Useful ideas

31 interesting version of the transformation of old things that will decorate any room


Old things can be stored, they can be thrown away, they can be repaired, and they can also be transformed into new things. It is about such "transformations" that the discussion will be discussed in this review. These examples are living evidence that you can breathe new life into any object.

1. Pedestal Transformation

A good version of how you can redo the cabinet.

2. The door is transformed into the headboard.

Great idea to make the door headboard, something like that.

3. Wooden chairs

An interesting option with stumps and old legs of chairs is to create new ones.

4. Chest - sofa

Chest - sofa

5. Box - chair

The old drawer from the dresser has become a new high chair with a drawer.

6. Sliding doors

Sliding doors have become a locker for the right things.

7. TV Stand - Dresser

An old TV stand has become an excellent chest of drawers.

8. Interesting Transformation

Vintage TV transformed into a convenient shelf for books.

9. Ladder Towel Rack

An interesting option to create a towel hanger from the old stairs.

10. Creative table lamp

Unnecessary at first glance, the interior has become an addition to the desk lamp.

11. Tool stand

Non-standard stand for the necessary tools in everyday life.

12. Wheel - poof

Beautiful option to create a wheel of poof.

13. Hinged shelves of drawers

Interesting shelves that decorate the interior are made of old boxes.

14. Garden bench

A nice garden bench is made from the frame of an old bed.

15. Shop of chairs

A great option to create a comfortable bench of chairs for the home.

16. Armchair from the dresser

An interesting option to create a chair from the old dresser.

17. Photoframe from the door

It is even possible to create a photo frame from an old door - an interesting idea.

18. Comfortable cabinet with niches

It is possible to slightly change the dresser and get a stand.

19. Pedestal Transformation

Interesting transformation of cabinets from one type to another.

20. Chair with drawer

An interesting and convenient option to create a chair with a drawer.

21. Creative hinged shelf

Cool idea to create a regiment in the form of a grand piano, which will transform the interior.

22. Shelf - stairs

One of the difficult options to create shelves from the stairs.

23. Cabinet - bench

Transformation of the cabinet in the shop, an interesting solution.

24. Bed with a ladder

Converted part of the crib in the form of a ladder.

25. Table-dresser

A great option for the design of the table-dresser that will please the eye.

26. Bed transformed to the table

An interesting idea to transform the old crib and make it a table.

27. Cabinet - cabinet for tools

The old office cabinet is altered to store inventory.

28. Stool-shop

Stup transformed into a successful and comfortable garden bench.

29. Bilza-hanger

Bilz from the old bed became an excellent hanger.

30. Chairs, folding closet

Plain chairs mounted in the wall have created additional storage space.

31. Table Transformation

The old table is easily and simply transformed into a new version.