Useful ideas

15 brilliant life hacking for owners of cats and dogs, which will facilitate the care of pets


Sometimes it can happen that in the cycle of daily hassle for a pet can not enjoy the pleasure of communicating with him.

After all, the many responsibilities that have to perform, take a lot of time.

We share simple, but effective life hacking, which will significantly facilitate the care of fluffy pets.

1. Convenient and neat dog feeder

Feeding trough in old furniture.

Often the dog's eating place looks untidy or does not fit into the interior of the kitchen. The solution to this problem will be the arrangement of furniture corsets in, for example, at the bottom of the bedside table. In the board holes are drilled to the size of bowls. It is desirable to provide guides for the design to be movable.

2. Tasty game for long

Tennis ball with a delicacy inside.

To occupy a dog for a long time, make a narrow cutout in a tennis ball. Then fill the resulting container with your favorite dog treat. The animal will gradually get a treat from the ball while playing with it.

3. Limiter for the most active

For dogs who like to climb fences.

If the dog likes to climb through the fences, climb into narrow spaces where it is difficult to find it, then make a special collar for it with a limiter. Simply attach the stick to it in a horizontal position.

4. Sleep warm

Bed for cats with their own hands.

The basis for such a bed, mounted on the battery, is made of metal wire. Then the finished frame is covered with a dense fabric and sewn. There is no doubt that such a warm warm bed will become a favorite place for a cat.

5. For fluffy and restless travelers

Adaptation for the car, where the dog is transported.

It often happens that a dog during a journey by car behaves too actively or restlessly, which distracts the driver from driving. This problem is solved quite simply. It is enough to fasten the leash between the seat belts and fasten the collar to it. Also, the leash can be fixed between the passenger handles located above the rear windows.

6. The bed of the box, which will be loved

The bed is made of cardboard.

All owners of cats are aware of situations when an animal remained indifferent to an expensive stove bench purchased from a store. But with pleasure it was arranged in a cardboard box, accidentally found in the apartment. So why not immediately make a bed for cats out of the box, saving a lot of money?

7. Canine breath freshener

Greenery helps to freshen dog breath.

If you want the breath of your beloved dog to cause the same pleasant emotions as herself, then make a breath freshener for her. Just put some parsley on your food. This will not only refresh the breath, but also saturate the dog's body with essential trace elements and vitamins.

8. For independence of cats

Chesalka for cats.

Some cats, constantly begging to be stroked, may be a little annoying. Especially for such cases, you can make a comb, which the animal will be able to use independently. Dab a small board with a soft cloth and fasten an economic brush on it in the form of a loop.

9. Taking care of dog weight

Feeding limiter for dogs.

Sometimes dogs eat too fast and eventually overeat, which can cause overweight. To make the process of eating a little less convenient, that is, by slowing it down, it will be possible to avoid this problem. Just put a small tennis ball in the bowl.

10. Clean is just

Cleaning with a rubber scraper.

A simple but effective way to collect furniture wool is to lightly moisten the upholstery with water from a spray bottle, and then clean it with a scraper. Wool perfectly sticks to the rubber scraper tip, which is most often used by motorists to care for car windows.

11. If a cat is not indifferent to flower pots.

Toothpicks that protect the flowers from the pots.

Some cats prefer to use flower pots instead of a tray, others like to sleep in them. The result is one - a dirty animal and the earth scattered around the apartment. Just stick a lot of toothpicks into the soil. Such an obstacle on the way to the cherished goal is clearly not the cat's taste, and he will leave the flowers alone.

12. Useful treat for dogs with their own hands

Chicken delicacy for dogs.

Ready-made treats for dogs are expensive, and can also contain many different dyes and flavors. Alternatives to them - dog snacks from chicken breast. Cut it into slices approximately 0.5 cm thick and dry in an oven heated to 200 degrees. Useful delicacy is ready.

13. Return the appearance of scratched furniture.

Masking scratches on furniture.

If the furry pets scratched the furniture, then do not be upset. Dip a cotton swab in a normal solution of iodine and carefully mask the damaged area of ​​the coating. Another option is to rub the walnut with a scratch. If desired, the painted area can be varnished.

14. Brushing your teeth without problems.

Brushing the dog's teeth.

In order to avoid problems with the pet's oral cavity, it is necessary to take care of its teeth, in particular, their cleaning. Most often, this procedure does not cause delight, so we recommend to go for the trick. Spread toothpaste on your favorite pet toy that has a rough surface. So the dog itself will brush its teeth during the game.

15. Safe swimming

Shower cap to protect the ears.

Bathing dogs should be carried out with great care, because the water that falls into the ears, can harm the health of the pet. To protect the ears from moisture will help ordinary shower cap, dressed on a dog's head.