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17 great examples of using old wooden boxes


The wooden box is a real field tilled for design creativity. In the new review were collected the most vivid examples of the use of old boxes. Anything is better than just dumping them, making them completely unnecessary.

1. Kitchen cabinet

Kitchen cabinet from wooden boxes.

The stylish kitchen cabinet, made of ordinary wooden drawers, is perfectly combined with the purchased set.

2. Open shelf

Stylish shelf for laundry.

A stylish shelf made of several wooden boxes painted black and fastened together is an original and budget idea for decorating the wall of a laundry room.

3. Mobile table

Mobile table from the box.

A charming and very functional table on wheels with space for storing various trifles, which everyone can make from just one wooden box.

4. Flowerpot

Flower pot from the wine box.

A wonderful composition of several flower pots with plants and a decorative wine box will be a unique decoration of the dining table or window sill.

5. Bedside table

Bedside cabinet made of wooden boxes.

An open-type bedside table, made of two wooden drawers, painted white and fastened together, will perfectly fit into the interior of a modern bedroom.

6. Open cabinet

Open cabinet of drawers.

Incredibly, this fantastic open cabinet with many sections and lights is made from many ordinary wooden boxes that collect dust from many people in garages and summer cottages.

7. Shoe rack

Open shoe rack.

People who have a large number of wooden boxes and no fewer shoes may think about building such a stylish rack that will be the highlight of the apartment or dressing room.

8. Shelves for shoes

Shelf-ottoman from the box.

A mobile shelf with padded seats and shoe storage compartments is just what you need for a small hallway.

9. Poof

Ottoman from wooden boxes.

It is hard to believe, but this charming white ottoman with a soft seat and shelves for books is made of several old wooden boxes.

10. Cupboard

Open cupboard.

The design of several painted and stapled boxes is perfect for storing tea sets and other dishes. The main thing is to take care of the reliability and stability of the structure.

11. Shelves for bathroom

Shelves of wooden boxes.

Unusual shelves made of wooden boxes for storing cosmetics and bath towels. To implement this idea, the boxes can not even be painted, just a good clean.

12. Container for small items

Container from the wine box.

Decorative wine box can be safely used as an organizer for cosmetics, mail or stationery.

13. Table

Desk from wooden boxes.

From old drawers and a wooden table top you can make a wonderful writing desk with open lockers for storing necessary things.

14. Mobile container

Mobile container from the wine box.

A painted wine box with wheels attached to it will be a great place to store children's toys or any other things that never have enough space in a house where a large family lives.

15. Wine rack

Floor rack of boxes.

A charming rack for wine or for any other beverage that can be made from ordinary drawers and a metal frame.

16. Bench

Bench from wooden boxes.

Drawers painted and horizontally fastened can be turned into a comfortable bench with a place to store shoes that can be placed in the hallway of a country house.

17. Bed

The bed of the boxes.

A stylish bed with a frame made of wooden boxes is what you need to decorate a bedroom in a country house.