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Handicrafts from books that will certainly decorate any interior: 23 beautiful examples


Handicrafts from books look very unusual and are able to diversify any interior, no matter how crazy it would sound to people who love to read. To discuss on the topic of whether to sacrifice the style and design of the book can be a long time. In order to understand this better, we offer a look at the samples of such works that we have collected.

1. Interesting candlestick

Beautiful interesting candlestick created from the pages of the book, looks very nice.

2. Charming Necklace

Fragile and neat necklace, which is created thanks to the book pages.

3. Decorating the wall

A great option to decorate the wall in the room with old books that will create an interesting atmosphere in the room.

4. Elegant paper butterflies

Nice option to create elegant paper butterflies taken from old books.

5. Interesting convolutions in pretty vase

Interesting convolutions in the vase will decorate any room interior.

6. Custom tablecloth

A non-standard tablecloth is created from the pages of books.

7. Box from the book

Beautiful home attribute - a book-box, which is just incredibly attractive.

8. Decoupage technique - sheet music

Sheets of notes perfectly decorate the general appearance of the table in any room.

9. Huge wall clock

A huge and cute wall clock created from books is an interesting solution for room decor.

10. Creative folio table lamp

Creating a beautiful and interesting table lamp with the help of folios.

11. Interesting gift

A great option to create a gift with your own hands from an old book.

12. Creative lamp shade

An interesting lamp shade that can be simply and beautifully decorated with the pages of a book.

13. Bottle decorating

A beautiful option to decorate bottles using old pages of books.

14. Pendant decoration

A cute decoration from the old pages of the book will decorate any interior.

15. DIY jewelry

Cute jewelry with your own hands can be created using the pages of books.

16. Convenient mini potty

An interesting version of the pot created from the book, a simple and interesting solution.

17. Creative products

Cute products from old paper with notes.

18. Delicate bouquet of paper roses

A beautiful bouquet of roses from the pages of old books is a great solution that will inspire.

19. Beautiful design jars

A beautiful option to design a jar of vintage pages of books.

20. Hidden book depository

A good option to hide notebooks and books under the covers of old books.

21. Seeds in an interesting wrapper

A nice variant of storing seeds in pages of old books.

22. Paper Sculpture "Tree of Life"

An interesting option that is possible to create with the help of paper is the "Tree of Life".

23. A wreath of stars

A chic wreath of stars, will give positive emotions and decorate the interior of the room.