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Staged photos vs reality: why we do not live as in the picture


It is not a secret for anyone that the beautiful apartments that we all admire on the Net are professional designers and decorators preening before the shooting. Nevertheless, we tend to forget about it, to take licked pictures for the ideal and to suffer from its unattainability. Our mini-heading "Staged photos vs reality" is designed to help critically look at beautiful pictures in order to stop getting upset because of the imperfection of your house and love it for what it is.

Neat piles of books

A pretty coffee table on which books and notebooks are laid out, unobtrusively telling what kind of apartment owner is an intelligent and interesting person, we see such a still life in almost every series of photos of beautiful apartments, and this Swedish attic is no exception. Decorators can be understood: the reception really works, but in a real house books can lie in such neat stacks only after a lot of cleaning before the guests arrive. Usually, we take our favorite publications with us to the kitchen, leave them on the floor by the couch, bookmark them ... Yes, it doesn’t look as perfect as in the picture, but you can believe that the owner of the house doesn’t look at it, but actually leaves the album at leisure with black and white photographs of the turn of the century or Foucault's writings.

Symmetry and composition

Photographers and decorators know how to work with the composition and select objects so that they look good in the photos. For example, the working area of ​​Swedish cuisine looks pustovat, but looking at it is interesting. All because of the balance of flowers: on the left is a tangerine tree, and on the right - a lemon under a bush. Or here are two symmetrical piles of magazines on a table in a loft in Indiana. You need to have a fair amount of perfectionism, if not obsessive desire to keep everything in order to maintain this perfect symmetry in your home.

Decorative pillows on the bed

Let us skip the discussion of pillows, laid out in perfect order on the sofas and armchairs, and proceed directly to what can be seen through the half-open bedroom door. Who does not want to live the same way as the owners of this colorful studio, and wander in light pajamas in the bedroom with mustard and blue accents? But decorative pillows and a towel laid on the bed are responsible for this beauty. Decorators, are you serious? Why these pillows, if for a daytime rest there is a sofa, and where should the owners put them at night - on the floor? We are at a loss. Let our bedrooms look more modest, but at night it's not a bad thing to stumble over something.

Abundance of trinkets

The house in the building of the Swedish church looks simply fabulous: I just want to be inside, examine the things placed along the endless shelves, while the windows are quietly falling snow ... And then leave and leave the owners to deal with the search for a housekeeper who is not afraid to climb ladders to the ceiling.

Decorating high white walls is not an easy task, and here the designers succeeded, but we will leave such decisions to rich owners of houses surrounded by parks. The ubiquitous Russian city dust turns the idea to fill the shelves with trifles, from which it is impossible to reach, from dubious to bad.

Potted plants in the bathroom

Another detail that we often see in photographs, but almost never notice in real homes, is plants in the bathroom. For photographers, this is a salvation: such an accent enlivens monochrome spaces. It remains only to quietly envy the happy owners of bathrooms with large windows. In our, where there are no windows, and the light bulbs light up for a couple of hours a day, the greenery does not survive.

We wish you sincerely to love your imperfect, but such a living house, and we will continue to biasedly view photos of beautiful apartments and share observations and discoveries with you.

Intricate chandelier in the kitchen

An unusual chandelier, on which you can attach notes, drawings or even dry herbs, will surely become the center of your kitchen, but before you buy one, consider if you prepare too often at home and whether the hood works well. All surfaces in the kitchen, especially those that are higher, eventually become covered with nasty sticky dust, and even without it, the white sheets turn yellow and curl over time, and the herbariums fade. You will have to balance on a chair about every month, changing the decoration of the lamp or trying to wipe the dirt off them. Do you really need this?

Chalk boards

We love chalk boards and often write about them: they are good for children's creativity and for adult lettering exercises. You can even get used to writing important notes on them. But in fact, the chalk crumbles, settling on the floor with white dust, special markers are poorly erased, and all quickly forget about the blackboard. We will not argue that the chalk boards are completely useless, but you must clearly understand for whom, why and where you want to make it. For example, the children's corner in the photo below seems ideal, but the pillows on it will have to be cleaned every day.

Color books

Another trick we mentioned is books arranged in color. If your living room has a bookcase with volumes that you don’t reread, and the room should look perfect, you can do that. But in a large library or in the office of the book it is better to arrange the books by topic and author, otherwise you will sacrifice convenience for the sake of beauty.

Empty countertop in the bathroom

Little does surprise me like an empty tabletop around the sink in the bathroom. And it’s good, if there are drawers under it, you can imagine that someone really takes out twice a day from there, and then removes the tubes of toothpaste, cleansers and other little things necessary for both men and women. I, however, do not know a single person with such an iron willpower and passion for order. And it is better to keep toothbrushes and sponges for washing in the open air, and not locked up.

Perfect order in cabinets

Look at the photo below: great food, perfect order - envy! But it seems so perfect only because someone spent an hour literally arranging glasses in a cupboard and putting the plates into perfect piles. With a great-grandmother's set in an old sideboard, this trick will work, but if you agree that every thing in the kitchen should be actively used, then you and I will not be able to achieve this order. Yes, and not necessary.