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Perfect order: 17 useful tips for organizing and storing things at home


Well, when things are full order. If there is order, then finding something necessary is much easier. The only problem is that it is not so easy to bring this very order. The new review contains tips that will help organize storage spaces for all kinds of things correctly.

1. Tie rack

Rack for ties, belts or scarves.

Equip your closet with a small stand for convenient and neat storage of ties, scarves or belts. The advantage of this rack is that all things are visible and do not crumple at all.

2 boxes

Storage of clothes in boxes.

Turn your wardrobe into a crosscaster's paradise: sort things out and place them in labeled boxes. It is especially convenient to store socks and tights in this way, spreading them by color.

3. Rails

Rails on the cabinet door.

Any girl would agree, no matter what size the wardrobe is, there is always little space. Several railings on the cabinet door will make it more ergonomic and functional. Moreover, on such crossbars it is very convenient to store ties, belts, scarves and other trifles.

4. Plastic containers

Additional desktop lockers.

A pair of plastic containers, fixed under the table top, are perfect for storing the office and significantly increase the capabilities of the desktop.

5. Baskets

Hanging baskets.

You can store various small things, such as threads, needles, scissors, nail polishes and other things, in charming wicker baskets suspended from the ceiling or wall.

6. Magnetic containers

Magnetic containers on the fridge.

Attach magnets to small tin cans and store pens, pencils and stickers in them to always be able to write down the desired recipe or important information.

7. A wreath of clothespins

A wreath of clothespins and spices.

An original idea for stylish and convenient storage of small sachets of spices.

8. Organizer for chemistry

Rag organizer for household chemicals.

Keep cleaners and detergents in a rag organizer that can be hung on the bathroom door or on the door of the kitchen cabinet. Thus, you will always know where to find a particular tool and keep track of what you need to buy.

9. Document Container

Document storage.

Birth certificates, passports, medical cards and other important documents and papers can be stored in a basket or plastic container. Use markers to separate some papers from others. Thus, you can easily and quickly find the right document at any time.

10. Haberdashery

Hanger for hats and gloves.

In order not to waste precious time looking for a hat or a second glove, hang a long ruler in the hallway and fasten hats, mittens and gloves to it with the help of clothespins. In addition to convenience, this hanger will also perform the role of a dryer and will allow you to quickly dry hats and gloves after bad weather.

11. Additional hooks

Clothespins in the closet.

Equip the bottom of your closet with additional hooks and clothespins and hang on them home pants, tights and underpants.

12. Linen closet

Storage of towels and bed linen.

Put together clean sets of bedding together so as not to waste time looking for a suitable sheet or pillowcase. It is better to lay out towels in piles, starting from their size, and small napkins, handkerchiefs and kitchen towels should be stored in separate containers.

13. Drawer in the bathroom

The organization of storage of trifles in the box.

Equip a pull-out cupboard in the bathroom with a cutlery tray and various small containers to gently sort the little things you need. Thus, there will always be order in the locker and each item will have its own place.

14. Cardboard boxes

Boxes for disks.

Discs with your favorite movies, family records and music are very convenient to store in cardboard shoe boxes. Sort the DVD into categories and carefully fold them into labeled boxes.

15. Containers for correspondence

Tin cans to store correspondence.

Utility bills, important letters and notes can be stored in ordinary cans, laid out on a shelf above the table or fastened directly to the desk.

16. Containers for toys

Plastic containers for toys.

Get organized in children's toys. To do this, you need plastic containers, stickers or simple pictures. Divide the toys into groups: balls, cars, dolls, animals and others. Further, simply put the toys in containers, sticking to each label corresponding to its contents.

17. Hanger in the hallway

Hooks in the hallway.

As you know, the hallway is the face of the apartment. So, it is worth taking care that this “face” is well-groomed and tidy. Equip the corridor with a sufficient number of functional hooks, to which guests and households can hang not only outerwear, but also hats, bags and umbrellas.