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Compact accommodation in the bathroom: the best ideas


The question of convenient and compact placement of things and different accessories in the bathroom is relevant for rooms of any size: both large and small.

After all, there are always quite a lot of things in the bath: there are towels, various hygiene products, cosmetics, household chemicals and many more different and necessary details.

Some of these items need to keep in sight, some shelter from prying eyes, but the beautiful accessories you want on the contrary, arrange so that they are visible and bring zest to the design of the room.

The article will bring to your attention ideas that will help you conveniently and efficiently place all things in the bathroom.

Tips for storing things in the bathroom.

In any, even the smallest bathroom you can find a place to install shelves of different types and drawers. Shelves can be strengthened on the walls, and on the floor to put lockers with drawers.

Installing hooks on shelves and cabinets will help you compactly hang the towels, brushes and washcloths that you use during water procedures.

Recall that for the bathroom is best to choose products from materials that are most resistant to moisture, temperature changes and are not susceptible to corrosion. These materials include plastic, glass, chrome alloy.

Cabinets and shelves made of natural wood will beautifully fit into the bathroom interior, but products made from this material must be treated with a special moisture barrier solution.

For storing small things, you can purchase convenient and compact organizers or make them yourself from scrap materials.

For example - to stitch beautiful pockets in different techniques and with a large number of branches, or to make an original case for trifles from an ordinary flower pot. These products for storage are mounted on the walls and on the front door.

There are a lot of interesting ideas for storing objects in the bathroom, because under their placement you can use all the space - not only walls and floors, but also voids under the bowl of the bathroom and sink, where you can install closed cabinets. These cabinets are ideal for storage of household chemicals and personal care products.

Baskets of a variety of materials are perfect for storing laundry, and you can place detergents and cosmetics on open modules.

Below you will find forty examples of organizing storage in the bathroom that will inspire you to your own creativity and experiments.

Bathroom accessories - towel holder attached to a wooden shelf

Bathroom accessories - wooden ladder as a towel holder

bath bucket

Bathroom accessories - open rack for towels and things

original bathroom accessories - round shelves

original bathroom accessories - cans on the wall for brushes and tubes

bathroom accessories - woven organizers

bathroom accessories - roof rails with wicker organizers

bathroom accessories - simple white shelves

bathroom accessories - hanging mesh

shelves under the bathroom sink

bathroom accessories - open shelves under the sink

bathroom accessories - whatnot

bathroom accessories - stairs instead of shelves and cabinets

bathroom accessories - hanging baskets

bathroom accessories - baskets on rails

bathroom accessories - displays for personal hygiene

bathroom accessories - cupboard with glass shelves

bathroom accessories - bright yellow shelves

bathroom accessories - storage system under the bathroom

DIY bathroom accessories

stainless steel bathroom accessories