
  • lacquer brush.

Decoupage is a fascinating occupation, and the furniture made in this technique looks very gentle and unusual.

Tip! It is best to use large colored napkins with appropriate motifs as the image.

Grease the surface with glue, gently attach and smooth the picture. Let everything dry out a little, then open with varnish. It should be noted that the effectiveness of using this method during the restoration of old furniture with their own hands no doubt.

Another no less interesting method of decoration is the application of patterns with the help of lace. For this you will need:

  • lace;
  • paint of the corresponding color;
  • Scotch.

Take a piece of lace and attach it to the place that you plan to decorate. Secure the ends with duct tape. The remaining area is desirable to close the paper or film. Apply paint with a brush or use spray cans. Let the product dry. Remove scotch tape, paper and lace.

Tip! If you want to decorate a large area, it is best to use a piece of guipure of the appropriate size.

Both of the above methods are quite effective. Instead of lace and guipure, you can use paper templates. As a rule, often during the decoupage and the restoration of old furniture used wallpaper, remaining after repair.

Padding upholstered furniture

Over time, the upholstery of sofas and chairs not only loses its attractive appearance, but can also sink heavily, become not as soft as before. But if you do not want to throw away your favorite piece of furniture or you don’t have the money to buy a new one, you can hold the waist at home.

An updated sofa and a cozy armchair with a new cover will save you from having to buy a new upholstered furniture.

Renovated Chebbi-Chic Dining Room

Do not rush to get rid of old furniture. It will be the highlight of the new interior with the right approach

A detailed master class on how to customize furniture with your own hands, and photo examples are presented on our website. You need to purchase the appropriate fabric from which the new upholstery will be made. It may be:

  • the barracks;
  • velours;
  • leatherette;
  • crepe;
  • alcantara;
  • skin, etc.

A small workshop on the replacement of the old pouf upholstery

Cut the required piece of upholstery, attach it so that the edges go to the place where the old ends, and attach with a stapler. You can carry out such manipulations as with the soft part, so with the back and bylets.

If the upholstered furniture has lost its volume and softness, they can be returned by replacing the foam rubber. It is necessary to fix it with the help of special small studs. If you are afraid that such manipulations are beyond your power, you can stick the foam on top of the old upholstery and cover the new one. But it should be borne in mind that the furniture should not lose its functionality.

We give the new volume of the seat of the old chair

You can add any volume to your product. For this purpose it is necessary to choose foam rubber of the corresponding thickness. If there is a folding mechanism, then after the waist it should function as before.

Tip! If you need to replace the upholstery and renew its volume, it is advisable to use a fabric attached to the foam. You can purchase it in a specialized shop or stitch both materials yourself.

Transformation of the old sofa after replacing the upholstery with a new one

Dressing banners upholstered furniture

If you change both layers of upholstery, you can apply different types of decoration options that will give your furniture a more aesthetic look. There are lots of ways to do this. We consider the two most common:

  1. The fabric used for the strap can be attached using patterned seams. This will create a special decorative effect.
  2. Purchase buttons or textile clips and use them to tighten the fabric and foam rubber by joining them together.

Upholstered furniture with a cover

A more economical and simple way to hide stains is sewing covers. To do this, you can pick up any fabric you like. It is important that it is durable. Most often for this purpose is used:

Snow-white cover for a large chair, which is very easy to replace

  • the barracks;
  • velours;
  • velvet;
  • jeans;
  • calico;
  • other.

Taking measurements of the size of the sofa, you can sew a cover that will cover the back, seat and, if necessary, bylts of your sofa.

A small workshop on sewing a removable pouf cover

Making a cover, you can use various techniques of a decor. You can put embroidery in a certain place. If desired, you can sew the appliqué. To do this, fragments of the pattern are cut out of the pieces of fabric and sewn to the base, forming a single picture.

You can also apply the currently popular patchwork - the art of making products from patches. In this case, for the manufacture of the cover, you can use pieces of old unnecessary things.

We update byletz with plywood

Scuffing, stains and even torn upholstery on bylets can be hidden with the help of a special lining. For its production you will need:

  • plywood;
  • small metal corners;
  • the smallest furniture screws.

You can cut the plywood yourself or ask for help from specialists where you will get it. You will need 5 pieces by the size of your bylets. The cover plate should cover its outer, inner, back, front and top parts. Having made the measurements, simply make 5 corresponding rectangles and fasten them from the inside of the structure with the help of angles and screws.

The option of complete replacement of the sofa bylets with plywood sheets

Further, it is enough just to put on the design on the bite. It can not only play the role of decoration, but also be quite functional. You can use the pad as a mini table. If necessary, apply paint or decorate it in any way you like.

Tip! After making the plywood lining, sand it on both sides with sandpaper.