Useful ideas

16 delightful ideas that transform flower pots beyond recognition


There are potted flowers in every home. But many people think that having greenery is enough to decorate a home. As a result, flowers grow in pots that hopelessly spoil their appearance.

But throwing away unattractive pots is not necessary. We share wonderful ideas that will help transform them and make indoor plants even more beautiful.

1. Pots that do not freeze

Luxury knitted fabric texture.

Warm winter sweaters, which can no longer be worn, will be an excellent material for decorating flower pots with your own hands. Cut the sleeve, twist its edges and put it on the flower.

2. For the most economic

Flower pots do it yourself from wooden clothespins.

Decorate a low capacity for flowers obtained with the help of wooden clothespins. Just fasten them to its top edge.

3.Filled ... cans

Flower pots from a tin can.

A thin rubber cord and beads will make a pretty flower pot out of a tin can. If the cord was not found, then replace it with multi-colored threads for knitting. Silicone glue is used to fix the beads.

4. Soft glass shine

Decorative aquarium stones are glued to the pot.

Decorative glass pebbles used for decoration of aquariums will also be useful for decorating flower pots with your own hands. They just need to stick to the surface of the pot.

5. Back to school

Pencils in the decoration of a flower pot do it yourself.

Many colored or simple pencils glued to the pot will transform it. Additionally used decorative cord, ribbons, bows.

6. In grunge style

The drips of paint become the decor of the flowerpot.

The drips of paint on the pot look a bit careless, but at the same time very impressive. Turn the pot over and pour a little paint of the desired color on its bottom. Turn the pot so that drips form.

7. A bit of gold

Pink and gold - a win-win combination.

Paint the pots in any bright color, such as pink. After drying with scotch tape, mark the outline of the future triangle pattern and fill it with gold paint. When the figure is dry, carefully remove the tape.

8. Cozy Chebbi-chic

Faded, but beautiful pots.

Paint ceramic or brown plastic pots with light acrylic paint. After its complete drying, it is necessary to clean some areas with sandpaper. To make such a flower pot with your own hands look even more spectacular, use several colors of paint.

9.Man's flower pot

The second life of old leather belts.

Old leather belts will be an unusual decor for a flower pot. Cut them so that they are tightly fastened on the pot, not sagging.

10. Unusual relief

Relief pots.

Stick on the surface of the pots any embossed details, such as legumes or wine corks. Then color.

11. Cute negligence

Very simple decor flower pots do it yourself.

Slightly distort the metal cans and paint them in the desired color. Do not forget about the holes in the bottom - it is necessary for the outflow of excess fluid when watering flowers.

12.Important décor in country style

Rope as a decor.

A large rope or cord is suitable for making a flower pot with your own hands. Generously apply silicone glue to its surface and wrap tightly with a rope. Some turns can be painted in a contrasting color.

13. Wood that does not go out of fashion

For such a decor pot will have to work a little.

You can decorate a flower pot with your own hands with the help of glued thin wood cuts. The easiest way to do this is to cut a thin sprig with sharp nippers.

14. Fabric decoupage

Bright decoupage on pots.

The technology for making such an impressive decor is very simple. Spread PVA glue slightly with water. A piece of fabric of the desired size smooth on the surface of the pot with a brush, generously soaked in an adhesive solution. If the pot is made of smooth plastic, then pre-prime it with acrylic paint. After drying the fabric, varnish the pot.

15. Memories of vacation

Pebbles adorn the flower pot.

Sea or river pebbles brought from vacation as a souvenir can be useful. With the help of glue "liquid nails" glue over the surface of the flower pot. If the natural texture of the stone does not seem attractive enough, then paint them.

16. Ceramic mosaic tiles

Mosaic flower pot.

A couple of ceramic tiles left over from repair, some beads and buttons, crockery, will be an original raw material for making mosaics. Smash ceramic tiles with a hammer and glue to the pot. Fill the remaining space with the remaining trifles. When the glue is dry, fill the joints between them with a regular tiled grout.