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Solutions that will be a real salvation for small apartment owners


Sometimes a small area of ​​the apartment seems a verdict.

But in fact, do not despair - even a small apartment can be cozy and functional, if you properly approach the organization of living space and the choice of furniture.

In this review, almost brilliant solutions that should be paid attention to all owners of small apartments.

1. Open closet

Open closet in the bedroom.

An open dressing room in the form of a full-wall hanger will be a great alternative to a bulky closet or chest of drawers. Of course, to place all the clothes on such a hanger will not work, but it is perfect for storing everyday clothes, bags and hats that you wear during this period of time.

2. Console table

Narrow console table behind the sofa.

The narrow console table behind the sofa is good in that it takes up almost no space, and in its capabilities is no different from thumbs. Such a table can be equipped with a rosette, put cups of tea and coffee on it, put books and arrange decor items.

3. Shelf partition

Narrow rack partition.

A narrow bookcase, which can also be used as a cabinet and partition for living space zoning.

4. Table shelf

Table-shelf by the window.

A table-shelf instead of a windowsill will be an excellent solution for a small kitchen, where there is no place for a full-fledged table.

5. Shelf

Open shelves on the side of the cabinet.

To place everything you need in a small kitchen, its resources must be used to the maximum. For example, the side walls of lockers can be equipped with open shelves that are suitable for storing cups, spices, household accessories and other necessary trifles.

7. Round cabinet

Round cabinet with a cutting board.

The original round cabinet with a cutting board instead of a table top and a compartment for storing dishes and other necessary trifles will perfectly fit into the interior of a small modern kitchen.

8. Floor hanger

Functional floor hanger.

A functional floor hanger with coat hooks and shelves for all sorts of small things will fit perfectly into the interior of a modern hallway and help maintain order there.

9. Changing table

Changing table locker.

A stylish and ergonomic locker with a hinged door that, when open, serves as a changing table will be a real boon for small apartment owners.

10. Headboard with a secret

Roll-out box in the headboard.

The headboard of the bed, equipped with a narrow vertical box, which is ideal for storing books, magazines, gadgets and other small items, as well as eliminates the need to buy a bedside table.

11. Built-in drawer

Ladder with the built-in box.

A spacious box for seasonal items and bed linen, equipped in the steps of the stairs is a great example of the rational use of all the resources of a small house.

12. Folding sofa

Compact folding sofa.

Stylish and modern sofa that easily turns into a full double bed - what you need for a one-room apartment or a room for guests.

13. Smart furniture

Furniture-transformer for small-sized.

A cantilevered cabinet, which with a flick of the wrist turns into a full-fledged dining table and a charming sofa that can transform into a double bed, is what you need to arrange and create comfort in a small-sized or small studio apartment.

14. Coffee table

Coffee table with a lifting mechanism.

Stylish low coffee table, which if necessary can be turned into a full-fledged dining table.

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15. Under the window sill

Drawer under the window sill.

A functional drawer equipped under the window sill will provide additional storage for documents, valuables and other small items.

16. Furniture module

Table and two padded stools.

Stylish and ergonomic set of furniture, which consists of a small table and two soft ottomans, which can be used as a whole, or separately.

17. Unusual cabinet

U-shaped locker.

The original U-shaped locker, located above the toilet bowl, will be a convenient place to store air fresheners, detergents, toilet paper and personal hygiene items.

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