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Eureka! 15 find items for those who hate cleaning


Few people like to clean, because you can find many other more pleasant ways to spend time. But cleanliness must be maintained. And not to be praised by your parents or mother-in-law, but to make the house beautiful and comfortable.

And modern inventions come to the aid of the "anti-lovers of cleaning". Some of them are brilliant in their simplicity, some are unexpected, and some you could come up with yourself. So, here is what is worth stocking up for cleanliness in the house:

1. Foil for cooker

Oh, how not easy to clean the stove after cooking, especially if the surface hit the fat or something ran away. But there is a solution! You simply cover the gas stove with foil, leaving the burners open, and after cooking, remove the contaminated surface and throw it away. And the stove stays clean and sparkling - voila!

2. Basketball basket for dirty laundry

Everyone knows how difficult it is to make the boys keep order in their room - forever these clothes are scattered everywhere. But if your child is interested in sports, fasten a basketball basket with an attached bag for dirty things on the door of his room. Chances to improve order will be more!

3. Slippers brushes

Remember the Cinderella from the Soviet cartoon, sliding on the floor in slippers, brushes? Not only as foreign inventors spied on this idea. Cute slippers in the form of puppies or other animals instead of the sole are equipped with soft bristles, which is designed to wipe and polish the floor. Move your legs energetically - and it will be in your house clean.

4. Pig vacuum cleaner

A cute manual vacuum cleaner in the form of a pig will help you to collect dust and small debris from the table, sofas and other surfaces. Not too powerful, but the mood will definitely lift.

5. Self-disinfecting toilet brush

In the toilet cleanliness is not easy to maintain, and always need something to wash and disinfect. And this brush itself is cleaned in a closed container base. Just put it in place - and the next time it will sparkle clean.

6. Toydozer - scoop for designers

Moms and dads know how difficult it is to quickly and carefully assemble the small details of the designer. But Toydozer does a great job with this - a special fixture. With it, you can quickly remove the details of designers and other small items from flat surfaces.

7. Gum for cleaning dust

In general, this sticky mass, very similar to the "Lizunov" from our childhood, was first used for cleaning keyboards, system units and various gadgets. But what prevents the use of chewing gum to remove dust in any place difficult for ordinary rags?

8. Brush for blinds

Holders of blinds are divided into two categories - one carefully wipe each strip, the second remove the entire structure and wash off the dust in the shower. But both camps dream of someone inventing a miracle device for cleaning blinds. And it happened: a special brush will help you quickly and easily clean plastic window curtains!

9. Non-stick film for the oven

Very often, when baking something in the oven, fat or pieces of food fall onto the bottom, which are then quite difficult to clean. The special heat-resistant film that will protect the bottom of the oven from pollution will save the situation.

10. Brush-dog for the floor

Clean up, so fun! For this was created a funny floor brush in the form of a dog. “Walk” such a dog at least once a day in your apartment and it will become noticeably cleaner around.

11. Spray Brush

And here, two in one - the sprayer and the window brush - were sprinkled and immediately wiped. Very comfortable and hands free.

12. Brush suit for baby

If your child crawled and actively moves around the house on four limbs, then why not take advantage of the situation? Put on it a funny suit with a fringe on the tummy, hands and legs and let your child learn to clean from childhood.

13. Comb with retractable bristles

Everyone knows that occasionally combs, especially massage with bristles, must be cleaned of hair and dirt. But it is much easier to clean them every time after combing, and for this they came up with such an unusual piece with retractable bristles.

14. Tie to wipe the screen

The phone screens are instantly polluted, and special cloths are not always on hand. But men have a tie. And it can also be adapted to wipe the screens of gadgets. But we need not the usual, but a special tie with microfibers.

15. Scoop with cloves

Say "goodbye" forever stuck on the ends of brooms and brushes motes and debris. A special scoop with rubber teeth will allow you to clean the brush from debris that has accumulated on it.