Useful ideas

13 fresh ideas for a small kitchen that will inspire bold experiments


A small kitchen is not a punishment for its owners.

On the contrary, when ready for bold experiments, it can be the highlight of the whole apartment.

We share interesting designer finds that can transform a miniature kitchen.

1. Cozy corner

Kitchen with a place for guests.

Bright colors and a small soft corner where you can have breakfast or arrange friendly gatherings make the small kitchen cozy. The corner looks modern due to the increased height of the wooden table, resembling a bar counter. A small sofa instead of chairs also saves square meters.

2. Functional open shelves

Closed cabinets are not the only kitchen option.

Open shelves instead of closed cabinets contribute to the visual increase in space, which is extremely important for the interior of a small kitchen. But in terms of functionality, the shelves are in no way inferior to the usual version. After all, they are not less roomy. Bright cans with spices or cereals on the shelves can replace the decor, which may not be enough space to be placed in a small kitchen.

3. Color duet for furniture

Kitchen in two colors.

The standard version of the color of kitchen furniture - one or a combination on the facades of two colors. Competently chosen color solution is able to make the interior of a small kitchen exclusive without additional space costs. Therefore, you should pay attention to the unusual kitchen furniture, different parts of which are designed in different colors. Such a color will be more harmonious if the parts are at a certain distance from each other.

4. Ultra compact kitchen

Laconic kitchen.

Similar miniature kitchens that fit in even the smallest apartment can be made to order. Also similar options are available in factory production. Despite its compact size, this furniture has everything you need. She will definitely appreciate the dignity of the hostess, who spend a little time cooking.

5. Instead of a bar and a large dining table

A small table in the kitchen.

Such a non-standard table is located not in the internal, but on the external corner of the kitchen. Under certain types of apartment layout it will be very convenient. Depending on the specifics of the room, it can continue along the wall of the kitchen or just around the corner.

6. Useful space around the window

Shelves under the ceiling.

Fully using the space around the window, you can significantly increase the useful kitchen area. Shelves or cabinets can be located above it, reaching the ceiling, as well as on opposite sides of the window. If the battery is not located under the window, then it will also be rational to use the sill, turning it into a kind of table.

7. Non-standard common table

Unusual table in the kitchen.

If the kitchen is adjacent to the living room, then pay attention to the possibility of making a common table for them. It will be able to perform the functions of a work surface, a dining table, and a bar counter. Such a table will be an excellent solution for a studio apartment, where a separate area, but not separated from the rest by the doors, is the kitchen.

8. Cafe style

Cozy table by the window.

A functional and lovely option for arranging a narrow kitchen can be the placement of a dining area near the window that resembles a place in a cafe. It takes up very little space due to its compactness, but significantly revive the interior. To enhance the similarity with the interior of the cafe, pay attention to the models of bright and saturated colors.

9. Kitchen in the closet

Modern built-in kitchen.

A similar kitchen, as if located in a closet, can be represented in almost any interior. After all, it becomes invisible, one has only to close the doors. Such a solution would be ideal for a studio apartment. In addition, a similar option is useful in the event that the kitchen is combined with the living room or other functional area in the home.

10. Two tiers

Kitchen with pull-out table.

Double worktop - the original, but at the same time reasonable solution for the interior of a small kitchen. In order to make kitchen furniture even more functional, storage systems in the form of baskets are provided under the lower worktop. The lower tabletop, which performs the functions of the table, is retractable, which makes rational use of space.

11. Miniature kitchen island

Kitchen island is appropriate in a small apartment.

It is believed that the kitchen island - the privilege of large apartments. But this is not at all the case. A small kitchen island is appropriate in a small room. After all, it allows you to efficiently use the space in the central part of the kitchen, which usually remains empty.

12. All for show

Kitchen with beautiful cupboards.

Cute cabinets with glass decorated facades look unusual. Unlike the usual options, where the frontal part is made of wood or chipboard, they look lighter and more airy. In order for glazed facades to look even more non-standard, they can occupy the entire wall to the ceiling itself. This placement is more than relevant in the conditions of lack of space.

13. Contrasts and U-shaped furniture

Kitchen of an unusual form.

A suitable solution for a small kitchen, especially if its shape is close to square, will be a U-shaped arrangement of furniture. The democratic and contrasting color gamut, of which the accent wall has become an important part, makes the interior cheerful.