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15 unexpected ways to use food film, which you did not guess


It would seem, well, what else can you not know about the most ordinary cling film? It turns out that there are non-trivial ways to use it, which are not familiar to everyone.

We found and shared them with those who love everything new and useful.

Keeps banana fresh

In order that bananas do not blacken and retain the necessary moisture, the base of the bunch is best wrapped in plastic wrap. So they will remain fresh and tasty.

Usefulness for beauty

Any skin cleansing masks, especially with the effect of steaming, will work even better if you apply a plastic wrap over the applied product.

Perfect spillout

If you cover up the glass with liquid with cling film and pierce it with a straw, you will get the best way to drink even on the run. So it is simply impossible to spill a drink.

For creativity with children

A great way to draw a picture with a baby, without blurring his hands. All you need to do is paint the tubes on the cardboard, cover it with film and hands to create a bright pattern in the style of abstract art.

Fruit trap for midges

To get rid of blackflies at home, you only need to cut any fruit into a cup, close it with cling film and a knife to make a small hole. Moshkar will stop pestering you.

Bouquet freshness

If you pack the feet of flowers in a wet napkin or cloth, and then in cling film, your bouquet will stay fresh much longer before it is placed in the water. In addition, the film will prevent water from entering the paper wrapper.

Easy moving

In order not to take out things from the dresser, appliances from drawers or small things from boxes, when moving, you can simply pack them with film. So things will not fall apart, the lids of the dishes will not be lost and everything will reach the new place.

The best way to cook poached egg

The easiest way to cook poached egg for breakfast is to put a film on a saucer, smear it with vegetable oil, break an egg on it, roll the film and put it in boiling water for 3 minutes.

Trick for painting surfaces

If paint is already applied to the roller for painting the walls, but you want to breathe a little, then you can avoid drying the roller by simply wrapping it in plastic wrap. The same can be done with any brushes.

Always clean fridge

If the shelves of the refrigerator are covered with cling film, this will greatly facilitate the work of the hostess. After all, even if an egg is spilled in the refrigerator, it will be enough just to throw out the film and lay a clean one.

Shampoos and gels in safety

To avoid shampoos and shower gels in the suitcase, you only need to remove the caps from them, wrap the neck with cling film and close the tubes again. This way will save and cosmetics from flowing out, and things.

Mini greenhouse

In order for any plant seeds to ascend faster, it is sufficient only after planting and abundant watering to close the pot with foil. This will save shoots from drying out, and they will grow much faster.

Homemade Sausages

Any stuffing, if you wrap it in cling film and steam it, will turn into delicious homemade sausages.

Saves the taste of wine

If there is wine left in the bottle and it needs to be preserved, then it is best to pour it through the food film into a glass decanter and close the neck with the same film. With this method of storage, the wine does not absorb the smell and taste of cork and will not lose its taste.