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Tile "hog", photo in the interior


Tile "hog" - is a universal solution for the kitchen and bathroom, walls and floor.

A charming mix of retro and modernity, seasoned with a feeling of comfort, will decorate any room.

How does the "pig" tile look in the kitchen, in the bathroom, how can it be combined - this is what today's article says.

What is a hog tile?

Today, almost any elongated tile (like a brick) and, most often, with beveled edges, are called that, although the latter may not be the case. The name of the tile “hog” arose because of the peculiarity of the production: earlier, on the side of the tile, after leaving the conveyor, there were two indentations that looked like a pig's nose. Now these recesses are no longer there, but the name remains. By the way, exactly the same tile was used in the middle of the twentieth century for the design of the Paris metro.

Traditionally, the hog tile is one-color, although designers, of course, have long developed both multi-color and patterned models. Its neutral form allows you to decorate a room in monochrome or to combine different colors - from a contrasting combination of black and white, to a playful yellow-gray or passionate red-black. Not to mention the combination of different colors and tiles of different sizes, so that there is a feeling of a wall in the style of patchwork.

Colored tiles "pig" in the kitchen

White tile "pig"

Neutral white color provides a huge field for creativity. White tile "hog" creates a stylish and concise way, while decisive is the color of the grouting joints between tiles. Invisible white grout highlights the style of the hog tile itself, while black and gray tile separates the tiles from each other and draws attention to themselves. In the photo below, anthracite stitches seem to "flow" into the ceiling and are a kind of transition from white walls to a dark gray ceiling.

In the bathroom tile "hog" can be used not only for facing the whole room, but as an accent. Select the shower area or, alternatively, the sink and toilet. The same applies to the kitchen: tile "hog" is perfect for the design of the apron.

The combination of black and gray tiles "hog"

Black hog tiles are great for zoning: if you coat the entire room with it, the room will be too dark.

Tile "hog" on the kitchen apron

In addition, there is always a choice between matte and glossy surfaces. And the matte tile is more suitable for dry spaces, because on the matte surface there are too well visible traces of lime from dried water and other contaminants. The gloss is also much easier to clean, so the glossy “hog” tile is well suited for decorating an apron in the kitchen, facing the bathroom in the shower or bath area.

If you don’t like black color, then you should consider a version of gray tile, which, firstly, looks very stylish, and secondly, it can be easily combined with a whole palette of colors. With gray tiles on the walls, you can choose any color for furniture and accessories.

Tile "hog" - photo in different colors

Many people like blue color. And there is such a huge selection of colors that it is easy to choose a design for any client.

As a combination of different shades, and monochrome design can be a highlight of the entire interior. The retro design of the bathroom, faucet, furniture perfectly combines with a light tile of turquoise.

The retro effect creates a green color, although in the next photo you will see that the design in a modern style can go hand in hand with colored hog tiles.

In turn, bright colors such as yellow and red are best used as individual accents, combining them with a neutral look.

The combination of tiles "pig" with wood and metal

As we have seen, the tile "hog" can emphasize any style - from classic and retro to cutting edge. A truly universal product! Whether your interior is dominated by coarse wood, or graceful bends and carved ornaments, or steel and right angles, you just need to pick up the “pig” tile of the corresponding color, and the question of facing the walls will be closed. Great, isn't it?

Tile "hog" in the bathroom