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19 practical and nice things for the house, which should be added to your wish list


Every year, designers come up with hundreds of gadgets that are designed to make our lives easier.

Most of them are useless gizmos, which cannot be put into practice, but there are still curious specimens among them.

These 19 practical and nice things for the house should be added to your wish list.

1. Covers

Covers for cellophane packaging.

Five or ten years ago, no one could have imagined that once open plastic bags could be covered with special caps. But in the 21st century, when fantasy becomes reality. Now the clips and clothespins are replaced by real covers that are easily put on the bag, allowing you to hermetically close the packaging of chips, croup and other bulk products.

2. Functional tray

Potato tray.

What do you need for peeling potatoes? We usually take a pot of water, a cleaning bag and sit down at the table. But technology does not stand still, and the editorial office of does not get tired to acquaint readers with new products. One of them is this functional tray with a hollow in the center for potatoes and enough space on the sides for cleaning. In addition, the shape of the tray allows you to conveniently arrange it on your lap, which allows you to peel potatoes in any room.

3. Ice Maker

Non-standard mold for ice.

Fill out the form with water, but shed half on the way to the freezer? Well, this is the standard problem of all classic ice molds. The cells of this mold are arranged in a row, and to fill them you need to take water in a cap, and then put it on the form and send it to the freezer.

4. Cupcake mold

The original mold for cupcakes.

People who love to bake, always crave culinary experiments, new forms and fillings. The best gift for them will be the original molds that will help turn ordinary cupcakes into miniature three-tiered cakes.

Bright tongs for salad.

Vegetable salads with lots of greens are not too convenient to impose with a spoon. To facilitate the task will help bright wide plastic tongs. Of course, this is not a necessity, but it is impossible to call them absolutely useless.

6. Toilet Brush

Brush in the form of a cactus.

Who said that the toilet brush should be nondescript. The main thing is to perform its function, and everything else is nonsense. How not to !? The toilet accessory can be not only functional, but also charming. For example, such as this funny cactus in a pot.

7. Oil Dispenser

Dispenser for butter.

This unique device, which is a plastic container for butter with a simple mechanism and a knife, which can be triggered by lightly pressing a button, will allow you to put a piece of butter directly on the bread without the help of a fork or knife.

8. Protective screen

Protective screen for burner.

People who like to fry on a large fire and a decent amount of oil, know firsthand how painfully to wash the neighboring burners and other dishes from splashing oil. Especially for these purposes, a screen was invented, which, like a wall, will protect the slab from contamination.

9. Towel warmer

Towel warmer.

Electronic towel warmer is one of the most necessary things in your home. Believe me, until you try, you will not know. The device not only warms, but also sterilizes towels, killing a lot of germs that live in the damp environment of the bathroom.

10. Basket for washing

Basket for fruits and vegetables.

Wonderful mesh basket, which is conveniently fixed on the faucets, allowing you to easily wash fruits, berries, vegetables, mushrooms and greens. After washing, leave the basket hanging so that the water in the glass and the products dry out.

11. Unusual pan

Frying pan with sections.

A frying pan with small sections, according to the editorial staff of, is an excellent invention for making scrambled eggs or pancakes. If you are a perfectionist, then such a frying pan and dishes cooked on it will become a real outlet.

12. Cake knife

Unique cake knife.

An unusual device that will help you very carefully cut and put a piece of cake on your plate.

13. Covers

Covers with holes.

Not even a minute, there is a chance that the contents of the pan left on the fire unattended will be on the stove. This is a shame, because after cooking you will have to wash the stove. However, unnecessary hassle can be avoided with the help of bright curved caps with holes that will not let the liquid leave the shores.

14. Apron

Kitchen apron with pockets.

A simple apron with pockets for cutlery, napkins and towels will become not only your protector from splashes and stains, but also an "ally" in the kitchen.

15. Drying containers

Containers with holes.

These cute containers are easily attached above the sink, allowing you to dry a variety of foods or dishes.

16. Scoop

Functional scoop.

Any housewife knows that hair, pet hair and various rags are collected on a broom during cleaning. You can get rid of them with your own hands or with a scoop with protruding teeth capable of cleaning the broom bristles.

17. Cutting board

Cutting board with containers.

When you cut a lot of different ingredients on the board, you inevitably run into a lack of space on it. Then you have to use the dishes, which after you need to wash. A modern and functional wooden board with three retractable plastic containers for chopped products will help solve the problem.

18. Magnet

Magnet for fat.

This unique fixture, like a magnet, attracts fat. It can be used to remove the greasy film from the broth or to collect residues of vegetable oil from pieces of fried meat.

19. Can opener

Knife for cans.

If you still suffer with the old Soviet-style opener, it's time to change it to a new functional knife. A compact Joseph Joseph device with a single press firmly mounted on the lid of the jar, then you need to scroll the handle several times until the lid is completely removed.

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