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92 useful tricks for home craftsmen


I want to please you with a huge set of tricks for the house, which will be of interest to both housewives and experienced craftsmen. Bookmark and make your life easier! Enjoy ...

# 1 How to fix the hole?

To eliminate the hole in the wooden parts, you will need a wooden plug that fits tightly into the hole and is cut flush. Then clean and everything is ready.

# 2 Wire holder

If there is nothing at hand except copper wire, then you can make a simple stand, as shown in the photo.

# 3 Life hacking for farsighted

If you have long-sightedness and you forget your glasses, then do not despair. With the help of a small hole in the cardboard, you can easily read the fine print.

# 4 How to get rid of dried paint?

Having punched holes in the rim of the can you will forever get rid of dried paint and difficulties with opening the lid.

# 5 How to choose a durable cutting?

It is necessary to choose a stalk only with straight parallel lines of fibers. The stalk shown in the picture on the left will last you much longer.

# 6 Life hacking for fishermen

Frequent phenomenon when fishermen drown their glasses. This can be avoided by attaching small pieces of polystyrene foam to the arms.

# 7 Use an old glove

An old glove can serve as a good organizer for tools.

# 8 Life hacking for door lock

If you often return home after dark, but this mount will help you quickly find the keyhole.

# 9 How to glue jagged objects?

Use sandbags to glue irregularly shaped objects.

# 10 Life hacking for wardrobe

So that the clothes do not touch each other, wrap the rod with an elastic band.

# 11 Transporting building material sheets

Transportation of large sheets of building material material can be a problem, but by placing a wooden block in the center, you can avoid problems with transportation.

# 12 Life hacking for comfortable work on the stairs

If all your pockets are occupied and there is no place to place the tools while working at height, then you can use an ordinary clamp.

# 13 Clothespin to help

In order not to lose the key from the drill, just fasten the clothespin on the wire.

# 14 How to keep your fingers?

When working with a circular saw, similar wooden tools, as in the photo, will help to avoid dangerous situations.

# 15 How to simplify the screwing screws?

Regular soap will help simplify and speed up the screwing of screws.

# 16 Fastening brushes on the stairs

Using a metal base from the folder, you can easily attach the brush on the stairs.

# 17 How to get rid of chips on plywood?

If you allow the plywood very often unwanted chips appear. To avoid a similar problem, you can use the pasted masking tape.

# 18 Belt Stopper

On an inclined plane, a car with a heavy load can roll back and cripple you. To prevent rollback, use leather or tight fabric straps attached above the wheels.

# 19 How to avoid licking postage stamps?

Plain potatoes will help you avoid licking postage stamps.

# 20 How to protect the facade from scratches?

Wearing gloves on the stairs can avoid scratches on the facade.

# 21 How to move heavy stones?

You can tow heavy stones with a tire and two thick boards.

# 22 Simple Bottle Opener

If there is no opener on hand, you can use a wooden plank with a nail hammered into it.

# 23 Door closer

A simple and cheap door closer is a mousetrap.

# 24 How to find the same positions on opposite sides of the wall?

To find the same positions on opposite sides of the wall you will need a compass and a magnet mounted on the other side of the wall. The compass accurately indicates the position of the magnet.

# 25 How to check whether the blade is sharpened?

If you hold the blade on the nail and it will slide, then the chisel needs to be sharpened.

# 26 How to measure a drill diameter without a caliper?

If you do not have a caliper at hand and you need to drill a hole that will match the diameter of the dowel or bolt, then the wrench will help you.

# 27 How to unscrew the bolt without a key?

To unscrew the bolt without a key, you will need another bolt and two nuts, as shown in the photo.

# 28 How to carefully cut the paper from the roll?

To make a neat cut from the roll - start a cut a few centimeters from the top, the paper will not hang down and the cut will be neat.

# 29 How to prevent chain rattling

Weaving the rope in the links of the chain can avoid its rattling.

# 30 Protect painted walls

To protect the walls when removing nails - use a trowel, placing it under the hammer.

# 31 Using an old hose

With the help of pieces of the old hose, you can make a wall organizer on the wall.

# 32 How to level a surface without a level?

To level the surface you need a mirror or thick glass, on which you need to place the ball from the bearing. The lowest place will be where the ball rolls.

# 33 Scraper on the stairs

Such a scraper will protect your work on the stairs in the dirty yard.

# 34 Hanger in the camp

Using a leather belt and wire hooks, you’ll get a comfortable, convenient hanger for dishes or clothes.

# 35 Drainage material

If you do not have drainage material for the pot, then you can use ordinary metal caps.

# 36 Life hacking for cleaning dirty windows

Use ordinary newspapers to clean dirty windows.

# 37 Coal firing

To ignite the coal, use the milk carton by placing the coal inside and around the box.

# 38 Stand for women's shoes

Looking for a simple shoe stand for your wife? You will need a sheet of plywood with drilled holes.

# 39 Life hacking for car enthusiasts

If you find a leak in the radiator, then do not despair. Pour a raw egg in the radiator neck and you can get to the nearest workshop.

# 40 How to weed cracks in concrete?

With the help of an ordinary shoe spoon, you can easily get rid of weeds in a cracked concrete.

# 41 Playpen for a child

To create a playpen for the child, you have a dining table and cloth. To make such an arena is very simple.

# 42 Canopy over the front door

The original canopy over the entrance door can be made from the hood of a retro car.

# 43 Bucket Tool Organizer

With the help of a plastic bucket, you can make a similar roomy organizer.

# 44 Marking with a self-tapping screw

Using a wooden block with a twisted screw, you can make a simple device for marking.

# 45 How to drill a vertical hole

To drill a completely vertical hole - place a mirror near the drill. This will help you direct the drill so that it does not deviate.

# 46 Tool Stand

A convenient tool holder can be made of foam packaging.

# 47 Organizer for tools

You can easily make a similar organizer from a wooden board and hose remnants.

# 48 Organizer

Another example of the organizer of the old hoses.

# 49 How to recover rusty files?

To restore worn files, it is recommended to place them for a few minutes in an aqueous solution of sulfuric acid. The acid will clean the files.

# 50 How to protect tools from corrosion?

To protect important tools from corrosion, keep them in a sandbox that is saturated with lube oil.

# 51 Life hacking for pliers

The elastic rubber tube on the handles of the pliers will facilitate your work.

# 52 Handy Tool

Having replenished the technical arsenal of this simple homemade product, you will get rid of the waste of time searching for a nut.

# 53 Polishing small parts

A round standard eraser fixed with a screw and nut in the cartridge can be used to polish small parts.

# 54 Proper sharpening drill

With this fixture made of wooden block, you can correctly and quickly sharpen the drill.

# 55 How to drill metal plates?

To drill a hole in a thin metal plate will not be difficult if it is clamped in a vice with a wooden bar.

# 56 How to shorten the bolt?

In order to shorten the bolt and not damage the thread, the nut screwed on the bolt rod will help.

# 57 How to drill a hole in a round rod?

Even without a vice, it is easy to drill a hole in a rod or pipe. Wrap the pipe with several pages of a magazine and then a magazine.

# 58 How not to damage a part?

In order not to damage the coating of the rod, clamp it in a vice with wooden clothespins.

# 59 How to unscrew a rusted nut?

On the sides of the nut do 1-2 notches with a depth of 1-2 mm. Moistening the thread with kerosene or WD-40, the nut is not difficult to unscrew.

# 60 How to turn the metal bar?

Wind on the end of the rod a few coils of dense rope, folded in half. After inserting into the loop, insert a metal rod and you can easily turn the rod.

# 61 Homemade Scales

Small scales can be made and paper and wire.

# 62 How to get rid of mirror misting in the bathroom?

An aerosol defogger for automotive glass will help you.

# 63 Life hacking for screws

If you want to prevent the screw from being unscrewed, to do this, file a slot in the head, as shown in the figure.

# 64 How to cut a tin drain?

This can be done with a conventional can opener. First cut the pipe with a hacksaw, and then move the knife.

# 65 How to straighten the wire?

We clamp one end in a vice, and another - in a drill cartridge. The wire is tensioned and made several turns.

# 66 How to independently solder a hole in a bucket?

Insert a cone-rolled piece of plastic film into the hole and light it from both sides. Having melted, polyethylene will melt a hole.

# 67 How to protect the material when drilling?

Wearing a felt washer on the drill bit protects the surface of the material.

# 68 How to protect wooden handle tools?

A plain metal cover will protect the wooden handle of the tools.

# 69 Life hacking for street shower

Install the float intake. With this design only water is used of the top layer heated by the sun.

# 70 Uniform heating of shower water

In the manufacture of solar-heated showers made from the condenser of a refrigerator, use the proposed scheme. Water will warm up evenly.

# 71 Carrying Lamp

The simplest lamp can be made from ordinary glass jar with thread.

# 72 How not to damage the wire?

To clear the wire from insulation and not damage the wire, bend the wire and gently press down with the knife on the insulation. The insulation layer disperses before the blade touches the metal.

# 73 How to drill two adjacent holes?

To prevent the drill from jumping off, drive a hardwood plug into the first hole and then drill the second hole.

# 74 How to cut a circle out of plywood?

The trim circle can be cut with a wooden slat and two sharp Samoyeds or nails.

# 75 Comfortable Strugi

It is very useful for the home master to have comfortable strugi in his arsenal. With their help, you can handle the side and end sides of the board.

# 76 How to block a board with knots?

Pre-soften the surface layer of the knots with a hammer and you will get rid of scoring.

# 77 Solid wood connection

Clip and spike give a very strong connection of wooden parts.

# 78 How to hammer a nail into a springboard?

Instead of a hammer, use a clamp that presses a nail into the bar.

# 79 How to secure your fingers?

To secure your fingers when nailing - use a clothespin.

# 80 A reliable way to mount boards

Hammering nails in a similar way, the boards will be held safer.

# 81 Another way of mounting

Bending over the protruding ends of the nails and hammering it into the board, the joints will be more reliable.

# 82 Brush Stand

# 83 Paint Brush Hanger

A curved piece of soft wire can serve as a convenient hanger for a brush.

# 84 How to fix the ladder on the ground?

Such a steel corner will help to fix the stairs on soft ground.

# 85 How to get rid of waterborne paints?

Regular vinegar will help get rid of even dried paint.

# 86 Simple Flower Box

You can make simple flower boxes with the help of wooden boats attached to each other with metal corners.

# 87 Crossbar and window cleaner

# 88 Convenient pot holders

Wooden clothespins on the door will serve as comfortable tacks for rags and bags.

# 89 How best to store bread?

Bread will be better preserved if a wooden board is placed on its bottom.

# 90 How to vacuum the curtains?

Place a tennis racket or a hard net between the cloth and the inlet of the vacuum cleaner. This will help prevent tissue suction.

# 91 Stroller - all-terrain vehicle

Wearing a rubber strap on the stroller's wheels allows you to easily move it up and down the stairs.

# 92 How to get rid of misted glasses on glasses?

A thin layer of soap on the glasses and wiped dry with a soft cloth, will relieve the glass from misting in cold weather.

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