Useful ideas

17 great ideas of design and organization of space in a small kitchen


Arrangement of a small kitchen is associated with a considerable number of problems. Lack of free space may impose a veto on some desires of the owner. In order for everything to become possible, it is necessary to approach the equipment of a small kitchen on the right side. How to do this better, we look at the examples collected in our material.

1. Spacious wardrobe

Autonomous kitchen cabinet.

A full-fledged kitchen with a work surface, a variety of shelves, a stand for dishes and various cabinets in one single cupboard.

2. Working surface

Original work surface.

Equipping a small kitchen, first of all you should think about the convenience and functional properties of the furniture. The two-tier work surface fits perfectly into a modest space. At the top level, you can place small household appliances, and the bottom - to use for cooking and family dinners.

3. Kitchen island

Non-standard kitchen island.

The now popular kitchen corner does not fit the interior of a small kitchen at all. However, a narrow wooden table equipped with a shelf for storing dishes and kitchen utensils can take over its functions.

4. Apron

The organization of working space in the kitchen.

The main rule of a small kitchen is order and convenience. Kitchen tools are most conveniently stored directly near the stove. The long railing passing over the apron is perfect for storing shovels, skimmers, ladle, ribs and even small pans.

5. Under the ceiling

Shelf ceiling.

Do not neglect even a small free space. For example, an open shelf under the ceiling is perfect for storing food supplies or rarely used dishes.

6. Pegboard

Storage of kitchen utensils on a pegboard.

Place a pegboard in the kitchen. Unlike wall cabinets, a pegboard does not clutter the space at all and is suitable for storing any items.

7. Corner space

Organization of space in the corner.

Usually, the empty and deaf space in the corner can be filled by placing the built-in oven and extractor hood there. This idea will significantly save space in the kitchen.

8. Built-in lockers

Kitchen wall with built-in cupboards.

Banks, pots, pans, dishes, household chemicals - this is not a complete arsenal of kitchen utensils of a good housewife and all this needs to be placed somewhere. For this, a wall with built-in cabinets will be perfect.

9. Railing

Storage of pots and pans.

Hanging pots, pans and pots - it is convenient, stylish and saves space.

10. Retractable designs

Retractable work surface.

Functional kitchen furniture with a pull-out countertop will significantly increase the possibilities of even the smallest kitchen. An additional surface can be used as a dining table, a bar or a place to cook.

11. Open cabinet

Open lockers and shelves.

For a small kitchen, open cabinets and shelves are better suited. Use them to store tableware, cups and spices.

12. Library


Hang a simple bookshelf in the kitchen so that the right recipes are always at hand. In addition, bright book covers will become a topical decoration of the wall.

13. Magnetic board

Storage of cereals.

Magnetic board for convenient and beautiful storage of cereals and pasta.

14. Custom table

Compact table.

A compact table of irregular shape is a godsend for a small kitchen.

15. Mobile locker

Mobile locker.

Owners of small kitchens should pay attention to mobile cabinets, which can be easily moved around the kitchen for your own convenience.

16. Tray

Storage on trays and coasters.

Disorder - the main enemy of any kitchen. To avoid chaos, store spices, cups, and cutlery on different trays and coasters, thus ensuring your place for every thing.

17. Solid surface

Kitchen set.

Properly selected kitchen set is able to eliminate the need to purchase additional furniture and significantly save space.