Useful ideas

Alternative finish, or wallpaper in the bathroom as an integral part of the interior


Renovation in the bathroom is a very crucial moment, and in order to approach it in terms of functionality and hygiene it is necessary to follow a few simple rules, choosing practical materials that will serve you faithfully for more than a year.

And it is not at all necessary that it be the favorite tile of many, whose range is growing every year in front of us. It's time to break boring stereotypes, moving to such original and interesting coatings, like wallpaper.

1. Vinyl wallpaper for the bathroom

Dark wallpaper with monograms in the form of waves.

Wallpapers in the bathroom are glued the same way as in others.

These wallpapers look perfect in the bathroom.

Durable, completely waterproof wallpaper that will last long enough.

2. Photo wallpaper for the bathroom

Maritime theme is ideal for the bathroom.

Wall mural in the bathroom.

Wall mural depicting a waterfall.

Oasis of beauty in the bathroom.

3. Glass fiber for the bathroom

Fiberglass for the bathroom - perfect.

Fiberglass for the bathroom - an alternative to tile.

Modern bathroom design.

Sidewalls - a modern solution for the bathroom.

4. Variants of bathroom design with wallpaper

Despite some drawbacks, compared to tile, wallpaper in the bathroom has several undeniable advantages.

High-quality bathroom design with the use of wallpaper will be cheaper than using tile.

Decorating the walls of the bathroom wallpaper allows you to experiment relatively often.

Wallpapers perfectly fit into the bathroom interior.

Competently selected wallpapers will perfectly complement the interior of the bathroom.

The color scheme of the wallpaper will help to convey the mood and lift it.

Light colors allow you to create the desired interior without visually reducing the space.

Only with the wallpaper you will be available to the new facets of the design.

The combination of different types of wall decoration will quickly achieve the desired effect.

5. Video bonus

Wallpaper in the interior of the bathroom.

Wallpapers in the bathroom are new features.