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15 irreplaceable kitchen accessories that will turn everyday cooking into a pleasant experience


Each hostess dreams of a cozy kitchen with a whole arsenal of various devices that would make cooking easy and enjoyable. FISSMAN fully shares these aspirations and regularly launches interesting and inexpensive kitchen accessories on the market that will pleasantly surprise even the most demanding cooks.

1. Dough kneading bag

Bag for kneading dough FISSMAN.

With this handy silicone accessory, you can easily knead the dough with the desired consistency. The main advantage of the bag for kneading dough - the hands of the hostess and the kitchen table will remain completely clean.

2. Tenderizer for beating off meat

Tenderayzer for beating off meat.

Tenderayzer is a modern alternative to a retro hammer for beating meat, which was used by our grandmothers and mothers. Processing meat with this device becomes silent, convenient and fast. It is enough to decompose the meat on the board and “walk” on it with a tenderizer with sharp stainless steel blade-pins. With this treatment, cooked meat will be juicy and soft. A special lid built into the handle will make storing the tenderizer for beating meat completely safe.

3. tolkushka foldable

Tolkushka folding FISSMAN.

Many housewives to make vegetable purées use talkers. True, they have one huge minus - during storage they take up a lot of space. Fissman managed to solve this problem. It is enough to press lightly on the metal frame and the working part of the FISSMAN puller. As a result, this popular kitchen accessory takes up little space.

4. Meat Tenderizer

Tenderizer for beating off meat FISSMAN.

Another modern tenderizer for beating off meat. No more knocking, as when using old hammers. And the hostess will not have to make any efforts. It is enough just a few times to push the device on a piece of meat to turn it into an appetizing chop, ready for cooking.

FISSMAN transforming cutting board, which turns into a colander.

Massive colaners in the kitchen are losing their relevance. FISSMAN presented to the buyers court a transforming cutting board that can be turned into a bulk colander with one hand movement. This kitchen accessory saves space in the kitchen. And due to the fact that it is light and compact, you can take it with you to the country and the countryside. In addition, the FISSMAN transforming cutting board is durable, does not absorb odors and is easy to clean.

6. Bottle with brush for greasing baking

Small bottle with brush for smearing baking.

Experienced housewives know how important it is to lubricate pastries, roasts or other dishes with sauce or butter in time and in sufficient quantities. A glass bottle with a heat-resistant brush from the FISSMAN company will ideally solve this problem. The undoubted advantages of this kitchen accessory include the fact that it is made from environmentally friendly materials, does not accumulate odors and is easy to clean.

7. Vegetable Cutter with Container

The FISSMAN vegetable cutter with the container.

Salads are a favorite dish of many. But they have one significant disadvantage - their preparation takes a lot of time. The vegetable cutter with the FISSMAN container will facilitate this work. Literally in a matter of minutes, it can be used to cut raw and boiled vegetables, fruits and eggs into cubes or cubes. The complex includes grids for cutting pieces of different sizes. Shredded vegetables immediately fall into a transparent container with a non-slip base and airtight lid.

8. Grill with replaceable blades and bowl

Term with replaceable blades and bowl.

Another practical and modern kitchen tool from FISSMAN is a shredder. With its help, stunningly quickly, you can make preparations for the winter, prepare the first and second courses with virtually no hassle. Included with the nozzle are offered a fine grater, a blade for shredding and a medium grater, a grater for mashed potatoes built into the lid. The design of the grater with replaceable blades and bowl provides a safe holder for products that protects hands from cuts.

9. Baking mat

Rug for baking FISSMAN.

Tired of washing trays? When you just need to get in the kitchen silicone rug for baking FISSMAN. You can bake chicken in the oven, bake pies and more with it without using butter and not caring if the dish will stick or burn. This stylish and functional baking mat is made from 100% eco-friendly silicone, is easy to clean and does not absorb odors.

10. Multi-size glass cover with silicone rim.

Multi-size glass lid with silicone rim.

Now for all pots and pans in the kitchen one MULTI glass lid can be used with a multifunctional silicone rim for several sizes of dishes. The handle of this lid can "work" with a spoon holder or spatula. A steam trap is provided in the lid. And the cooking process can be observed without removing the lid. Silicone rim not only fits snugly to the dish, but does not scratch it. It is possible to use such a multi-dimensional glass lid even when cooking in an oven at a temperature of + 230 ° C.

11. Folding round lunch box

Folding round lunch box FISSMAN.

Modern food plastic containers are an excellent solution for storing a wide variety of foods, as well as for heating in a microwave. FISSMAN went even further and launched a folding round lunch box in which you can take even liquid meals with you to study, work or picnic. After eating, this container can be easily folded, and it will become completely flat, taking up minimal space in the bag.

12. Crusher for nuts

Mill crusher for nuts.

FISSMAN company gives hostesses the opportunity to feel like sorceresses, adding a new texture and color to the fillings for desserts. Using the mill-crusher, you can easily chop nuts, candy and chocolate. The body of the device is made of durable plastic, and the knives are made of stainless steel, so that the mill-crusher for nuts will serve in the kitchen for many years.

13. Mug - flour strainer

Mug - a sieve for flour.

Grandmother's sieve of immense size has become thanks to the efforts of designers in a compact and convenient mug-sieve. This bright circle has an efficient mechanism for quick and easy sifting flour.

14. Silicone rolling pin

Silicone rolling pin FISSMAN.

The peculiarity of this rolling pin is not only in bright design and 100% environmental friendliness, but also in high functionality. The working part of the rolling pin is non-stick, so you can easily roll out any dough. The handles are made of durable plastic and do not slip in your hands. In addition, this silicone rolling pin FISSMAN easy to clean.

15. Compact knife for cleaning vegetables

Compact knife for cleaning vegetables.