Useful ideas

Not just in food or how to use salt for other purposes


Of all the sources, we are told that salt is even, like sugar is a white death, but we know that everything just needs a measure and then there will be no problems with these "friends". The fact that without salt the food will be fresh and tasteless is well known to everyone, but with the help of it you can easily clean anything, remove burnt milk and easily cook boiled eggs few probably know. But we will reveal all the secrets!

Prevent splashing oil

If you often fry something, you probably know the problem of omnipresent fire sprays from heating vegetable or olive oil.

The easiest way to prevent this trouble and keep the stove clean is to add a pinch of salt directly into the warming oil. So it will not be sprayed, and you can lay out food in the pan, without fear of getting burned or dirty.

Remove burnt milk

Spraying butter may not seem so unpleasant as stains from burnt milk on the stove.

Fortunately, simple salt cope well with such a scourge: wet the stains with water, and then sprinkle them with white seasoning. After waiting a few minutes, you can easily remove all dirt.

Accelerate egg cleaning

To make the process of cleaning eggs no longer so tedious, we suggest you use salt.

Add it directly to the water when you start cooking eggs. Salt will make the shell stronger and so the eggs will crack less likely. But the main thing - to clean them after cooking in salt water will be much easier and faster.

Block small fires

In order to make the sole of the iron shine and remove all pollution from it, you will not need anything other than a certain amount of salt.

Make the maximum temperature on the iron, make sure that the steam function is turned off, pour the salt on a piece of cardboard or paper and “iron” it properly with an iron.

We clean the dishes and copper coating

Salt in combination with lemon juice or vinegar gives a lethal cleaning mixture that can cope with almost any stains on your dishes or, for example, a copper kettle.

Having mixed two ingredients, wipe the contaminated surface and see how the patina will start to fade before your eyes.

We remove water stains from wooden table tops.

Sometimes it is not enough just to walk on a wooden cloth with a damp cloth to get rid of some dirt - for example, traces of dirty glasses or water stains.

Mix the salt with water and carefully but carefully wipe the tabletop with a soft cloth or sponge.

We achieve the perfect shine bathroom

If you do not have any cleaning products on hand, use the salt to add shine to a dull bath.

Make a solution of salt and turpentine or vinegar in a ratio of 1 to 1, sponge it over the bathroom, wait a bit, and then proceed to cleaning. Wash off the solution with warm water. The bath will shine like a new one. By the way, the same mixture perfectly copes with rust.

Struggling with mold

Again, the salt saves the bathroom: to ensure that the curtain in the bathroom is never covered with mold, wash it with salt water.

Mixing salt and lemon juice, you can easily remove the mold, even from the tile and the seams between it.

Remove itching after mosquito bites

Although the mosquito season is not soon, it is useful to know about this effective way of getting rid of the itch that has been bothering us long after insect bites.

If you do not have any special ointment on hand, use salt: dip a wet finger in salt and anoint the bite.

Wash the fridge

Can't take out that horrible refrigerator smell anymore? The good old salt will help us out: mix water, salt and soda in a bowl. Wipe the inside of the refrigerator with a mixture - this will effectively eliminate the unpleasant smell without a gram of unnecessary chemistry.

Remove rust

Rust is no longer a cause for concern when you know this effective technique: mix salt with lemon juice and sprinkle a rusty stain on this mixture. Leave for a few minutes, wipe with a sponge and forever forget about hours of rubbing rust.

Clean the coffee pot

Declassify the secret: to scrub old stains of coffee from the pot, fill it with a mixture of ice and salt. Spoon intensively stir the ice, increasing the friction, rinse the pot with a little water and voila - the spots are gone! In the same way you can reanimate large coffee glass mugs.

Remove wine stains

Oh no, someone spilled red wine on your favorite blanket! Lightly pour as much salt on the stain as possible and leave it for a while. Salt will absorb excess wine, and then the stain can be easily washed in a washing machine, soaking textiles in cold water for 30 minutes.

Clean the fat from the pan

Agree, it is terrible when the dishwashing sponge gets stuck in the layer of fat that has accumulated in the pan. Salt will help us again! Sprinkle a dirty surface with it, rub gently with a paper towel, and repeat the procedure if circumstances require.

Wipe the circles from the water

Water stains on your favorite wooden table can just drive you crazy! It may even seem that they can not be wiped off, but this is not so: mix salt and vegetable oil in a glass, gently wipe the drips, trying not to damage the varnish, and enjoy the result.

Remove sweat stains

Say goodbye to stains that antiperspirants leave in the armpits area! For the cleaning mixture, you will need 4 tablespoons of salt per 250 milliliters of hot water. Mix the ingredients and wipe the cloth with a sponge dipped in the solution - the spots will easily and quickly disappear.

Deduce blood stains

There is a simple and quick solution for removing blood stains: soak the fabric in cold salted water, stick the stain in warm soapy water and if possible boil it after washing - there will be no trace of stains. Be careful, not all fabrics can be exposed to high temperatures.

Protect yourself from ants

Get rid of annoying insects in the house with salt! Ants do not like to walk in salt, so they will avoid it at all costs. Sprinkle salt on doorways, window frames and in all places where ants strive to get to your place. You will notice how quickly they leave their shelters.

Whiten your teeth

Use salt to get the perfect white smile. Mix one part of fine salt and two parts of baking soda. Scoop up some of the mixture with your toothbrush and gently rub your teeth. It is useful to brush your teeth with this mixture 2-3 times a week, and after 2 weeks you will notice a tangible difference.