Useful ideas

Don't part with your loved ones: 25 creative ideas for creating a home photo gallery


The new review has collected even more creative, unusual and incredibly useful ideas for each person’s home.

Definitely, the options proposed here should be adopted by each owner.

1. Family tree

Photos of the whole family: from great-grandmothers to great-grandchildren.

2. Enough space for everyone!

Almost infinite wall gallery.

3. The story of one family

Family history in retro style.

4. Stylish shelves for photo frames

Minimalistic style for the design of a family gallery.

5. Original frames from old window frames

Family history in grandma's windows

6. Almost British classics

The classic design of the family gallery.

7. In photo workshop style

Good memories do not happen much.

8. Family photo gallery in country style

An unexpected design decision: shelves from old boxes for family photos.

9. Family photo gallery in the dining room

Dining room - a great place for family photos.

10. Photo gallery above the stairs

Dear faces are always there.

11. A bold and modern solution.

Modern presentation of family history.

12. Family photo corner: dark frames on the light wall

Mom, Dad, I'm a happy family.

13. Interior area

Square monochrome photos look great in any interior.

14. Board of the best memories.

This photo gallery will give only good memories.

15. Photo gallery in the living room

Black and white frames are perfect for any interior.

16. Photo frames as the main focus of the interior

Photo frames are harmoniously combined with imitation of wooden balusters.

17. Black on white

Black frames look great on minimalistic white shelves.

18. Photo gallery in the office

A photo gallery in your office is a great opportunity to immerse yourself in pleasant memories in moments of relaxation.

19. Memories do not happen much

The abundance of photos on the walls in the interior in the Empire style.

20. Retro style photo gallery

When each accessory is working on a common style.

21. Photo gallery with floral motifs

Herbal motifs add a special charm to your home photo gallery.

22. Creative mess

Home photo gallery in modern style.

23. White stairs, black photo frames and nothing extra

The photo gallery will help to revive the staircase space.

24. Photo gallery in a contrasting interior

An interesting solution - contrasts in the interior.

25. Photo gallery in the workplace

With your loved ones do not leave!