Useful ideas

Simple but ingenious kitchen accessories to help a good housewife.


Attention of readers a new review in which the best from among the latest accessories for the kitchen were collected. Each of them can significantly facilitate the work at home.

Most importantly, all the devices assembled here are simple, reliable and affordable.

1. A beautiful device for separating egg yolk from protein

For lovers of baking a good device for the separation of yolk from protein.

2. Funny molds for scrambled eggs

The simplest dish can be prepared in a very unusual way that will breathe newness and positive mood into the gray days.

3. A simple banana slicer

A convenient device for cutting bananas, which will simply be the best helper in the kitchen.

4. Device for cleaning vegetables and fruits

A practical invention for the kitchen that allows you to quickly cut and peel vegetables and fruits.

5. Green scissors

The best option for cutting spices and herbs in the form of unusual scissors that can not not like it.

6. Unusual sugar bowl

Unusual design option sugar bowl, which will certainly attract and delight the eye.

7. Ladle in the form of a Loch Ness monster

Dear ladle for the kitchen in the form of a Loch Ness monster, which will create a good mood and set up a positive mood.

8. Compact tea pot

A great solution for tea lovers mini-teapot in the form of a sweet manatee.

9. A set of measuring spoons, stylized as a Swiss knife.

Swiss knife in the style of measuring spoons, which will be a godsend for any kitchen.

10. Set of dishes "matryoshka" for compact storage

A great set for the kitchen of nine items that clearly save space.

11. Digital Measuring Spoon

The original measuring spoon, which gives accurate measurements from 10 ounces to 283 grams.

12. Rolling pin with relief engraving

Rolling pin with an unusual engraving that will allow you to create patterns on your favorite cookies.

13. Multipurpose Cutting Board

With this board it is possible to wash the vegetables, cut and carry.

14. Two in one: wash and cut

Combining the sink and cutting board, which will be an option to save space in the kitchen.

15. Chopping board with waste container

A cool example of the design of a cutting board with a container that will become just a find and enjoy it.

16. Cutting board with tablet stand

A convenient example of a successful arrangement of the workplace in the kitchen is a board with a stand for a tablet.

17. Tablet stand

Modern design solution for the design of the working place in the kitchen equipped with a stand for the tablet.

18. Original ice tins.

Cool ice molds in the form of gems, which will be a non-standard, but cool solution.

19. Convenient specialized cutting boards

It is optimal to have in the kitchen cutting boards for different types of products.

20. Saving space in the kitchen due to the sink

A great option to combine the sink and chopping polish, which will definitely save space in the kitchen.

21. Unusual cutting board with waste container

A convenient cutting board with a waste container that will become the best friend in the kitchen.

22. Original cutting board and instrument holder

An unusual option to create such an original cutting board and a stand for appliances in the kitchen.

23. Cutting board on the inside corner of the table

An excellent example of the placement of the cutting board in the kitchen at the junction of the tables.