Useful ideas

5 juicy ideas to showcase the house number


A house number is not at all a boring, useless number. Unfortunately, in most cases, the license plate is decorated more than trivial. In the new review were collected the most interesting examples of how you can emphasize the numbering of the house, if you add to it a little imagination and inspiration.

1. Fish

Composition with wooden fish.

You can depict your house number on the figures in the form of fish cut from an old pallet and hung on a tree branch. Such a composition will become not only useful thing for owners of private houses, but also a stylish decoration of the facade or fence.

2. Wood saw cut

House number depicted on a wooden saw.

Wooden cut with glass vase attached to it for a small bunch of flowers and a number with a house number. The figure, by the way, can be drawn, engraved or pasted.

3. Nails

Bulk check from nails.

A large house number made of nails will be a creative decoration of a modern house.

4. Post column

Postal pole with house numbers and a basket of flowers.

Attach the digits of the number to a wooden post column, at the end of the composition, hang a basket of flowers there.

5. The door

House number on the old door.

The old door is a very stylish option for displaying the house number and decorating the local area.

6. Door handles

House number on the door handles.

The numbers drawn on the metal bases of the door handles are a very creative and budget idea for decorating the fence.

7. Flower pots

Room on flower pots.

Flower pots with numbers depicted on them, placed in plain sight, at the porch or at the fence - the perfect solution for the garden.

8. Mosaic

Mosaic house number.

A plate with the house number, lined with bright mosaics - what you need to decorate a modern house where an extraordinary person lives.

9. Lawn

House number from the real lawn.

A bright, juicy, summer plate with a number from a real live lawn is a fantastic decoration of a country house.

10. Plates

Ceramic plates with the house number.

Use old ceramic plates and a beautiful forged stand to showcase your own house number.

11. Wooden sign

Charming plate of wood.

Wonderful sign with the house number of wood and bright fabric - a simple project that can be easily implemented independently.

12. Birdhouses

Bright birdhouses with a house number.

House number, depicted on multicolored nesting boxes. This number will not only decorate the facade of the house or fence, but also attract birds to your garden.

13. Wreath

Wreath with numbers.

Numbers attached to a decorative wreath of dry branches and artificial flowers.

14. Laconic design

A simple sign.

A cardboard, plastic or laminated plate with a house number printed on it, attached to the front door with a wide satin ribbon looks very elegant and beautiful.

15. Stencil

Drawn number.

The easiest way to show everyone your house number is to paint it on the door, fence or front of the house with a stencil and spray paint.