Useful ideas

15 bright ideas of the New Year's table decor to impress guests and create a festive mood


The phenomenon familiar to us all is the New Year's table, which is crammed with an abundance of festive dishes.

There are no problems with appetite, but aesthetic pleasure in the process of feasting may not be enough.

We share interesting ideas that will tell you how to make the New Year's table beautiful.

1. Decor on a tray

Decorative composition on a tray or platter looks holistic.

A favorite tray or dish can be used as a basis for placing a decorative composition. Candles, bottles, decorated with decoupage, Christmas toys ... The contents of the tray you choose, guided only by their own imagination. But do not forget about the stylistic unity of the composition.

2. Fragrant and edible decoration

The decor of citrus.

Not a single New Year's feast can do without bright and fragrant tangerines. So why not make a decorative composition, where they will become the centerpiece? Especially advantageous citrus will look at the background of fresh coniferous branches. Use additional decoration in the form of balls and garlands should not be: the composition is good for its naturalness.

3. Stylish monochrome

Solid - does not mean boring.

The traditional colors of the New Year's holidays, used in the decor from year to year - red, green, gold, can get a little bored ... Then try to arrange the table in a different color scheme. For example, silver can become the dominant shade.

4. Nadstolny herbarium

Dry branches are appropriate in winter decor.

Dried plants are a classic material for making up winter floral arrangements. Use a large branch as the basis for a smaller decor. In order that the table does not make a depressing impression, dried plants and fruits are best combined with fresh ones.

5. Fire and water

Candles in glasses.

Balls over the New Year's table.

Conventional Christmas balls can be air. This decor can be realized if there is a chandelier or ceiling beams above the table, where you can fix the balls. Create a whole cloud of balls, and do not hang them separately at a distance from each other.

7. Chairs also deserve attention.

Simple, but spectacular decor chairs.

Chairs with a complete lack of decor next to the decorated table will look a bit strange. Therefore, do not forget to decorate them with at least a couple of bright ribbons and Christmas balls. A truly festive look will give chairs removable textile covers. You can buy ready-made covers or make them yourself - it will take a little time even from a beginner in sewing.

8. Smart drinks

Decor festive table with bottles.

Not one New Year's table does not do without various drinks in glass bottles. An important advantage of decorated bottles is that, unlike other decorations, it does not occupy additional space on the table. You can also decorate closed bottles by removing labels from them. For example, paint in a bright color or glue sequins.

9. Clothes for cutlery

Unusual replacement wipes.

Wrap cutlery in cloth napkins - a universal solution for all holidays. But in the New Year, you want something special. Instead of the usual napkins as the decor of the New Year's table, use small knitted socks. If you don’t want to tinker with knitting and thread, then just buy them in a children's store. We recommend to pay attention to the models in the traditional for the New Year holidays colors - green and red. On sale there are also children's socks with Christmas images.

10. Apples in the snow

Red and green are traditional New Year colors.

Red apples can be unusual candlesticks, the production of which takes only a couple of minutes. Just cut a hole in the middle of the fruit, the diameter of which corresponds to the size of the Christmas candles. By the way, not only apples can be used as candlesticks, but also other winter fruits - for example, small pumpkins. And from apples and coniferous branches, you can create a New Year's decor in the form of bouquets.

11. New life of familiar colors

Live plants never go out of fashion.

Ordinary potted home flowers can also act as a New Year's table decor. Just decorate them with balloons and ribbons. The ideal option is plants that are shaped like a tree. A table will be decorated and a bouquet in a vase. But in order for this decor to get a New Year's look, put a vase in a glass bowl filled with balls.

12. Laconic bouquet of needles

Restrained and stylish New Year's bouquet.

Putting an artificial mini-tree on a festive table is not the best solution because of its redundancy. After all, one Christmas tree is probably in the house already. The second will force it out of the place of the unique symbol of the New Year holidays. Therefore, as a decor for the table we recommend using coniferous branches in a glass vase. Additional decorations will not be needed.

13. Fruit Vase

Fresh and appetizing decor New Year's table.

It is not necessary to use a high vase for flowers only. Fill it with bright fruit, and the original decor for the New Year's table is ready.

14. From the Christmas tree to the table

Try to fill the dish with New Year's decor.

In a matter of minutes, you can make a decorative composition of Christmas balls and pine cones. Just fill them with a beautiful dish. The combination of radically different textures - even shiny and rough rough - looks very original.

15. Large napkins instead of tablecloths.

Textile napkins instead of tablecloths.

A New Year's table will look unconventional if, instead of a tablecloth, you place large napkins on it, the number of which corresponds to the number of invited guests. This decor option is ideal for tables made of materials with a rich texture - natural wood or stone.