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12 things in the kitchen that need to be thrown away. Immediately!


Is there no place in the kitchen? And, maybe, your kitchen is not small at all, but just filled up with unnecessary junk, from which it is time to get rid of? We start cleaning!

What exactly goes into the trash?

1. Yellowed magnets and old notes on the fridge

Look at your fridge: is it hung with magnets and reminder notes from three years ago? No, we do not offer you to throw away all the magnets from your travels: after all, this is the memory of happy summer moments. But do all your magnets have real value? Even magnets (sometimes not the cutest) in the form of symbols of the coming year, which we are given every New Year? Or magnets with ads that are distributed free of charge in stores?

Save only what is dear to the heart, and then the wall of the refrigerator will cease to be a collection of "all sorts of things" and will really please the eye.

2. Plastic bags from the supermarket

Absolutely in every kitchen there is a “package with packages” or a box with packages. No, of course, it has a certain meaning, and for sure most of the packages will come in handy. Someday, perhaps, that is not a fact.

In general, conduct an audit and discard at least half of the packages. You can leave only a few large packages (for trash) and a couple of medium ones (just in case). And that's all. Understand, packages are accumulated over the years (go to the supermarket - take a package for products, buy a new skirt or jacket - the seller puts them in a beautiful package), and how many of them do you use a second time? Just remember: saving packages is a stupid habit to get rid of.

In the end, buy normal garbage bags, and go for groceries with a canvas bag (if you are not going to be bought for the whole week).

3. Waste household appliances

Waffle maker, juicer, blender, toaster ... Remember when you made waffles or juice from fresh oranges? What, the year before last? Unnecessary household appliances collect dust and litter the kitchen, so it is time to send it to the cottage, sell it on the website for free ads or donate to the neighbors.

Set for yourself a new rule: do not use the thing for more than a year - out of sight! Especially if you have a small kitchen.

4. Mugs with small chips

We are sure that you can find a couple of old chipped or cracked mugs in your kitchen. It seems to be a pity to throw out, but I don’t feel like drinking from them anymore. So why do you need them?

Firstly, chipped lips can hurt, secondly, a cup with a crack can burst when you pour boiling water into it, thirdly, dirt is accumulated in the chips, which is almost impossible to clean with an ordinary sponge, fourthly, keep broken in the house the dishes are a bad omen. It is believed that through these small cracks wealth and happiness “run away” from the house. Of course, you should not be afraid of superstitions, but still it is better to send old mugs to the trash can.

5. Cracked plates

The same with cracked plates. Imagine what would happen if the plate falls apart right in your hands (and there will be a burning soup or hot roast in it). We think that this will not be the best dinner in your life.

In addition, very often for dyeing dishes use substances containing salts of harmful metals (cobalt, boron or cadmium). While the icing is whole, everything is fine. But if there is a crack or spall, the poisons will slowly poison your food. The bottom line: as soon as you see a broken plate, say goodbye to it once and for all.

6. Small trash from boxes

Than just not filled boxes of kitchen set: there you can find small sauces, napkins, chewing gums, chopsticks, which came with food from the delivery service. A few tubes for cocktails, a couple of disposable cups, remnants of foil for baking, packaging from a set of sponges ... Well, you understand. Different trash, which is time to throw out.

Clean the drawers and you will be surprised how much space is available in your kitchen.

7. Empty glass jars and waste plastic containers

It seems that both glass jars and plastic containers are necessary things in the household. But sometimes they accumulate so much that they occupy a whole box. Why do you need so much?

Think about which containers you use all the time, and which ones you don’t use at all. Leave only the necessary ones, and take the rest to the cottage or hand out to the neighbors. But from the extra glass jars you can make beautiful lanterns for the garden and hang them around the section (they can also turn into original candlesticks or vases). No cottages? Then just throw it away.

8. Stoned cotton towels

Another kitchen trouble - faded and faded towels resembling scraps from old sheets. They still have an unpleasant smell that you can’t get away with. Familiar? Let's rectify the situation: we advise you to buy a brand new set of kitchen towels or even replace them with paper towels in a roll.

If you decide not to abandon the usual cotton towels, then make sure that fresh towels appear in the kitchen once a week.

9. Plastic chopping boards

Would you like to add to your dish the secret ingredient ... plastic! When you cut food on a plastic board, a sharp knife crumbles not only vegetables or meat, but also the surface of the board. This brings pieces of plastic into your dinner: you won't notice it, but they will still be there.

Therefore, we change plastic boards to wooden ones (necessarily from bamboo or rubber hevea wood), silicone or glass: they are eco-friendly and safe.

10. Old scouring sponges

The fact that the old sponge for washing dishes - this is the main breeding ground for bacteria, every self-respecting hostess knows. But for some reason, "expired" sponges still continue to lie at the sink.

The sponge needs to be changed at least once every two weeks (preferably more often). If a new sponge becomes dirty too quickly (suppose it takes a couple of days), heat it in the microwave for one or two minutes: the germs and unpleasant smell will disappear. Just give without fanaticism: throw away the sponge before it turns into dust.

11. Outdated cookbooks

In each house there are several cookbooks that we inherited from our grandmothers. And there, indeed, there are recipes for all times. But only when you need to prepare an original dish or update the recipe of your favorite pancakes in your head, you don’t look into the good old book, but quickly drive in the browser search for “Fritters on kefir recipe”. And after a couple of hours, delicious cakes are on the table, and the book remains to be gathering dust on the shelf.

It is good if the cookbooks are quietly waiting for their time (will they wait?) In the home library, but very often they lie at the most prominent place in the kitchen. It's one thing if you collect copyright publications from the best chefs in the world (and read them) and want to show off your collection to the guests. Another thing is when books have not been used for 15 years, and they just clutter up the kitchen.

12. Overdue Products

Ideally, do a general cleaning in the kitchen. Throw away a jar of dried ketchup, collect pasta scattered throughout the cabinet, remove the mold jam and the remnants of old cheese from the refrigerator.

These products are already dangerous, and you definitely will not eat them. In addition, they take up a lot of space and spoil the overall look of the kitchen (and the mood of the hostess). In a word: throwing away!