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Hidden resources: 17 extraordinary ideas of organizing a small apartment space


A small apartment is not a sentence at all.

Even with a lack of free space, you can easily and quickly organize a place for leisure and lifestyle.

How to do it right - we look in the new review, in which very unusual ways of organizing apartment space were collected, with small areas.

1. Cabinet table

A hinged locker with a folding table.

A small wall cabinet, the door of which easily turns into a sufficiently spacious table for work or creativity.

2. Dressing room

Small room with attic bed and dressing room.

The loft bed and dressing room, wired with drywall, under it - a great idea that will allow you to get a roomy storage for things in a limited space.

3. Functional space under the stairs

Drawers under the stairs.

Roomy storage system with a variety of drawers and shelves under the stairs, which are suitable for storing a variety of things and will be a great alternative to a bulky closet.

4. Built-in chest

Chest, built into the wall.

A chest of drawers built into the wall is a great solution for small room owners and people who appreciate the free space.

5. Kitchen table with a secret

Washing machine, hidden in the kitchen table.

A kitchen table with a lifting worktop and a spacious drawer under it in which the top-loading washing machine fits easily will be a real boon for owners of small apartments suffering from a disastrous lack of space.

6. Drawer under the worktop

The drawer is hidden under the table top.

A small box, hidden under the countertop in the bath or in the kitchen, for storing shampoos, gels or detergents.

7. Fitted wardrobes

Cabinets built into the walls.

At first glance, this is a simple wall of a modern house, but in fact, behind each of the panels is a small cabinet with shelves for storing clothes and other things. Such a storage system will allow you to sort things out on the shelves, avoiding the purchase of large shelves and bulky cabinets.

8. Folding table

Workplace with a folding table.

A compact folding table, which can be folded at any time, will allow you to equip your workplace in virtually any free corner of the apartment.

9. Shelving in the toilet

U-shaped shelving in the toilet.

A small U-shaped shelving will help to expand the possibilities of a small bathroom for all sorts of small things, which can be put right behind the toilet and used to store stocks of toilet paper, air freshener, detergents and other necessary small things.

10. Vertical cabinet

Vertical cabinet in the kitchen.

In addition to the usual horizontal drawers, kitchen set can also be equipped with vertical. Such drawers take up much less space and are ideal for storing cutlery, pans, measuring containers and other small gizmos.

11. Two in one

The idea of ​​placing a toilet bowl and sink.

The sink connected to the toilet is perfect for arranging a small bathroom and saving space.

12. Shelf under the bathroom

Hidden shelf under the bathroom.

The screen under the bathroom is another place for additional storage equipment, hidden from prying eyes. The bathroom cabinet can be used to store toiletries, slippers, detergents and any other things.

13. Sofa with drawer

Sofa with a drawer under the seat.

Sofas with drawers under the seats are a fairly common phenomenon in the market of modern furniture, which in no case should not be ignored by the owners of small apartments. Such boxes are often quite roomy and are suitable for storing a variety of things, from bedding to valuable documentation.

14. Functional kitchen island

Kitchen island with a sofa.

A modern kitchen island, one of the parts of which is a comfortable sofa, which can be easily pushed back to the time of lunch and also easily pushed to save space.

15. Mini locker

Cabinet for the brush.

To the toilet brush does not occupy valuable space and does not spoil the appearance of the bathroom, it can be hidden in the built-in mini-cabinet, equipped in one of the walls of the toilet.

16. Retractable Ironing Board

Retractable ironing board.

A retractable ironing board, hidden under the table top of a locker or chest of drawers, will allow you to acquire an item that is so necessary in the household and not consume a single square meter.

17. Sofa with shelf

Sofa with bookshelf.

A stylish sofa with a bookshelf downstairs will not only accommodate your home library, but also become a real decoration of the living room.

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