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17 simple tricks to help bring a marafet in every corner of the apartment


From time to time, whether we like it or not, but our house naturally goes into a state of confusion. In these cases, you must immediately take up the tool and begin to deal with garbage, mess and dust. In the new review, the author will reveal some remarkable tricks that will help in restoring order.

1. Clean cutting boards

The secret to effective cleaning of cutting boards.

Use medium-grained salt and half a lemon to effectively clean wooden chopping boards. With the help of the same salt, you can also clean plastic boards, only use a coarse brush instead of lemon. Do this with cutting boards once a week to prolong the life and cleanliness of your cutting boards.

2. Grease stains on the carpet

Remove grease stains from the carpet.

A concentrated soda solution will help to remove the old grease stain from the carpet: a teaspoon of soda for one or two tablespoons of water. The prepared mixture should be applied to contaminated areas and leave for thirty minutes. When the time is up, remove the soda mixture with a damp cloth or rag.

3. Cleaning cast iron pans

Cleaning cast iron pans from soot.

Sea or table salt will help to clear cast iron pans from soot. Burnt places should be covered with salt, covered with a wet rag and left for several hours. After which, carefully rub the burnt areas using the same salt as an abrasive. And with the help of ordinary baking soda you can successfully clean all hard-to-reach places from fat and scale.

4. Clean and shiny metal surfaces

Cleaning metal surfaces.

Cutlery and stainless steel kitchen surfaces can be cleaned with tartar.

5. Cleaning the grate plates

Effective way to clean the slab grates.

Lattice plate should be put in a plastic bag, adding there a few spoons of ammonia, and leave overnight. After the time has elapsed, the slab grate should be taken out, rubbed with a sponge and rinsed thoroughly under running warm running water.

6. Clean seams between tiles

Cleaning the joints between tiles.

Quickly and effectively remove complex dirt from the joints between the tiles in the bathroom will help sizzling solution of vinegar and soda. Apply the mixture to the seams, leave for a few minutes, then rinse with water and wipe with a dry cloth.

7. Cleaning the bath from plaque and rust

An effective way to clean the bath and sink from plaque and rust.

Wet the wet surface of the bath or sink with a mixture of equal parts of soda and baking soda, after ten minutes, apply a solution of vinegar and bleach to the soda layer and leave for thirty minutes. When time is up, simply rinse the surface with plenty of running water.

8. Budget stain remover

Chalk from greasy stains.

Grease stains from clothing and towels will help remove simple chalk. Simply chalk out the stains before starting the machine wash.

9. Clean Kitchen Cabinets

Effective cleaning of kitchen cabinets from complex contaminants.

Use a toothbrush and a solution of vegetable oil and soda to clean the surfaces of kitchen cabinets. Such a simple and affordable recipe will allow you to get rid of even the most serious pollution.

10. Cleaning the comb

Quick brush cleaning.

So that the comb does not look like a terrible hairy monster it needs to be cleaned from time to time. To do this, use scissors to cut the hair that has accumulated in the brush, exactly in the middle and remove it. After that, briefly lower the comb into a jar with warm water and shampoo.

11. Caring for baseboards

Express cleaning baseboards.

Use cloths for the dryer to quickly clean the bottom baseboards from dust, hair and wool. And with a broom brush, covered with a towel or a soft cloth, you can clean the upper skirting, walls and ceiling.

12. Stains from nail polish

Remedy for stain varnish.

A microfiber cloth moistened with liquid ammonia will help remove a random stain from nail polish from the carpet.

13. Cleaning the grater

Effective grater cleaning method.

All housewives know how difficult it is to clean some parts of the grater. Rub the polished areas of the grater with a piece of raw potatoes, and then rinse with water.

14. Cleaning the carpet from hair and wool

An effective way to clean the carpet.

The rubber scraper, most often used for cleaning auto glass, will help to quickly collect hair and pet hair from the surface of the carpet.

15. Cleaning curling hair

Tool for cleaning forceps.

Use a small piece of steel wool to quickly and accurately clean the surface of the hair curling iron.

16. Caring for leather furniture

Cleaning and maintenance of leather furniture.

Disguise scuffs and scratches, as well as restore the shine of leather furniture will help ordinary shoe polish. The main thing is to choose the desired color and remove the excess well.

17. Cleaning screens and glossy surfaces

Alternative to cloth for dust.

Use paper filters for the coffee maker instead of the usual rag to easily clean the screens and glossy surfaces from dust.