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For all occasions: 17 ingenious tricks for any occasion that really work


For all occasions: 17 ingenious tricks for any occasion that really work

For the attention of readers there are almost two dozen unique, slightly shocking, and at the same time incredibly useful tricks for every occasion, each of which will help make your life a little bit better and simpler.

We look.

1. From sweat and corns

Daily panty sweat and corns.

Feet in sneakers, moccasins and ballet shoes in the hot season sweat a lot. Avoid discomfort due to excessive moisture and unpleasant odor will help ordinary daily pads, which need to be glued to the shoes. They perfectly absorb sweat, and their soft texture gives the feet a feeling of comfort. In addition, small pieces of panty liners can be glued onto hard shoe backs to prevent chafing and blisters.

2. Flavor for toilet

Pleasant smell in the toilet.

Apply a small amount of essential oil or your favorite perfume on the cardboard sleeve of toilet paper so that there is always a pleasant and unobtrusive smell in the toilet.

3. Universal seasoning

Seasoning for all dishes.

Mix in equal proportions of salt, pepper, curry and paprika, place the mixture in an airtight container. Thus you get a universal seasoning, which, without exaggeration, is suitable for cooking any dishes.

4. Simple flavoring

Blotters in the closet.

Blotters are narrow paper test strips used to familiarize with perfumery products. Such strips can be absolutely free to take in any perfume shop, put them in a pile of clothes and enjoy its pleasant aroma.

5. Instead of a shower

Remedy for sweat.

Quickly get rid of the smell of sweat will help tool for disinfecting hands. Just apply it on the skin of the armpits, wipe off the excess with a napkin, and then use a deodorant.

Remove traces from stickers.

Any oil makeup remover can be used to remove traces of stickers from plastic, furniture or metal.

7. Unpleasant friction

Irritation on the inner thigh.

When walking the inner thighs constantly rubs against each other, causing redness, skin irritation and a lot of unpleasant sensations. To cope with this problem will help the usual deodorant, which should be applied to clean skin problem areas.

8. Billets

Preparations for compotes.

Grind the berries, add sugar, spread the resulting gruel in plastic containers and send in the freezer overnight. The next day, frozen berry bars can be put into Zip-bags to save space and, if necessary, be used to make compotes.

9. Antebacterial cleaning

Chlorhexidine for cleaning.

One-percent solution of chlorhexidine can be used for wet cleaning of the house. In low concentrations, it is harmless to humans, but effective for fighting bacteria. In addition, chlorhexidine does not leave any traces on natural and artificial surfaces so that it is safe to add it to the water for washing floors, windows and other surfaces of the house.

10. Cleaning tiles and seams

Means for cleaning joints and tiles.

Use soda, water, lemon and vinegar to prepare a safe and very effective tool for cleaning tiles and seams. The recipe is extremely simple: In five liters of water, dilute half a tablespoon of salt, a third of a spoonful of lemon juice and a quarter of a tablespoon of vinegar. Pour the solution obtained in the spray and use for cleaning and disinfecting tiles.

11. Cleaning fish

Clear fish from scales.

It is easy and safe to clean fish from scales using a metal spoon. Just pass it against the scales from tail to head. And so that the scales do not fly apart in different directions, do it in a container filled with water.

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12. Remedy for herpes

The cure for herpes.

To dry and cure the wounds on the lips with herpes will help ordinary toothpaste. Apply it on the affected areas overnight to dry the skin.

13. Hamburger

The secret to eating hamburgers.

Before you start eating a hamburger, turn it upside down. Such a trick will not allow the filling to fall out during the meal.

14. Folds on clothes

Smooth folds on clothes.

Take a shower, hang crumpled clothes in the bath. High humidity and steam will help smooth out the folds on clothes, which will help save time on ironing.

15. Slow down hair growth.

A means of slowing hair growth.

Mix ten teaspoons of sugar with juice squeezed from half a lemon. Heat the mixture in the microwave and apply to the skin after each hair removal procedure. The use of this solution will significantly slow down hair growth and prolong the effect of smooth legs.

16. Sweat marks

Wet stains from sweat.

Wet spots from underarm sweat can significantly spoil the look and mood. To prevent this unpleasant situation will help special purchase lining or a pair of daily pads, which should be carefully glued to clothes in the armpit fossa. During the day, the pads will absorb sweat and do not allow clothes to get wet.

17. Sliding


To keep your feet in sandals from slipping, apply a small amount of hairspray on clean skin of the feet.

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