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Wonderful ideas of Easter decor, which will make the holiday unforgettable


To the attention of readers a new review, in which 20 wonderful ideas of festive Easter decor were collected at once.

Of course, such decorations will make every holiday bright and unforgettable.

1. Decor VAZ

Vases filled with painted eggs.

Transparent vases filled with quail or painted chicken eggs will be an original element of home decor and a wonderful Easter decoration.

2. Egg tray

Tray bright krashenok.

Decorate the interior for the holiday will help a lot of eggs painted in bright colors and decorated with ribbons, lace and paper figures.

3. Living tree

Composition of living wood and eggs.

All kinds of plants are always associated with freshness and spring, so any indoor plants can be used for home decor for the holiday. Just decorate their twigs with foam eggs, and put some real ones in the pot.

4. Original candles

Candles in the eggshell.

Eggshell can be used to create original candles that will be a wonderful decoration of a festive interior.

5. Unusual bouquet

Bouquet of branches and eggs.

The original wall decoration, which can be made from a small basket, live or artificial twigs and bright foam eggs.

6. Rabbits

Rag garland.

From scraps of bright fabric and cotton wool, you can sew a stunning bulk garland, which after the holiday can be used for children's decor.

8. Spring basket

Basket, decorated with flowers.

A fantastic basket, densely decorated with artificial flower buds, is perfect for placing krashenok, fruit or pasok on the festive table.

9. The magic tree

Branches of willow, decorated with paper figures.

Refresh and transform the interior for the holiday will help a bouquet of willow twigs, decorated with paper figures in the form of bright feathers.

10. Table setting

Original napkins.

Table napkins, decorated with fresh flowers and ribbons, will be an original idea for serving the table for the Easter dinner.

11. Paper Garlands

Garlands of paper.

Simple and at the same time, original garlands of colored paper will help to create a festive atmosphere in the house.

12. Wreath

A wreath of eggs.

The original wreath of foam eggs, decorated with beautiful drawings, is perfect for wall or door decoration of the house.

13. Miniature compositions

The compositions in the eggshell.

Empty egg shells, hay and any miniature figures can be used to create unique Easter compositions.

14. Flower Vases

Vases from an egg shell.

Stunning floral arrangements in an empty eggshell that you can easily do with your own hands and use to decorate a dinner table, windowsill or pedestal.

15. Mobile

Flower mobile.

You can make a wonderful spring mob, which will be a real highlight of the space, from a metal circle base, artificial or natural flowers and miniature egg figures.

16. Rabbits

Sacks in the form of rabbits.

Bags in the form of charming rabbits, made of soft fabric, are perfect for decorating the holiday table. In addition, they can put candy or small gifts for loved ones.

17. Easter Topiary

Soaring composition.

The extraordinarily beautiful composition in the form of a floating cup, from which artificial flowers, colorful sham eggs and chicken figures “flow” into the saucer, will become a unique detail of the festive decor.

18. Covers

Textile covers for wine glasses.

Charming covers for glasses in the form of funny rabbits, sewn from shreds of bright fabric, will become an original part of the serving and practical things that can be used after the holiday to protect the glasses from dust.

19. Napkins

Original napkins.

Creative paper napkins can be cut out of thick colored paper in the form of eggs, which can be put under the guests' plates while laying the festive table.

20. Zoo

Animals from an egg shell.

With the help of cardboard, glue and paints, blown eggs can be turned into funny animals and birds, which are perfect for creating original thematic compositions.

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