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15 practical advice on how to make housing warmer and not go broke


Winter is in full swing, which means that cold can be the biggest problem in an apartment or house.

After all, nothing worse than the lack of heat. It seems that even thinking becomes cold.

If you have not had time to warm your home or measures taken are not enough, then you should pay attention to some practical advice from our review today.

1. Warm pillow


A clean sock, jacket sleeve or any small piece of fabric can be turned into an amazing warm cushion. To do this, the selected piece of fabric must be filled with rice or buckwheat or rice, and then sew. Heat the resulting pad in the microwave every time you freeze. Depending on the shape and size, the pad can be taken with you to the bed, put on the neck, on the legs or in the crib to the baby.

2. Search drafts


Where there are drafts - no heat can be seen! Therefore, the first is to identify and eliminate the gap. In our opinion, a candle is the easiest and most affordable way to detect a draft. Slowly walk with her around the apartment. In places where the flame of a candle will oscillate the most, there is a passage of cold air.

3. Heater Properties

Heater care.

In the cold season, a hot bath seems to be preferable to a contrast shower, and you want to wash your hands with warm, rather than ice, water. Fortunately, most people have water heaters, which means there are no shortages of water. However, you need to monitor the performance of the heater. So that the unit regularly turns cold water into hot water, do not forget about its regular cleaning. Sediment at the bottom can reduce the temperature of the water, increase the heating time or the failure of some parts.

4. Warm curtains

Wool curtains.

Do not allow cold glasses to reduce the temperature in your cozy nest. There are many ways to prevent this. One of them is winter curtains made of thick warm material, for example, wool. For cold apartments in general, you can use double curtains. One Roman, adjacent to the window, and the other classic - on the eaves.

Insulated glass.

As we wrote in the previous paragraph, the glass in the cold cools down very much and can affect the temperature inside the house. Especially if the windows are old or not very high quality. The best way to insulate glass is a special insulating film. Of course, this is not a fashionable solution, but plus a few degrees to the temperature inside the house. In case you do not have the opportunity to buy a special film, we recommend using a bubbly.

6. Clean drain

Drain cleaning.

Who wants to churn icicles from the roof on a frosty day? Clearly no one. However, this will have to do if you do not take care of the cleanliness of the drain in time. Do not forget to check the gutter from time to time for foreign objects that may interfere with water flow.

7. Upgrade windows

We warm the windows.

Even plastic windows can pass cold air. If you feel that there is a draft, change the seal or seal the existing gaps. If you have old wooden frames, be sure to seal them for the winter. Also do not forget about the balcony. If it is not glazed at all, take care of good door insulation.

8. Rollers

Draft protection.

Through the gap between the floor and the door can penetrate drafts. Foam rollers will help to prevent this. You can buy them, sew your own hands and, in extreme cases, use an old blanket. Whatever you choose, the room will become much warmer.

9. Modern thermostat

Programmable thermostat.

In private properties and in apartments equipped with a gas meter, it makes sense to put a programmable thermostat. With it, you can set a comfortable temperature, as well as reduce the power of the batteries during their absence. These manipulations will save a little on heating without sacrificing your own comfort.

10. Crane care

Protection about cranes.

Breaking pipes in the winter - a real disaster: the extra cost of water, replacement of pipes and cleaning the ice in the yard. However, unfortunately, even high-quality pipes can not withstand temperature changes. To prevent icing of outdoor pipes and faucets, use WD-40. By the way, the same tool can be used to protect keyholes.

11. Heat reflecting screen

Heat reflecting screen behind the battery.

If the battery power is not enough to heat the room, use a heat-reflecting screen. It can be made of cardboard and foil or buy a special material - penofol. Place it behind the battery and enjoy the heat in your home. It is worth noting that despite the distrust of this method, it really works.

12. Gaps

Eliminate the gap.

Most often, the source of drafts and coldness in the house are cracks. Therefore, it is important to identify and eliminate them in time. Carefully inspect the window sills, window frames and walls for cracks. If you find something, cover it with a sealant.

13. Carpets

Carpets on the floor.

If you have cold and drafts at your house every winter, forget what the interior designers write and remove the carpets. No matter what your carpets are, the main thing is to be clean. Carpet parquet and laminate, if necessary, hang on the walls. No matter how it looks, the temperature in the room will increase.

14. Oven

Heat the oven.

Housewives who are often baked in the oven should remember its capabilities. The heat inside, which has not yet slept after cooking, can be used to heat your home, just leave the door open. Of course, there will not be enough heat to heat the whole apartment, but in the kitchen and the adjoining room it will become much warmer.

15. Warm bed

We warm a berth.

And finally, take care of the warmth of your bed. After all, there you want to quickly get after work and walk along a cold street. To make the bed as warm as possible, replace the blanket with a woolen one, and put the old one on the mattress.

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