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The interior in the details: 17 charming details that will help to create housing with a unique character


How to create an interior with character? Make it not as difficult as it may seem at first glance. The new review presents several useful tips that will help achieve this result.

1. Door handle

Original door handles.

The door handle is the first thing that everyone sees and it is they who form the first impression of a house or apartment. The beautiful design of door handles is capable of transforming the door and the exterior as a whole beyond recognition. The most reliable and popular type of pens are metal. Especially beautiful and original look door handles, stylized "antique". Harmonious of all such accessories will look at the front door of a country house, but you can pick up something non-standard and suitable for the door of a city apartment.

2. Interior door handle

Stylish hardware interior door.

Interior doors of city apartments are most often decorated with chrome push or turn handles. However, modern production has gone far ahead and you can pick up something elegant and original for your door. For example, a rotary handle made of natural stone, Murano glass or colored plastic, decorated with molding or carving. Such, at first glance, minor details will make the interior elegant and complete.

3. Stoppers

Original stoppers for doors.

The stopper is not only a functional detail that protects the wall from contact with the door leaf, but is also a charming piece of decor. These door springs come in various shapes, designs and sizes. For the living room, the best thing would be something in a classic style, for the nursery something funny and original, and for the bedroom simple and restrained.

4. Hooks

Stylish towel hooks.

Original hooks with letters will be a wonderful decoration of the bathroom wall, and allow homemade not to confuse towels.

Hanger "Tree".

A stunning floor hanger in the form of a tree will allow you to place a lot of clothes on it and due to its stylish design will become an original decoration of any room.

6. Furniture accessories

Original furniture fittings.

You can upgrade or improve the appearance of furniture with the help of unusual and stylish fittings. For example, handles in the form of animals are perfect for children's cabinets, stone, glass and beadware fittings for girls' cabinets and chest of drawers, and coarse leather handles for brutal men's interiors.

7. Nocker

Creative door nockers.

In our latitudes, doors with a nocker are a rarity. However, such an original part of the door hardware will add a special English charm to the country house and will become a real highlight of the house.

8. Cornice

Eaves design.

Curtain rod is a frame for a picture. The right one - it will decorate and unobtrusively complement the appearance of the curtains, and the improper one will enrich the eyes and significantly spoil the appearance of the whole room. Choosing the eaves, build on the overall style of the room. For the nursery, a cornice in the form of a branch is suitable; in the living room, decorated in industrial style or loft style, the cornice in the form of a tap chest will organically fit, and the classic design of the bedroom will accentuate the metal cornice with an artistic cap.

9. Tiebacks for curtains

Elegant tacks for curtains.

Specialized stores that sell fabrics for curtains, will delight and an abundance of accessories. Original curtain holders are discreetly accentuated and complement the beauty of curtains and curtains.

10. Dishes

"Marble" dishes.

Marble print is the hottest trend of the season. Therefore, the "marble" dishes will be a stylish addition to the kitchen and a great decoration of a festive or casual table.

11. Vase for fruit

Vase for fruits and sweets.

Natural stones, more than ever, are relevant this season. Therefore, a bowl of onyx fruit or any other stone will be an exquisite decoration of the kitchen table.

12. Flower Vases

Stylish design of flower vases.

A flower vase in the modern world is not just a practical vessel for storing a beautiful bouquet, but a full-fledged element of home decor. The home goods stores feature a wide variety of flower vases design options. It is worth paying attention also to designer creations, for example, vases made of glass in the form of sea waves, which fascinate and fall in love with at first sight.

13. Figurines

Figurines in the form of hands and gestures.

Statues in the form of hands and gestures - another fashion trend in interior design. Such bold and eye-catching decor objects will help to emphasize the individuality of the space, to emphasize the originality of your personality and to bring an element of surprise into the interior. In addition, statues in the form of hands can be used for the original storage of jewelry.

14. Cushions

Charming cushions.

Home textile creates comfort in the room and plays a significant role in the formation of interior design. Original cushions can significantly improve the look of old furniture, and the room as a whole. At the moment, the most relevant are ombre-style designs and pillows with geometric prints.

15. Animal figures

Animal sculptures.

Animal sculptures are an excellent solution that will allow you to fill in the voids and bring a touch of individuality to the interior. You can limit yourself to tiny figurines of cats, elephants, mice, or purchase a full-fledged sculpture in the form of a horse, a hippopotamus tiger or any other animal. Whichever figurines you choose, this will bring a positive dynamic to the interior of the housing

16. Book holder

Creative book holders.

Original book holders will help not only to keep your favorite volumes in order, but also become stylish decorations for any spaces, be it a desk, a window sill or a shelf.

17. Plaid

Cozy plaids.

A beautiful blanket is able to create an atmosphere of comfort and warmth in the room, highlight the beauty of new furniture or hide the flaws of the old. Among the most current trends are blankets made of faux fur and knitwear.