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20 ideas of smart storage of things that will help free up additional space in the apartment


To the attention of readers the traditional review dedicated to interior wisdom.

A new selection of photos will show on concrete examples how, where and in what is better to store things, in order to save additional space in the apartment.

The advice collected here is absolutely useful for everyone, because there is definitely no free space.

1. The space under the sink in the kitchen

It is convenient to store detergents and household goods in the nightstand under the sink.

2. Magnetic tape

Magnetic tape for storing keys and other small metal objects.

3. The original shelving for conservation

Rack for conservation, which will significantly save kitchen space.

4. Stainless Steel Towel Holders

If there is not enough space in the bathroom, you can place a towel holder on the door.

5. Alternative option for storing vegetables

Paper folder is great for storing vegetables.

6. Smart retractable kitchen system

Retractable shelf, which will create an additional work surface and save space.

7. Ironing board on the wall

Ironing board with hooks is a convenient and very unusual solution for a small apartment.

8. Clothes on hooks

Jeans and trousers are more convenient to hang not on ordinary hangers, but on big hooks.

9. Cabinet for electrical equipment

The extension cord hidden in the closet will allow you to permanently resolve the issue with scattered wires and chargers.

10. Cabinet for kitchen accessories

Retractable vertical drawer for storing kitchen utensils.

11. Shelving under the stairs

The space under the stairs can be filled with a large rack.

12. PVC pipe stand

Cut plastic pipes can be used to create different stands for pleyos and hair curlers.

13. Screwdriver storage shelf

You can make an original shelf for storage of screwdrivers from the remains of PVC pipes.

14. Handbags on hooks

Handbags hanging on large hooks or straps are quite comfortable and practical.

15. Retractable shelving for dishes

The original version of the retractable rack for kitchen utensils, which will have to taste.

16. Wine rack

A small wine rack in the kitchen of PVC pipes.

17. Classic drawer

The drawer divided into compartments is a rational element in any kitchen.

18. Wicker baskets as wall shelves

Wicker baskets are easy to attach to the wall instead of the usual wooden shelves.

19. Bookcase, converted into a bedside table

Saving space in small apartments is a relevant and important issue.

20. Simple but functional solution.

As with just one hanger, you can create a small wardrobe.